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National Penn Bank Login

National Penn Bank (BB&T) is the largest bank in the United States. The headquarters of the BB&T is located in Boyertown, Pennsylvania. If you have an account on the National Penn then you can also access its e-banking service. You don’t to have to visit the bank directly if you want to do any transaction or check statement or other things.

Simply, open the e-banking service of your National Penn bank then use the user ID and password to access your online banking account.

You can even check the credit card or your ATMs details.

In this article, I will guide on how to login to National Penn Bank. And how you can contact the National Penn customer support so that if you have any queries then you can directly ask them without visiting to a bank.

About National Penn Bank (BB&T)

National Penn bank was first founded in 1874 with the name of National Bank of Boyertown. But it was operated for the public in 1982 only. When the bank is moving forward rapidly and starts to make assets then it changed their name to “National Penn Bank.”

It is one of the largest banks in the United States and also in Pennsylvania. The bank has 130 branches and operating in three states. It becomes so large that they also start to run National Penn Investors Trust Company, National Wealth Management, and National Penn Insurance.

After recognized as the best bank in the United State, it starts to provide online and mobile banking services. All the transactions and statements can be done within the e-banking. With this service, it will be easier for people to run the transaction through online.

Later on, National Penn Bank is acquired by BB&T.

How to Login to National Penn Bank?

You can easily use the mobile banking service of the National Penn Bank (BB&T) through your mobile devices or PC. But before that, you must apply for the e-banking service from your bank. If you don’t request for online banking then you can make any online transaction from your device.

Once your request has been accepted then you will receive a User ID and password for to activate your National Penn banking e-banking service. So, activate your online banking of BB&T so that you can make the transaction or check statement and do other online services.

Now after the online banking is completed activated then follow the following procedure to login to National Penn Bank or BB&T with the help of the given steps.

Open the Browser

First of all, you have to open your browser in your computer. You can use any browsers you want such as chrome, firefox, opera, and others. But make sure that you are connected to a good internet connection.

Most of the time, users can’t login to National Penn bank or BB&T, or other financial online banking because of the unstable internet connection.

Visit National Penn or BB&T Website

Now, go to the search bar from top side and type or It will redirect or takes you to the official webpage of the National Penn or BB&T. From there, you can access your online banking.

Click on Login

Once you are in the main page then here you can learn about the checking of your bank, saving accounts, home mortgage. You can even apply prepaid cards or credit cards or debit cards, and auto loans.

If you need anything from the above list then you can easily select your requirement and check the detail information regarding that service.

But if you want to simply access your online banking service of National Penn bank then click on Login button from the upper right corner of the main page.

Type User ID and Password

Now you are redirected to the online banking login page of National Penn. So, enter your User ID and Password in the required empty field.

If you can’t remember your online banking password of National Penn then simply click on Reset your Password option just below the login page.

And if you forgot the User ID then simply select Forgot user ID option.

There fill up the details which is asked to you to reset your selected login credentials and follow the complete procedure.

Click on Log In

Finally, after providing your National Penn User ID and password then click on Log In button to access your online banking service.

And save your online login credentials on your browser so that you can easily access them later on. You don’t have to enter them over and over again.

How to Contact National Penn Bank?

National Penn bank provides customer service so that their users can ask them any queries related to banking issues anytime they want. Similarly, if you also have any questions or you have found issues while using the online banking of National Penn bank then you can contact them.

National Penn Bank Phone Number: 1-800-822-3321

National Penn Bank Routing Number: 031308784

What is the National Penn Bank Swift Code?

Sometimes you also need a bank swift code to if you are filling out any form related to bank or other financial things. The swift code is like a verification code to identify the valid bank.

So, if you have an account on National Penn Bank then you might also need their Swift code one day or other days. So, it will be better if you copy or remember the swift code of your bank.

National bank Swift code: NPENUS3PXXX


Online banking makes people’s life easier. It will convert paper money into digital money. You don’t have to keep bucks of bucks in your pocket if you are going to buy some time or doing a transaction with people. Simply, use the e-banking in your device and transfer the money safe and sound.

So, follow the above procedure for the National Penn bank login. And don’t share or give your login credentials (User ID and password) to others. It’s not a good thing and you will lose your money.

If you have any queries related to National Penn bank or BB&T then ask them in the comment section down below.

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