How To Post Pictures On Reddit Without Imgur?

How To Post Pictures On Reddit Without Imgur?

How to post pictures on Reddit without Imgur? Pissed off with Imgur restrictions? Wondering about posting a picture on Reddit? But do you want to use Imgur while posting pictures? Then, you are here at the right article. This ultimate article contains all of the information to the questions you have. We ensure your mind will be full of knowledge and information when you reach the end of this article. So, let us start with today’s topic.

To post pictures on Reddit without using Imgur:
1. Firstly, Open Reddit And Log In To Your Account
2. Tap On The Plus ‘+’ Icon
3. Select The Image Option
4. Click To Add A Title
5. Tap On The Next Button
6. Confirm To Post The Picture

Why Is Reddit Very Popular?

You may or may not know about this app. But, if you are still untouched by this Reddit app, you should join now.

Reddit is an app mostly designed to develop communication or interaction between people. So you can make many friends and enjoy the app to your fullest.

Also, gain a lot of knowledge from the people who match your attitude and vibes as you do. You have even more things left to explore this app. The posts and shares you do on the Reddit app are liked or thumbed up by people depending on their interests.

The features of earning karma points and being a superior Reddit app user are interesting. Your activities within the app make you gain karma points along with your popularity.

Why Does Reddit App Recommend Imgur?

Whenever you think of posting a picture on the Reddit app, it suggests you use the Imgur website for a better experience.

The reason behind such a recommendation icon on the Reddit app is that every time you post a picture, video, reel, or text, a Reddit user creates it. Imgur is specially designed and created for the Reddit app. Therefore, Reddit users earn profit even if a single user uses this Imgur as a source to post pictures on the Reddit platforms.

All of the profits and incomes are shared with the Reddit app, too, so Imgur is recommended. Reddit is already a popular worldwide app. With the help of this Imgur website, they even want to increase their popularity like other social media apps.

How To Post Pictures On Reddit App?

Inside the Reddit app, you can post pictures using the device you have, that is, an android device, iPhone, or desktop and laptop. Here is a detailed step-to-step guide to posting pictures on the Reddit app. They are as follows:

Step 1: Open Reddit And Login To Your Account

Turn on your mobile phone and search for the Reddit list. Next, launch the app on the screen of your device. Finally, get into the Reddit login page and log in to your Reddit account.

Step 2: Tap On The Plus ‘+’ Icon

Look at the bottom left corner of your screen. You can see a red plus-like icon on your screen. Click on it and get the options that are inside it.

Step 3: Select The Image Option

You will see a list of different options. Scroll down the lists of options you can see over there. When you find an image in the option, tap on it, and it will guide you toward the next slide. Start selecting the picture you prefer to post on the Reddit app from your mobile gallery.

Step 4: Click To Add A Title

You must add a suitable title to the picture or video you have chosen to post on the app. Choose an option marked as “An Interesting Title” where you can get plenty of ideas for setting the title. Then add a suitable title for your post.

Step 5: Tap On The Next Button

Lastly, you have to click on the next button. It is available at the top of your screen. You will need to select where you are thinking of sharing the post. That is, you can make a direct post or post pictures in comments, texts, etc.

Step 6: Confirm To Post The Picture

If you are done with adding and selecting all the necessary things, you can easily share it on the Reddit app.

You have successfully posted a picture on the Reddit app. Follow these easy six steps and enjoy your pictures on the Reddit app.

5+ Alternatives To Post Pictures On Reddit Without Imgur

Most users may not prefer to use Imgur whenever they think of posting a picture on Reddit. So, over here, we have provided you with the best alternatives you can use to replace the Imgur app.

So, let us start with our options beyond Imgur. Alternative to post pictures on Reddit without Imgur are as follows:

Image Shack

I think you may have heard about this app before as well. It is one of the popular sites like Imgur. It allows you to share images on different apps.

Thus the app also has a subscription pack available for its users. Although there is a trial pack for 30 days, you can purchase the premium to get the benefits for the long term.

This site supports any of the browsers. So whether you use desktops, android, or iPhones, you can easily run this site. Post whatever you like on Reddit, considering proper community guidelines.

Also, find the website from our article. Then, go to the Image Shack link and get it.


This website is as unique as its name. However, the feature this app provides you have a vast difference that you may notice easily.

Posting a picture on Reddit also asks you to set expiry date. After the completion of a certain time, your image gets removed from the Reddit page.

All the process is not automatic. Without your permission, this site won’t take action on the Reddit app.

Also, protect your Reddit pictures from plagiarizing or researching on other websites. This app shows you the total number of viewers of the pictures you posted. Easily get access to this website from our link Unsee.

Pic Paste Plus

This app is an alternative site for Unsee. Both of them are similar in their function and operation. But despite similarities with the above sites, it is somehow more comfortable and easy to use.

You can set a timer on this site for about 10 or 5 minutes. Using this feature, you can easily delete the picture until the targeted person sees your post on Reddit. These are why the site is also known as a flexible site.

Using the automatic lock feature provided by this website, you can easily prevent some people from viewing your post.


This website is popular for its capacity to store many files. Using this website, you can get plenty of benefits from the Reddit app. It does not bug and provides you with your desired things as fast as possible.

You can easily do this if you are thinking of posting a high-quality image or content as a post. An image having more than 10MB is supported on this site. Therefore, you can easily post pictures without degrading the real quality of the images.

You also need not go through the signing processes on the app. Easily upload a picture or video even without an account. This site is free to use and has no subscription pack required to be bought.

Also, get this app right here by going to the link Inbox.

Post Image

This site aims at providing qualitative posting services to Reddit app users. Also, create links to your images and videos to share on other social media platforms.

Unless you purchase a subscription pack on this site, you can not do as you wish. It does not allow you to post an image having a size greater than 7MB. But, once you successfully purchased the subscription premium, upload your photos having a minimum size of 28MB.

You are free to do whatever you wish on Reddit using this site. There are no such limitations, too, So be comfortable and get quick results on your Reddit app. Visit the Post Image link and get this website on your mobile phone.

Kek. Gg

Kek. Gg site has fewer features than other websites to post pictures on the Reddit app. There is nothing more you can see on the site. This site also does not require a process related to signing up. Therefore, you will not find any restrictions that you can see on other apps.

You can feel that this app is an excellent choice for a Reddit app. Even you are not interrupted by the unnecessary advertisement of apps and products.

Do not worry about the subscription pack and premium account, too, as it does not have such facilities for users. Download this app from our article using the link Kek. Gg.

So, the options beyond the Imgur picture posting sites end here. Download and use any of the above alternatives as you wish. < =”font-size: inherit;”>So now on, post pictures on Reddit without Imgur.

< =”font-size: inherit;”>You may find other websites and apps too. But, download the sites only after checking the reviews. Otherwise, you may be caught up by the scams which fool you.

Furthermore, you may also like to know how to delete Reddit History

Why Can’t I Post Pictures And Contents On My Reddit App?

If you face this problem, go and recheck the whole app. Firstly, check out the terms and conditions and the rules and regulations mentioned in the app.

Go to your Reddit app setting page and check if you have mistakenly turned on any option or not. If you find any of them, arrange it to the same thing as it was previously on your mobile phone.

Suppose you break even a single point mentioned by the Reddit app. You can not post any of your pictures. You may get notifications like Reddit does not support this picture.

Do not ever post by going against community guidelines, violence, uncensored content, etc. Reddit won’t let you post it. Also, you may have missed something or forgotten the terms. The Reddit app moderator won’t let you initiate the post unless you arrange the mistake.

Check your internet connection as well. A good internet connection leads to qualitative posts. Reddit does not support those devices which are out of network connection services.

Sometimes the Reddit app may have a server problem. So, in this case, the app may not function properly. You also may get disrupted every time you think of posting pictures and content.

There are plenty of reasons behind it. So, check out the problem carefully and find out how you can solve them. Along with the benefits you get from those alternative options, it has drawbacks too.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Did you complete all of the above information, Or are you directly over here? We are now at the question and answer section of today’s article. Over here, we will discuss mostly asked questions about Reddit apps by our website visitors.

The answers we have provided to the questions are from research and study. Please get time to read this section as well. You can get extra information about the Reddit app and Imgur. So, let us get started. They are as follows:

How Do I Post Pictures To Reddit Directly?

Posting a picture or content directly to your Reddit app is possible. The Reddit app users can do it from the option marked as create a post. But, this is within a community on the Reddit app. You need not take the support of other websites and apps to post a picture.

Those Imgur and other websites are used to post high-quality pictures exactly as you want. You can select photos, videos, content, or even Gifs to post on the Reddit app The maximum quantity is about 20-25 posts per day.

How Much Karma Do I Need To Make A Post On Reddit?

Yes, karma plays a great role on the Reddit app. You should gain a certain level of karma on the app if you want to make a post or some content videos; You must cross at least 100 karma on the Reddit app.

Once you become a Reddit app user, you can easily know what this means and its role on the Reddit app. If you can cross 100 karma points on the Reddit community, you are free to post whatever you like. Post the pictures or contents as other people from the Reddit community post.

How Do I Post An Album On Reddit App?

You will need to take help from the Imgur app if you are thinking of posting a whole album on your Reddit community. Be clear about all of the community guidelines, and head on to post albums.

First, you must copy a link to the album you are thinking of posting. Copy the link to your clipboard, Click on the plus icon, choose to share on your desired Reddit community, and finally, decide on a suitable title for the album. Select the done button and confirm to post the album. You have successfully posted an album on the Reddit apps.

How To Post Pictures On Reddit App Using iPhone?

The process of posting pictures on Reddit using an android mobile phone or an iPhone is somehow similar.

First, you should have the Reddit app installed on your device; A good and smooth internet connection is required. Once inside the app, you will see a red circle with a plus sign. Three options are posting an image, video, link, text, etc. Next, choose what you want to post from your gallery. Lastly, s. at the community where you want to make a post.

Which Is The Best Thing To Use Except Imgur On Reddit?

You are searching for the next app beyond the Reddit app. So, you may have read the above apps that we have suggested for you. Image Shack is the best among the alternative apps for replacing Imgur on Reddit.

As you may know, this app highly supports pictures and reels; you can choose this app. In addition, you can easily customize the website for every post you want to make on the Reddit app.


Reddit is an app that is popular for its uniqueness. It is best for those who love communicating with new people, making groups, chatting, etc. You will get to interact with different communities on this platform.

We hope you guys are done reading the above headings and the information inside them. Along with it, we also think that you guys can now easily post pictures on Reddit without Imgur, So use the alternatives as we have suggested.

Thank you for being here and reading our article. Keep on supporting and loving us. We will be back soon with our new and latest topic on this website. Until then, stay tuned for getting alarm notifications from us.

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