How to Open CIT Bank Account 2022 [Step by Step]

Open CIT Bank Account

CIT Bank is an online banking that offers all banking services virtually. You can open a savings or checking account, get a CIT bank debit card with an EMV chip, access to CIT mobile banking to transfer money, pay bills and purchases and also open a money market accounts.

To open a CIT bank account, you just need to provide your address, phone number, email and social security, or other taxpayer ID. After that, deposit a minimum $100 amount to your account and activate your new CIT bank account.

You can also acquire a good interest rate with your savings account on CIT bank. If you are only looking for an online banking service then CIT bank is a perfect choice for you similar to Radius Bank.

So, today you will learn to open a new account on CIT bank and how to access all of the digital banking services.

What Type of Bank is CIT Bank?

CIT bank is an online virtual bank that aims to provide an entire digital banking service to all its users. It is established in 1908 where they offer business financing in St. Louis, Missouri. After years of service then they begin to provide other additional services.

The CIT bank is best for those people who want to have a saving or checking account virtually to earn competitive interest. If your aim is to only save money and withdraw to make a purchase then you can simply go with CIT bank.

You can make all the transactions and payments through CIT mobile banking. So, you don’t have to visit the physical bank. Besides, CIT bank doesn’t even have physical branches except its main headquarter. That’s why it is one of the best online banking for saving account, money market account and certificate of deposit.

Moreover, you can also access to the CIT bank various available ATMs in different locations. If you want to withdraw money in cash rather than digital then you can visit the nearby ATMs location of CIT bank. But remember, CIT bank does charge a monthly ATM fee of up to $30 per statement cycle.

If you want to use a debit card of CIT bank then you can also request for new CIT bank debit card. You can use the card in the available retail stores to purchase goods and other stuff.

Requirements for New CIT Bank Account

There are few things which you must need to open a new account on CIT bank. If you have the complete requirement then you will be accepted for the new account easily.

So, let’s take a look at the following things.

  • Your Home Address
  • Your Email Address
  • Social Security Number or Tax Payer ID
  • Your Phone Number
  • $100 deposit

How to Open New CIT Bank Account?

You can open a CIT bank account with no monthly fees. However, you need to deposit a minimum of $100 into your account to activate your new CIT bank account.

Other than this, you can also access to the penalty-free certificate of deposit. Plus, you will also get charge-free ATMs withdrawal on every bank. Even though the ATM charges you $30 for the transaction, you will receive a refund amount that has been cut off from the ATM.

So, follow the following steps to open a CIT bank account.

Note: It will be better if you follow the following process on your PC rather than mobile. You will find it easy while executing the steps to make a new CIT bank account.

Visit CIT Website

First of all, visit the official website of CIT bank where you can start the process of creating a new account. If you don’t know the main site then you can simply type on the browser URL.

Once you hit enter button then you will be directly redirected to create a new account page.

If you are already a member of CIT bank then you can also login to your account from that page. Plus, if you left during creating a new account on CIT bank then you can also resume your application process. So, choose the one which you are there for.

Select Open Account Now

If you are going for a new CIT bank account then simply click on Open Account Now green button from the left side of a box. After that, your application process to create a new bank account on CIT will start.

So, you have to provide each and every detail correct to successfully open a new CIT bank account.

Select Account Type and Product

Now, first, select your account type whether it’s for personal or custodial under “what is this account for”. Once you have selected your account type then select which product you want to go with such as saving & money market account, CD, or checking.

Choose your account type according to your needs.

Click on Continue

Once you’ve chosen your account type and the service which you want to use from CIT bank then click on the Continue button from the right bottom corner.

It will redirect you to the next step where you have to submit your personal information to CIT bank.

Provide Your Personal Information

Now you have to provide your personal information such as First name, Last name, Middle name, Date of birth, Email address, Social security number (SSN), mother’s maiden name.

So, type your personal information in the required blank field. You have to submit the correct information in the application form. If you make a mistake or provide wrong information that doesn’t match to your document then your application may be rejected. Plus, you will also have trouble in the future in case something wrong to your account and you need to verify it.

Click on Save and Continue

Once you’ve provided all the personal information in the blank field then do check your information one more time.

If everything is correct then simply click on Save and Continue green button from the bottom right side. After that, you will receive a mail to your provided email from CIT bank regarding managing your account information

Setup your Account

Once you receive a mail from CIT bank about the confirmation of a new account then you have to click on a link and start to set up your CIT bank online account.

After the setup process is completed then your account will be opened successfully.

What is the CIT Bank Minimum Balance?

If you are going to open a new CIT bank account then you need to deposit at least $100 o run your account. If you have a minimum balance than that then you can’t open a new CIT bank account.

You can also deposit higher than $100 into your account if you want. At last, it will be saved into your bank account which you can use later on.

CIT Bank Customer Support

If you have any queries or having trouble using the CIT online banking service then you can easily contact to CIT bank customer support team. You can state your problem and get an answer from it as soon as possible.

The customer support team of CIT bank is available 24/7.

Phone Number:

Within U.S: 1 (855) 462-2652

Outside US (Toll Call): 626-535-8964


CIT Bank, N.A

P.O Box 7056

Pasadena, CA 91109-9699

FAX: 866-914-1578


If you want to save money, make all transaction,s and pay bills online then you can open an account on CIT bank. It is easier to use online banking rather than physical. You don’t have to visit the bank personally each and every time.

So, follow the above-mentioned steps to open savings or checking, money market, or certificate of deposit account on CIT bank.

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