How To Upload GIFs On Instagram

How to upload GIF on Instagram

GIF is a Graphics Interchange Format of an image file that supports both static and animated images. It is a fun way to portray an image in a short-animated way so it is mostly used on social media platforms these days. Sometimes direct posts and messages could be boring and GIFs make the same content funny while watching. So, here we look into how to upload GIFs on Instagram.

There are many ways to upload GIFs on your Instagram by using third-party applications. But you cannot directly upload it on Instagram as the app does not have this feature. People upload GIFs on Instagram to grab attention and also get a laugh on their feed.

Ways To Post GIFs On Instagram

As you cannot create a GIF on the Instagram app itself you have to do it through other apps. While uploading a GIF directly on your Instagram feed or story live, which is a feature on Instagram where you can go live, it may not format correctly. So, you can use a third-party tool to post it on your Instagram. Among all the tools available, ‘GIPHY’ is one of the most popular apps these days.

How To Upload GIF On Instagram Using GIPHY For iOS Or Android Device

GIPHY is a search engine that allows its user to search and share short animated videos i.e., GIFs with no sounds. It has the largest collection of GIFs all over the Internet from where you can choose and post it on any social media platform very easily. To upload it on Instagram using GIPHY you can do the following steps.

Step 1: Install GIPHY On Your Device

To use GIPHY on your iOS or Android device first you need to install the app on your device. You can install it from ‘Apple Store’ for iOS devices or ‘Google Play Store’ for Android devices.

Step 2: Search GIFs

Open the GIPHY app and search for the right GIF for you.

Step 3: Tap On ‘Share’ Icon

Click on the GIF you want to share and tap on the ‘Share’ icon.

Step 4: Select The Platform

Now you will be prompted to select the platform where you can find the Instagram logo.

Step 5: Choose Instagram Story Or Feed

After selecting Instagram, you will be prompted whether it is a story or a feed. Choose an Instagram story or feed.

Step 6: Post On Instagram

You can now add a caption or hashtag on it and post it on Instagram.

How To Upload GIF On Instagram Using GIPHY For Desktop Or PC

The steps to upload GIF on Instagram using your GIPHY keyboard on a desktop or PC are below.

Step 1: Open Giphy On PC

Open any browser and search ‘Giphy’ on your address bar. You can click on the first link on the row.

Step 2: Log In To Giphy

You can click on the login option in the top right corner of your page.

Step 3: Search For GIF

Search for any GIF with the keyword on the search bar. You can either upload a GIF by clicking on the ‘Upload’ option from the top row or click on the ‘Create’ button to create your GIF.

Step 4: Upload To GIPHY

While uploading a GIF you have the option to upload in .gif, .mp4, or .mov format. Also, you can upload a GIF with the transparency option or upload it via URL.

Step 5: Create from GIPHY

Similarly, you can also create your GIF by uploading your photo or video in different formats and via URL. Then you can start editing.

Step 6: Edit The GIF

Now you have the options to edit your GIF with captions, stickers, filters, and draw.

Step 7: Continue To Upload

After editing you can click on the ‘Continue to Upload’ option below.

Step 8: Upload Your GIF

You can now enter a source, add tags and make your GIF public. Then click on the “Upload” to Giphy” button.

Step 9: Select From Giphy

Search the GIF from Giphy and click on the GIF that you would like to share.

Step 10: Share From Giphy

Click on the ‘Share’ option on the right side of the GIF and click on the Instagram button.

Step 11: Send Email

Then you will receive a pop-up with an email option. Enter your email and click on the ‘Send’ button.

Step 12: Download GIF

Now you will receive an email with your GIF then you can download your GIF and upload it on your Instagram.

How To Create Your GIF On GIPHY With iOS Or Android Device?

If you are running your own business and want to create a GIF to share on Instagram you can do that with the help of GIPHY’s feature. On GIPHY, you can create your GIF for fun purposes and other reasons. So, here are the steps on how to create your GIF on the GIPHY app.

Step 1: Record Your Video

First of all, you need to capture the video that you want to make a GIF using your device.

Step 2: Login To GIPHY

You can now log in to the GIPHY app by tapping on the ‘Login’ button on the top right corner of your screen.

Step 3: Create Your GIF

You can see the ‘Create’ button on the top of your screen. Tap on it.

Step 4: Upload Your GIF

You can either upload your video on GIPHY through the YouTube link on “Add Any URL” or browse your files by tapping on “Choose Video”. You can also choose photos here.

Step 5: Trim Your Video

After choosing you will get the option to choose the Youration and start time of your video. The maximum duration is 8 seconds.

Step 6: Decorate Your GIF

Tap on “Continue to Decorate” to customize your GIF.

Step 7: Edit Your GIF

Now you will get the options to add a caption, color, style, and animation type on your GIF. Choose according to your preference.

Step 8: Continue To Upload

After editing you can tap on “Continue To Upload” at the bottom of your screen.

Step 9: Upload To GIPHY

You can also add a source of your GIF, tags to be findable on public, and toggle on the option ‘PUBLIC’ to ‘on’ if you want. Finally, you can tap on the “Upload to GIPHY” button.

Step 10: Post On Instagram

It will create your GIF in a few seconds and you can find it on your screen or you will be able to search your GIF with the tags or keywords. Now you can post your GIF on Instagram.

How To Create Your GIF On ImgPlay?

ImgPlay is also a GIF-making app for photos, videos, Live Photos, and bursts. This app is available for both iOS and Android devices. So, ImgPlay makes it easy for its user to make GIFs with the help of this app. Below are the steps to create your GIF using ImgPlay.

Step 1: Install The ImgPlay app

First of all, install the ImgPlay app on your iOS or Android device.

Step 2: Get Started

After installing, open the app and tap on ‘Get Started’ and allow ImgPlay to access photos, media, and files on your device.

Step 3: Select Your Option

Now you can select the required option from the drop-down menu on the top left of your screen.

Step 4: Select Your Video

If you are making your videos to GIF then select the option “Video to GIF”. And choose your video from the screen.

Step 5: Edit Your Video

You can trim your video, change the canvas ratio, crop, add filters and text on your video from the options on the bottom of your screen.

Step 6: Save Your GIF

After editing tap on Next from the top right of your screen. Then you can also set the looping option and save it on your device by tapping the “Save To Photos” button.

Step 7: Share GIF On Instagram

You can either save it on your device or directly share it on Instagram by tapping on the Instagram logo.

How To Create Your GIF in Momento?

Momento is an app that automatically turns your photo into GIF. However, this app is only available on the Apple Store. It has the feature to edit your photos with filters, texts, stickers, and other effects to share on social media platforms like Instagram. You can do the following steps to create your GIF on Momento.

Step 1: Launch A Momento App

Install a Momento app from the Apple Store and open it from the app menu.

Step 2: Grant Permission

Allow access to your storage to upload your photos and videos.

Step 3: Upload Photo or Video

Now you can open your photo or video in the Momento app.

Step 4: Edit The Content

You can either choose to automatically edit the content or use the different tools to add frames, trim, use AR, customize the speed, use filters and change the contrast.

Step 5: Change Your Plan

You can also change your account to a premium subscription to remove the Momento watermark from GIF and add your logo to it.

Step 6: Share On Instagram

Now you can share your GIF from Momento App by tapping on the Share icon and posting it on Instagram.

How To Create Your GIF on Canva?

Like any other apps, you can also create your GIF on Canva. Canva is a graphic designing platform used to create social media graphics, posters, GIFs, and other content. It is very easy to create visual content on Canva using any device. Here are the steps to create your GIF on Canva.

Step 1: Open The Canva app

You can either install a Canva app on your device or open it directly on a web browser.

Step 2: Choose The Giphy App

Under the ‘Features’ menu on the top row, you can find ‘Giphy’ in the ‘Apps’ section.

Step 3: Use In A Design

Tap on the ‘Use in a design’ button and choose ‘Instagram Post’ if you are creating a GIF for Instagram.

Step 4: Choose GIF

Now you can either choose the available GIF or upload your photo or video to make your GIF.

Step 5: Drag The GIF

If you have uploaded the photo or video drag it to the right side of the screen.

Step 6: Edit The GIF

After dragging the GIF, you can click on the ‘Animate’ option from the top row of the screen. You can choose the animation type from the top menu.

Step 7: Add Elements

Also, you can add text, styles, and elements from the left menu and change other options as well.

Step 8: Download GIF

After editing, you can download your GIF from the ‘Download’ option on the top row of the screen. Tap on ‘Download’ and choose ‘GIF’ and again click on the ‘Download’ button in purple color below.

You can download GIFs but cannot directly share them to Instagram from the Canva app.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are some queries regarding uploading a GIF on Instagram. So, here you can find some frequently asked questions explained.

Why Is GIF Not Working On Your Instagram?

Sometimes, you try to post a GIF on Instagram from your camera roll or send it by direct message but it isn’t animated. This happens because Instagram does not support the GIF file type. So, to send a GIF file on Instagram you have to either upload it to GIPHY and post it from there or convert the file into mp4 format.


Thus, uploading GIFs on Instagram is an easy task using GIPHY or other tools. However, Instagram does not support GIF file format in the app itself. So, you can only post images or video files directly on Instagram.

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