How To Reset And Update Network Adapters In Window 10?

How to reset and update network adapter in windows 10?

How to reset and update the network adapter in Windows 10? Are you looking forward to resetting and updating the network adapter in Windows 10? But, unfortunately, you do not know what to do and which method to apply. But, then, you are here at the right place. Here is an ultimate guide for you to clear your queries and confusion. Keep in touch till the very end of this article. So, let’s start today’s topic.

To reset and update the network adapters in your Windows 10:
1. Clear Out The Antivirus
2. Use the Device Manager Tool
3. With The Help Of Cmd
4. Check Your Device And Router
5. Try To Ping Your Connection
6. Check The wifi Password
7. Reset Network Adapter Through Settings

What Are The Most Network-Related Issues On Windows 10?

The issues you may face as a Windows user are not limited. There are a lot of issues that can affect your network connection. It directly hampers the proper functioning of the network and makes it stop working. The problems as well depend on the device you are using.

Such as, if you are using an old desktop, most of the problems are related to hardware. Whereas, if you have a new computer and are using it, you may detect the problems arising from desktop software. Along with it, problems related to network connection are all common. Most of the problems you get to see are all because of your networking system.

Some of the network issues are due to the internet service provider. They might have fiber breakage and perform maintenance work in the network. Even your router may sometimes lag due to the heat and continuous performance. Please do not use the old routers as it is the main cause of internet problems.

LAN cable may get broken, or the plastic wires may get burnt. So, unless they are replaced and removed with a new one, the network does not flow. Your PC may not be able to connect with the locally available network. It develops difficulties while tracing the internet to connect to your device.

Why Does A Network Adapter Need To Be Reset?

Reset and update the network adapter you are using is very necessary. However, you will have to do it on a time-to-time basis. Otherwise, it may slowly create issues; later on, they can never get solved. In addition, some of the issues may create errors in your wifi adapter, which stops its functioning.

It will clear the unnecessary networks and refresh the wifi adapter when reset. When you confirm to reset your network adapter, the driver present in your Windows 10 gets reloaded. It erases the issues, errors, and problems related to the network. Even if you cannot connect to the internet, it will solve this problem on your device.

You should never save or remember too many wifi passwords to your device. It creates a kind of conflict in the network connecting system of your device. If you change the IP configuration address on your computer, change it in your router box. Maintenance of router security is a must.

7+ Methods To Reset And Update Network Adapter In Windows 10

There are plenty of methods to fix, reset and update network adapters in Windows 10. Here are some ways you can apply to reset and update the network and most of the common issues on Windows 10. They are as follows:

Clear Out The Antivirus

Antivirus is a big part of the issue on windows and laptops. The errors and problems that occur due to antivirus are unknown to us. They cause very tiny unknown problems that later become a big issue on the computer. So, checking the viruses on your computer from time to time is necessary.

Your app installation process slows down and takes a long time to download. Also, keep on updating the antivirus to its latest version. If your network didn’t reset even after this, you must uninstall and remove the antivirus from your computer. It may stop some functions on windows but not the actual work.

Always keep the antivirus amount within a sensitive or safe limit. Neither excess antivirus is good nor below the actual limit. It would help you to keep in balance as it is necessary for the functioning of the computer.

Use Device Manager Tool

Sometimes, the network issues may also be because of the adapter driver. Here is a step on how you can reset and update the network adapter in Windows 10. They are as follows:

Step 1: Install The Auto Driver Updater

Firstly, you should turn on your computer along with its internet connection. Then, you should visit the link. You can download the latest version of your windows ten auto driver updater through the link.

You can easily download or install the updater on your computer device by visiting the download history on your browser app.

Step 2: Open Your Windows 10 Taskbar

Now, launch the windows ten taskbar on your computer screen. You can see a search bar at the top of your screen. Click on the search bar and type device manager over there. It will take a few seconds to create a new pop-up menu.

Step 3: Hover To Network Adapters

A new pop-up menu appears on your screen. There you can see plenty of options, including the connecting devices. It would help if you took your eyes to the bottom and tap and tap tap on” Network Adapters.” Again, a new pop-up menu will appear on your screen.

Step 4: Tap On Update Driver Button

Once you find the network adapter intel driver, right-click on the image’s line. The second option of the given list is marked as an updated driver. Just click on it and enter into an updating page.

Step 5: Select ” Browse My Computer For Drivers” Option

A new page will open up on your screen, which includes them, search automatically for drivers and browse my computer for drivers. It would help if you tapped on the second option. Then, your device will start searching for the update folder you have previously downloaded.

Step 6: Click On The Next Button

Finally, look at the top corner of your computer. You can see the blue next button. Once you tap on it, an update of the adapter driver starts. When your device finishes the update and resets the adapter driver, go and restart your computer. You can now connect to your network.

With The Help Of Cmd

Cmd is one of the advanced ways to reset and update the network adapter on Windows 10. Here is a step on how you can take help of it:

Step 1: Open The Run Command

With the help of your computer keyboard, click on the windows + R keys. Then, a run command will appear on the screen of your computer.

Step 2: Type “Cmd”

Now, click your mouse on the run command and type “Cmd” using your keyboard. After you are done, hit the “Enter” button on your keyboard.

Step 3: Insert The “netcfg -d”Command

When you type and enter the “Cmd” button, a new page opens on your screen. On the same page, there appears a space. So, you have to type the “netcfg -d” command over there. Then, lastly, click on the enter button. The page will start loading.

Then, Your network adapter will start updating at this time. So, restart your computer and check the restart and update of your network adapter.

Check Your Device And Router

The problems might also arise from your device or router. It is possible to check your computer hardware from time to time. Also, ensure your device is at optimum level and has no errors. A wifi connection is all related to the router. Internet disconnects every time your router buffers.

If there is a hardware failure on your computer, your network adapter may show issues. You should check and manage all issues. First, restart your computer as well as the router. Finally, you can turn on the device and check the reset and update of your network adapter.

Try To Ping Your Connection

You can ping your connection only with the help of Cmd. When you try to ping your connection with the help of Cmd, you can know what is happening to your device’s network connection. Here, I am providing a step on how you can ping your connection:

Step 1: Launch Run Command On Your Screen

Click on the windows+ R key on your computer keyboard. You will see a run command on the screen of your desktop.

Step 2: Type “CMD” On-Run Command

You can see a space with a mouse on your screen. Over there, you have to type “Cmd” using your keyboard. Then, lastly, click on the “Enter” button.

Step 3: Enter ” ipconfig” On Empty Space

Again, the Cmd page will open up on your screen. There is also a space where you can type. You should type “ipconfig” and click on the enter button on your keyboard.

Step 4: Copy The IP Of the Router

A new page will appear, which will show you the IP configuration number of your router. You will need to copy all the numbers (, which you can see on the first line.

Step 5: Paste The Router’s IP Address

Now, you should shift your mouse to a new empty line. Firstly, type ping using your keyboard. Then, add a space and paste the IP number of your router.

It will appear with some cross marks on some of the IP numbers. Finally, you must tap the enter button and move to the next slide.

Step 6: Check For The Result

The Cmd starts sending requests to your router. After a while, you will receive the results.

You will get a symbolic representation of your network adapter condition. If you see “0” near the “Lost” word, be sure you have no problem with the connection.

But, if there is “1” or any other number beyond the letter 0, be sure you have a with your connection.

Check The wifi Password.

Entering the wrong password for your internet connection also may show you an error. The wifi router is designed in such a way with tight security. Even if you miss a single word or just a capitalization mistake, you won’t get access to the internet.

You can check if the wifi password which you have entered is correct or not. Take another device or mobile phone and try to connect to the same internet. If the wifi gets connected, ensure the problem is not with the wifi password. Your device has some issues.

If you still have a problem, you can have a look at how to fix Windows 10 internet connection issues 2022 [ proper troubleshooting guide]

Reset Network Adapter Through Settings

If you still did not get to solve or reset and update your network adapter on Windows 10, try this method. This method has solved the network adapter problem of most Windows 10 users. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Launch Settings On Your Computer

You can see the windows icon at the bottom right corner of your screen. Tap on it, and you can see a gear-like icon. It is the way to get inside a settings page. You can see a list of different options on your screen.

Step 2: Click On ” Network And Internet”

The top or first option in the given long list is shown as network and internet. You should click on the option and open up a new page.

Step 3: Hover Down To the ” Network Reset” Button

Take your eyes to the bottom list of a new page. You will see a network reset button marked with a blue color. The last option is exactly the resetting button. So, click on it, and then you will enter inside the network reset page.

Step 4: Tap On Reset Now Button

There is a single option on the next new page. It is shown as a “reset now.” Use your mouse and click on it.

You will be asked again if you want to confirm or not. Click on the yes button. It will take a few seconds to complete the process. Finally, check if your computer gets connected to the internet or not.

So, there are the seven best methods to reset and update your network adapter on Windows 10. Try all of the methods applying the steps I have mentioned over here. You will easily get rid of errors and issues you have been facing.

Furthermore, you can also look at how to fix RAM usable on Windows 10 – top 5 fixes.

Is It Possible To Restore My Network Adapter?

Yes, you can easily restore your network adapter on your desktop. The settings option on your computer would help restore the network adapter. Firstly, you should go to your device settings. Over there, you can find network and internet as an option in the list.

Make sure you are in the status tab by default on your settings. Now, you will see reset as an option. Click on the reset button once you find it out. Then, click on the yes option. Your computer may take a few seconds to finish loading and get restarted.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here, I have collected some of the most asked questions related to the issues on Windows 10 by our website visitors. They are as follows:

Why Isn’t My wifi Network Showing Up?

Ensure you have enabled the wifi router and the correct wifi password. Then, take your device near the router box and see. If you are sitting too far from the network, it may not show up on your device. Reboot or restart your router after a certain interval. Also, check your computer driver and its operating system.

How Do I Fix My Wireless Adapter Windows 10?

There are plenty of methods available for you to fix your wireless adapter on Windows 10.

You can fix this problem by updating your network driver, using the network troubleshooter, changing the adapter settings, resetting your network adapters, reinstalling your network settings, updating and resetting your router, etc. Use these methods and fix your problems very easily.

Why Is My PC Not Connecting To wifi?

You may have an incorrect date and time set on your PC.

First, go and check if it matches correctly with the present time. If the problem is not related to it, restart your router. It will clear out the bugs and lags of your wifi router. Then, unplug it and plug it in again. Also, do not forget to shut down your PC simultaneously. You can check the wifi connection on your PC now.

Can I Know If My Network Adapter Has Been Reset?

You can easily know if your network adapter on Windows 10 has been reset or not.

Firstly, this alternative method is not that complicated at all. Head on to the section where you were previously facing issues. Check if it has been cleared out or not. If not, be sure your Windows 10 is away from reset yet. But, if the issue disappears, somebody has reset your desktop.


Any issues related to your device may get deep if you do not care. For example, network adapter problems may seem small but may cause plenty. In addition, each problem may have a different reason and solution. Therefore, you should apply the method and check which works for your issue.

As per my consideration, you can now easily reset and update your network adapter on your Windows 10. Also, share this article with your friends as much as you can.

You have reached the end of this topic. Meet you soon with a new and updated topic on this website. Until then, stay tuned.

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