How To Get Verified On Twitter?

How To Get Verified On Twitter?

Like any other social media, Twitter offers a verification system. its purpose is to identify legitimate high-profile accounts, so other users can trust who that account claims to represent. So how to get verified on Twitter? Read the below article for more information.

Well, to get verified on Twitter,
1. Launch Twitter.
2. Tap On More.
3. Select Settings And Privacy.
4. Go To Your Account.
5. Tap On Account Information.
6. Select Start Verification
7. Select Category, and
8. Hit The Submit.

In this blog, I will cover all the basics you need to know to get verified on Twitter. This way, you can easily confidently get verified on Twitter.

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What Does Twitter Verification Mean?

Users are more likely to trust your Twitter profile when it has a verification mark, which functions as a status indicator. Your Twitter profile should be of public interest as this is one of the main criteria that Twitter looks at when deciding whether to verify your account. The Twitter verification symbol grants celebrity status and has many benefits for companies and businesses.

The Twitter verification badge can boost an influencer or brand’s Twitter presence. It makes you appear trustworthy information sources that users can rely on. Unfortunately, because Twitter is changing its verification policies and developing new tools to simplify the process, the service is still unavailable to all users.

Who Can Get Verified On Twitter?

If you believed you could obtain Twitter verification, you would be mistaken. Twitter claims to have recruited some individuals to manage applications. However, they only have so much time. In addition, they must be “notable, authentic, and active,” i.e., significant to the community and active in sending Tweets.

In addition, Twitter will not yet authenticate users in every sector. Due to this restriction, they can concentrate their efforts on individuals who play important roles in public policy or are well-known within the community. Each of these organizations must understand how to become verified on Twitter.

  • Government
  • News Organization And Journalists
  • Entertainment
  • Sports
  • Companies, Brands, And Non-Profit Organizations
  • Activists, Organizers, And Other Influencers


Local, regional, or national governments can all have a role. Government, for instance, entails that your mayor, not simply the governor or head of state, can be validated. Additionally, government accounts may serve as ambassadors for certain organizations, such as the Department of Defense or the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) (DOD).

News Organization And Journalists

Breaking news reporting resembles the Wild West. There is a strong desire to assume a different identity, and some individuals might pose as journalists to undermine them. Verification is a potent tool since reputation management and public relations are serious issues on social media. These people should learn to become verified on Twitter if they don’t already.


These are your leading figures and upcoming stars. Tom Cruise and Kim Kardashian fit into this category. I can also make the C-list name. They are well-known enough to inspire impersonators.

Sports And E-Sports

It’s important to note that Twitter includes video games in this category. E-sports, specifically, is a regulated video game competition. It is sometimes played in team events and other times in individual ones. Esports is a subculture; therefore, it’s interesting that Twitter considers them eligible for verification. But, of course, traditional sports require verification.

Companies, Brands, And Non-Profit Organizations

None of these are private individuals, to be clear. Instead, they are corporate organizations concerned with maintaining their reputation for brands that are subsidiaries. So what must safeguard the brand voice and the organization above them? Non-profits must also prevent unauthorized individuals from speaking on their behalf. Verifying corporate accounts is a crucial step in securing everyone’s tweets because of this.

Activists, Organizers, And Other Influencers

As “movers and shakers at the grassroots level,” this group is described. Your activists and organizers frequently stir up a lot of controversies, which draws a lot of trolls. However, seeing powerful influencers, such as your macro and mega influencers, will be fascinating. If so, it is a great asset for marketers.

How To Get Verified On Twitter?

Follow the below steps to get verified on Twitter,

Step 1: Launch Twitter

The first step is to launch Twitter on your device and log in to your account.

Step 2: Tap on The More

Now, tap on the round More ellipses(…) button in the left-hand navigation bar.

Step 3: Select Settings And Privacy

In the next step, select settings and privacy from the profile option. Settings and privacy will open on the settings page.

Step 4: Go To Your Account

From the settings, you need to go to your account.

Step 5: Tap On Account Information

Then in the further step, tap on the account information from the screen. You will be asked for your Twitter account password to confirm that it is you.

Step 6: Select Start Verification

Now, go to the verified request verification, and on the pop-up, select start verification.

Step 7: Select Category

In the next step, select a category; from here on, Twitter will ask you for different information, depending on which category you choose. Pick the option that best describes your account.

Step 8: Hit Submit

Now, follow the prompts, providing information as required until the process is complete. And finally, review your inputs and hit submit.

What Is The Twitter Blue Badge Used For?

An account of public interest on Twitter can be identified as real by the blue verified badge. In addition, it verifies that an account belongs to a well-known brand, public personality, or celebrity. An authentic and confirmed account has been validated. A white checkmark within a blue circle to the right of the account name on Twitter serves as the indicator. Both the profile and the search results show the badge. The same color badge is always present in the same location.

Users must demonstrate their high media popularity and citations to verify their accounts. In addition, people must submit links to information about themselves from outside websites to the Twitter support staff. Users must additionally comply with other standards. For instance, a profile must adhere to the service’s regulations, be fully completed, and be accessible to everyone.

What Are The Criteria To Get Verified On Twitter?

It would be best if you met a few criteria to get verified on Twitter. Follow the below steps to meet the criteria to get verified on Twitter,

  • Phone Number Verification On Twitter
  • Confirm Your Email Address
  • Add A Profile Photo And Cover Photo
  • Add A Bio
  • Add Your Birthday
  • Set Your Tweets Public

Phone Number Verification On Twitter

Submitting your verified phone number to Twitter is mandatory to get a verified Twitter account. Twitter will send you a verification code to your email, and you must follow instructions to verify your mobile number.

Confirm Your Email Address

You also need to confirm your email address. Twitter will send you a verification email on your email ID; you need to click on the link to verify your email address.

Add A Profile Photo And Cover Photo

Click on Edit profile, and you can add your profile photo. Use a high-resolution professional photo that you can identify immediately and easily. If you have a business account, you can also.

Add A Bio

A bio is a short description of your profile and must cover all the details about your business or you. For a business, it might be your mission or vision, and if it is a personal account, it might cover your area of expertise, designation, or achievements. For example, the President of the United States or a man Booker prize winner.

Add Your Birthday

You also need to add your birthday. However, you can restrict who can see your birthday. There is a lock icon that you can use to ensure that not everyone visiting your profile can see your birthday.

Set Your Tweets Public

Go to Twitter privacy and security settings and ensure that the checkbox for Tweet privacy is unchecked.

How To Increase The Chances Of Getting Verified On Twitter?

You may try these methods to increase the chances of getting verified on Twitter.

  • Complete Your Profile And Fill Out All The Information
  • Be Active And Engage With Others
  • Be Authentic And Real
  • Tweet Regularly

Complete Your Profile And Fill Out All The Information

Complete your profile as soon as possible to increase your probability of Twitter verification. Log into your Twitter account and select the edit profile option to accomplish this. For each part, you can add any information here.

Add Your Name

Add your real name or company name to the name field so that others may look you up on Twitter and Google using your name. Additionally, when registering for Twitter verification, it is crucial to add your true name or legitimate brand name.

Add Bio

Include concise, precise information about who you are and what you or your organization do in this part. For example, your job title, employer information, your field of expertise, and an intriguing fact about yourself can all be included in a personal account. If you have a business account, include information about your company’s goals, experience, services provided, pricing, and other details.

Add Profile And Cover Photo

To maximize your chances of getting verified, Twitter advises that your profile and cover photo appropriately reflect you and your brand. Then you might think about posting a flawless profile and cover image that precisely captures who you are or what your organization stands for.

Add Your Website

To make verification simpler, add the link to your website, blog, or another online portfolio. Consider including a link to your website if you are a company or other organization and most likely have a website. You will benefit from additional visitors and verification assistance from it since your official website will be the one that is visited whenever someone clicks on the link to your website. Finally, verify your email and mobile number to finish your profile and make sure your tweets are public.

Be Active And Engage With Others

You may gain more Twitter followers by being active and interacting with other users to make your profile more interesting to the general audience. Here’s how you can get involved with others and be active:

  • Regularly create and distribute content
  • Pose inquiries and make Twitter polls
  • Answer remarks, mentions, and direct messages.
  • Follow other verified accounts and interact with their material depending on your interests.
  • To increase engagement, like, retweet, and comment on other users’ work.
  • Utilize popular hashtags

Being active on Twitter requires more than just posting, sharing, and interacting frequently. You also need to keep your account up to date and in compliance with Twitter’s guidelines. Being active entails having a complete profile, being active within the last six months, verifying phone and email addresses, and not breaking any Twitter rules during that time.

Be Authentic And Real

It would help if you verified your identity with Twitter to use Authencity, which is necessary to create and retain user interest. Several methods to demonstrate authenticity include adding a link to your official website as a resource on your Twitter account, supplying ID verification documents like a passport or driver’s license, and just including your official email address with your domain.

Focus on maintaining the truthfulness of your profile while also being authentic. There are no short routes; therefore, you will need to put a lot of effort into creating an honest profile. Producing original and real material is the best method to maintain your profile’s authenticity and reality.

Tweet Regularly

Start tweeting frequently and have a great plan for posting tweets to get the most out of Twitter. Here are some pointers for creating the ideal Twitter strategy:

  • Select your objectives.
  • Analyze the tweets of your rivals.
  • Identify our tweetable subjects.
  • Create a content calendar to schedule regular tweets.
  • Start tweeting, then monitor the responses.

Use images, such as pictures and videos, and text when tweeting to increase interaction. Always proofread your tweet once more before publishing it to prevent grammatical or spelling errors. These suggestions will help you improve your Twitter profile’s authority and fan following while increasing your chances of becoming verified.

What Are The Advantages Of Verifying Your Twitter Account?

It has additional advantages that most people are unaware of, and is why everyone wants to verify their Twitter account. Here are the advantages of verifying your Twitter Account,

  • More Followers
  • Increase The Visibility Of Your Account
  • Trust Building

More Followers

More followers are drawn to verified accounts. You gain more followers because Twitter users know a profile that only publishes accurate information and won’t mislead them.

Increase The Visibility Of Your Account

On Twitter, a profile with a blue badge is more likely to appear in the top search results. Of course, it is simpler for a user to click on a verified account than a non-certified one if they search for one relating to a particular issue.

Trust Building

This feature benefits internet enterprises, where the abundance of existing profiles has damaged customers’ trust. Therefore, if your account is authenticated and a user expresses interest in a particular type of product you sell, you will have a higher chance than your rivals. In addition, users can determine whether the “famous person or celebrity” is listed behind a profile by verifying the account.

Can Twitter Revoke A Verified Status?

Yes, Twitter can revoke a verified status. Twitter is a social-relevance platform. Twitter has a rule indicating that it is a setting where individuals can have socially significant conversations. However, has also led to individuals misusing the platform by disseminating false information, fake news, hateful rhetoric, frauds, and other undesirable behaviors. If a user engages in unacceptable activity on the network, Twitter has a set of rules for suspending or canceling their account. Additionally, Twitter has guidelines that, if broken, may cause someone’s verified status not to last long.

According to Twitter’s Help Center page, “Following the Terms of Service, Twitter may withdraw the Verified status of an account at any moment without notice.” Twitter has also listed the following factors that could lead to the revocation of a Verified status.

How To Not Lose Your Twitter Verification Badge?

What may remove verification badges at any moment and without prior notification by Twitter? Therefore, keep your profile compliant with Twitter’s terms and conditions to protect your verification badge on Twitter. If you don’t want to lose your Twitter verification badge, bear the following in mind.

Don’t Violate Twitters Policy

who could revoke your blue badge if you violate any of Twitter’s policies? Read through Twitter’s policies and guidelines if you’re unfamiliar with them, and make sure you never violate them.

Stay Active With Your Account

Make sure you’re actively using your Twitter account. Twitter might remove your verification badge if you stop using the service for a significant time. To maintain your badge as an active user on Twitter, interact with others. Accounts not signed in for six months are deemed inactive.

Dont Mislead Your Audience

What may take the blue badge away from your account if you intentionally mislead your audience by changing your user name? Your account information and details are why you received the verification. The initial goal of your account could also change if you change your username. Since you do not risk misleading your audience, Twitter has the right to withdraw your blue badge.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions.

How Much Does It Cost To Verify A Twitter Account?

It comes with a hefty price if you are a common man and want to get the blue tick under your Twitter name; it comes with a hefty price. Yes, you heard us right; you need to pay 15,000$ if you want to get the blue tick on your Twitter account. However, those little blue checks don’t come cheap if you are not a household name.

How Long Does It Take To Get Verified On Twitter?

Right after you submit your request, Twitter should give you a response within a few days, or up to a few months, depending on the queue. After that, the approval process takes a few days to weeks, depending upon the applications. However, if you are denied verification, you can reapply after 30 days.

How Hard Is It To Get Verified On Twitter?

To become verified on Twitter, you need to confirm your identity, have a notable presence on and off Twitter, have an active Twitter account, and send in a request for consideration as a verified user.

Do You Get Paid If You Get Verified On Twitter?

No, we’re talking about giving money to Twitter through the one method it accepts advertising. The concept is quite basic. Anyone who wants to spend some money can increase the exposure of their tweets by using the advertising network that Twitter provides on their social network.

How Many Followers Do I Need To Verified On Twitter?

No one knows the minimum requirement for followers to receive Twitter verification. For various reasons, verification is granted to a wide range of accounts, although many accounts that appear eligible for verification are not.

Why Should Twitter Verify Your Account?

Twitter receives hundreds of requests daily to verify accounts, so it stands to reason that Twitter would want to know why it should take its application seriously. Therefore, the most important step in the verification procedure is ensuring your response will persuade the Twitter verification authorities.


It’s also important to remember that Twitter does not request fees to verify accounts. It is free to have your Twitter account verified. Report any accounts on Twitter that promise to help you obtain the blue check to your name in exchange for a fee so that Twitter can continue to provide a secure environment for all users.

Additionally, having your account confirmed has benefits. For example, verification could increase your social media presence (more followers) and establish you as a reputable someone who has the potential to motivate others to perform better. So, if you’re fortunate enough to have your account validated, make good use of it.

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