How To Make Money On Likee | 11 Ways To Earn Money From Likee

How To Earn Money From Likee

Making and sharing creative content on the internet has become easier by the day. With apps such as Tiktok and Instagram reels taking first place in the video creation market, the new contender for these apps is Likee. Now you can also look into how to make money on the Likee application in a convenient and easy manner.

To make money on Likee, you can create cool and engaging videos that people will love to watch. Then, you can earn money through sponsorships, in-app purchases, ad revenue sharing, merch sales, and affiliate marketing. Keep creating great content and growing your audience, and the money will follow! Additionally, you can earn money by participating in contests, crowdfunding, and brand partnerships.

What Is Likee And How It Works?

Likee is a free short video creation and sharing application with special features, live streams, and video effects.

Users can join Likee by downloading the application from app stores on iOS and Google playstore on Android operating systems.

You can make short video clips using video effects, 4D effects, and AI face swap features with their profile.  People can put their content forth on a large user platform on Likee.

Is Likee Monetized

Likee pays its creators through the monetizing of traffic the creators gain from the audience on their content. Creators are provided with a commission through promoters and sponsors. The app itself generates revenue through advertisements, sponsorship, and traffic generated.

What Are ‘Beans’ and ‘Diamonds’ In Likee

Beans is an in-app currency on the Likee app which monetizes the content. Creators can collect beans and withdraw them in money value.

On the other hand, creators can use real money to buy diamonds and can gift them to creators they like.

Users can also earn diamonds by liking, sharing content, and completing various levels on the Likee app. The diamonds are converted to beans when they are gifted to creators.

Do Brands Use Likee For Content Promotion

In 2019, Likee experienced exponential growth in users for the application in India. This came as a result of creative content based on movie songs and dialogues.

Promoters are constantly looking for creators who can push their brands, products, and services to the right audience.

As a creator in a platform such as Likee, revenue earnings through brand and promoter advertising campaigns is something to keep an eye out for.

Methods On How To Make Money On Likee

The monetization of the application itself and how different brands, promoters, sponsors, and individuals approach it; there are different methods that creators can earn through Likee.

Following are methods that are proven to provide Likee creators opting to monetize their time on the application with financial benefits.

1. Get On The Likee Creator Reward Program

The Likee app promotes users to gain popularity through their videos and earn beans from it.

The Likee Creator Reward Program allows users to earn a living based on the number of views creators get per video.

In order to boost the popularity of the users, Likee also has the Likee Creator Program, which gives professional training to users wanting to target a larger following on the app.

2. Earning Through Crowns

The Likee app pays real money to official creators on the application. Once your content gains high traction after following the Likee guidelines, the creator earns crowns.

The three crowns include:

  •  K1 Crowns with creators earning approximately $400 or more.
  •  K2 Crowns, where creators earn approximately $200 per month.
  •  K3 Crowns pay creators approximately $50.

3. Sponsorship And Promotional Pay

Creators with a higher following and views are approached by brands for promotions on their brands and products. Sponsorships are also high amongst official creators who are active on the application.

Consistent viewer engagements and promotions are expected of creators who have been hired for sponsorships and promotions.

4. Live Streaming On The App And Participating In Challenges

Likee creators are allowed to broadcast live videos for a minimum of 30 minutes once they have a larger following. Users can gift the creators their purchased diamonds which are converted to withdrawable beans.

Creators perform challenges during their lives, which helps them gain a higher fan following and ‘diamonds’ from other users of the application.

5. Using GoLive In Likee To Earn More

Hashtags play an integral role in the Golive feature within the Likee app.

Creators who complete a level 35 have the option to only use the live feature in order to collect gifts from their viewers.

The diamonds (gifts)  are provided to creators who finish certain challenges within the live.

6. Increasing Content Visibility Through Hashtags

Hashtags are seen in the description of the videos posted on the Likee app.

In order to target a niche audience, hashtags provide viewers with relevant content when browsing the application.

Creators can also join brand hashtags to become visible to promoters and sponsors who pay for referrals and endorsements in the content.

7. Affiliate Marketing And Collaborations

Affiliate marketing and collaborations give creators an option to earn through a commission.

Creators are provided with unique links or promotion codes that are attached to the product or service that they are referring to their viewers.

The use of these links and codes by other users provides the creators with a pre-determined commission by the brand they are working with.

8. Manage Personal Brands And Campaigns On Likee

Another benefit for creators in Likee is the provision of a platform for promoting personal brands and campaigns.

Content creators can put forth their own products or services to the followers and build on their own branding through the social media platform.

Creators get the opportunity to connect their various social media channels and platforms.

Making Money On Likee Without Being An Official Creator

What if a user isn’t active as an official creator on Likee and still wishes to earn there? The Likee app provides the opportunity for users to link their Instagram, Youtube channels, and other social media platforms.

Creators can drive traffic to offers that they have on other social media platforms. Different promotional content throughout users’ social media platforms can be linked on Likee, giving users the benefit of content boosting.

9. Conversion Of In-App Currency To Real Money

Users can cash out in the Likee app with the beans they have earned.

Users can buy, send and earn ‘diamonds’ with real money for watching, liking, and sharing content.

You can buy diamonds with real money and send them as gifts.

However, creators can only cash out using the beans that they have earned.

When cashing out beans, creators can use online money applications such as PayPal and Payoneer.

10. Likee Money Calculator

Likee money calculators are available for free on the internet, which provides users with approximate engagement and earning rates on their profiles.

With the use of the money calculator, creators can keep track of social engagement rates.

Due to the similarity of money calculators on similar social media platforms, creators can opt for official money calculators from apps such as TikTok, Byte, Zynn, and Instagram.

11. Safety And Data Sensitive Issues On Likee App

Likee has features that are considered beneficial to creators.

However, there are underlying issues regarding privacy and data within the application.

The data-harvesting and overall safety of putting money into the application have previously caused issues that the users need to be aware of.

Users must be aware of various scammers and dealerships which are not recognized by Likee. These platforms sell and resell diamonds as third parties without authorization from Likee.

How To Get More Views And Increase Followers On Likee

Creators with higher followers and views benefit most on Likee. Likee profiles cannot be private, hence, if you start putting up engaging content, followers increase quickly. In order to build a larger following base and increase views, creators must keep the following pointers in mind.

Understand The Audience

In order to use hashtags and know which audience to target; creators must find a niche. It is important to understand what works with viewers and gets them to engage on the content posted.

Perfect Your Creator Profile

Creators can curate their profiles when they know the content and audience. Creators must create a theme, direction on content and post on peak – times to engage more audience.

Basic Rules And Conventions

In order to earn through the application and to get on programs that pay creators from the app; creators need to follow the rules and conventions the Likee app expects. To know about the rules, creators can get into programs such as the Creator Program.

Produce Consistent Content

Consistency pulls in an interested audience and makes the audience stick to the content as well. The more consistent creators are in putting out their content, the more viewers prefer to watch and follow the creator.

Engage With Viewers

Whether it be during a live or on the comment sections in videos; it is important to engage with the viewers. Viewers who get attention are more likely to stick to the creator and even follow them for further return on value.

Promote On Other Social Media Channels

Likee provides creators with the option of connecting their other social media channels to the application. Even while creating content, the creators can direct the audience and traffic from other social media channels towards their Likee profile.


Frequently Asked Questions

Along with the queries regarding making money on Likee, there are various queries that people also ask regarding the process. For further assistance, users can refer to the queries listed below.

How Much Does Likee Pay

There is no direct form of earning on the Likee application except through the crowns.

Creators can opt for various methods, such as earning through gifts, bonuses, and commissions, as mentioned above.

How Many Followers And Likes To Make Money On Likee

For official creators, Likee has a level 35 that they must reach in order to be able to use only the GoLive feature.

However, creators can utilize followers and like individually to gain promoters and sponsors.

What Is The Minimum Withdrawal Amount On Likee App

The minimum withdrawal limit on the Likee App is $20.

Can Users Resell Diamonds?

Likee does not have official re-selling platforms for diamonds.

Users can buy diamonds if they want to gift them to various creators.

However, there are multiple diamond re-selling platforms on the internet for the Likee application.

Users must differentiate between genuine platforms and scams.

Can Users Earn From Inviting Friends

In their bid to increase more users, Likee came up with the opportunity for users to earn by inviting friends to the application.

Once the invitee gains a number of followers and views, the inviter earns a bonus provided by Likee in the form of beans.

Where To Ask For Queries Regarding Likee

If users have different queries or any form of complaints, users can use the help and feedback function on Likee services available on their official website.

Users can also send emails to [email protected].


Overall, Likee is a platform where users can create original, refreshing, and interesting content which they can get paid for.

It is crucial to understand the various requirements and methods to gain an income through the application.

A user must consider all the issues on data sensitivity when they tread towards a content-based income source. Overall, Likee is gradually gaining recognition.

Similar to TikTok, and content creators must be aware of the benefits they can reap through the application.

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