How To Open A Saving Account In JP Morgan Chase Bank [Updated 2022]

How To Open A Saving Account In JP Morgan Chase Bank

JP Morgan Chase & Co is an American financial and multinational investment bank service. The headquarter of JPMorgan Chase is in New York City and incorporated in Delaware. The subsidiaries of JP Morgan Chase & Co are chase bank, JP Morgan Securities Inc. WePay, Chase Paymentech, and many more.

To open a saving account in JP Morgan Chase bank, you have can visit the bank, fill up the AOF for saving account, attach required documents, verify your account and deposit a minimum amount in the account and your saving account will be ready.

JP Morgan bank also provides the facility to open a savings account as a joint holding with other individuals or sole holders. And in a Joint account, everyone has to fulfill the  KYC formalities.

So, today in this article we will guide you step through step process to open a saving account on JP Morgan Chas bank. But before that let’s talk about the documents that are required to open a saving account. Stay with us and read the full article mentioned below.

Documents required for JP Morgan Bank Savings Account

Before opening a savings account in JPMorgan chase bank you need some documents to open an account. If you don’t know what documents you need will submitting the form then to make it easy we have mentioned some of the necessary documentation that is required.

  • KYC (Know Your Customer) form: Verified Identity and Address.
  • Copy of PAN Card.
  • Recent Two Passport Size Photo.
  • Verified D.O.B (Date of Birth) or Citizenship

These are the documents that you should attach while submitting the AOF.  If you have all of these accounts then you can open a saving account. If you don’t know how to open a saving account in JP Morgan Chase account then follow the steps mentioned below.

How to Open a Saving Account in JPMorgan Chase & Co Bank?

If you are new or haven’t open any savings account to date then don’t worry here are the few steps you should follow to open a savings account in JPMorgan Chase bank.

Step 1: Visit JP Morgan Bank branch

First of all, you can check the JP morgan bank to know about the bank and saving account and fill-up the form online but it’s better you visit the nearest JP Morgan bank branch because you can ask everything you need to ask/understand and they will clear you if you visit the bank.

So, don’t be lazy and go to any JP morgan branch that is near your location.

Step 2: Know about the Saving account

Once you reach the JP Morgan branch, go to the inquiry section in the bank and you can ask about the queries you want to ask.

If you don’t know about the saving account or you don’t know what documents you need to open a saving account then you can ask the staff of the bank from the inquiry desk. And ask for the Account opening form (AOF) for the saving account.

Step 3: Fill up the Account Opening Form (AOF)  for Saving Account

Once you get the account opening form, fill up the AOF for the saving account.

While filling up the account opening form, make sure you can understand is the question in the form and answer it correctly otherwise you have to fill it again if you make mistake in the form.

If you don’t know about anything in the form then you can ask at the inquiry desk in the bank. Make sure you fill-up the form correctly.

Step 4: Attach all Required Documents with AOF

After filling up the form you need to attach some extra documents that are required in the form.

Some of the documents that you need to attach with the AOF are; Verified DOB, Pan Card, Two Passport Size Photo, and KYC form.

Once you have collected all the documents attach all the documents with the form.

Step 5: Verify your Account Opening Form

Now, verify the information that you have inserted and check all the documents that are required before submitting it.

Check if you have answered all necessary questions, check spellings, check dates, and other useful information because if you enter mistake information then you have to refill up the form (in case) the banker skips the mistake in future you might face some problem.

So once you recheck the form and documents you have attached and submit the form to the bank.

Step 6: Deposit Required Amount in your Saving account

Once you have submitted the AOF, the bank authorized staff will check your form and open your account. After that, they will ask you to deposit some amount in the account number.

Finally, after you get your account number your account is ready now deposit the minimum amount that is required to make your account useable. After that, your saving account is ready to use. Now, you can start using your account.

Don’t forget to ask ATM and check for the transaction. And if you wish you can also activate other features and services.

How much money do you need to open an account with JP Morgan?

To open a saving account on JP Morgan chase bank is free. There is no specific amount you need to deposit to your account after the activation but if you deposit a minimum of $dollor in your account then it’s fine.

But you need some amount to get your ATM card.

In Conclusion

If you are new or don’t know how to open a saving account in the JP Morgan Chase & Co Bank then don’t worry it is similar to another bank you just need to fill up the form and attach some necessary documents that are requested by the bank to open an account. If you don’t know how to start then here in this article we have mentioned all the required necessary documents and how to open a saving account in JP Morgan bank. Hope this article is clear to understand.

If you have any queries or suggestions regarding this article then you can leave us a comment in the comment section. We are always here to solve your problem.

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Thank You.

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