Funimation Not Working

Funimation not working

Funimation is an American-based company that is famous mostly for legally distributing foreign content, namely Japanese anime by dubbing and subbing them into various languages with lots of features. Despite it being so famous, it has its own list of problems ranging from small to huge for a better user experience so, here is an understanding of when Funimation not working in your device.

Some problems with Funimation not working can range from simply buffering of video or taking a longer time to load a video to the entire website or app crashing. This kind of problem can be due to many reasons like slow internet speed, lack of space or some viruses. You can mostly find solutions to these kinds of problems by yourself and to make your work easy, you just need to follow the solutions given below the article.

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Complaints Done By The Users:

Some complaints might be very common and some might be very rare. Regardless of that, some complaints done by the users with Funimation not working are below:

Funimation Keeps Buffering A Lot

This is mostly due to the slow internet speed of the users but sometimes due to some problems in the app or device Funimation buffers a lot. You should check your internet status right away if your videos keep buffering with Funimation not working.

Random Notifications

As Funimation is free with ads, it is very likely you will get a lot of ads while you use this app but it is not very likely for those ads to send you notifications. Not only that, sometimes Funimation randomly starts sending you notifications about your account having some problems even though it is completely fine.

Issues With Log In Process

One of the most common problems reported by the user of Funimation is they have problems login into their account. Some people have problems to just get into their account. Other people can be stuck in a loop of logging in then clicking in the video and ending up in the login menu. This issue can arise because of various reasons.

Anime With Huge Watcher Count Won’t Open

When animes that have a huge fan base get released in the Funimation, it is very common for us(the users) to have difficulty watching the video. Oftentimes, the anime episode won’t open for a day or so, and in the worst-case scenario will even crash the app as well. This is due to the huge traffic in the app due to which processing data can be hard which results in users facing problems.

Constant Attack Of Bugs

When Funimation lets the ads openly play and pop in the app for users to have a free experience, it can lead to various bugs and viruses getting into the app. Most of the time Funimation will automatically remove such bugs and viruses but sometimes it will stay in and cause various problems for the users.

Isn’t Available In Certain Areas

Despite having so many animes and great features, sadly Funimation is only available in 8 countries. The US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, and New Zealand are the only regions where you can use Funimation without needing to use any sort of VPNs.

Sudden Loss Of All The Data

Not many but some users have complains about losing their data. Some had this problem when logging in after logging out of their account and some reported their app crashing while watching the video then when they opened their app, all the data they had were gone.

Possible Reason For Funimation Not Working

Sometimes you can exactly find the cause behind a problem and some problems are caused due by more than one reason. Despite that, the reasons for problems in Funimation not working is quite easy to say, some of them are given below:

Weak Internet Status

As Funimation is an online video streaming app, it requires a nice internet speed for the video to load without much buffering. Even when you buy a subscription for a $5.99/month plan you will need to have good internet stability for you to be able to download the video at a fast speed.

Unoptimized Software

When the newer version of Funimation is made to work on the older version of the smartphone’s software or vice versa, it can create some problems for people using Funimation. So, Funimation not working is due to the software not being optimized to work in coordination with each other.

Lack Of Space

If you are using Funimation with ads then you need to have a good amount of RAM for the videos to load as fast as you want. In case, you are using the premium version of Funimation then you need to make sure you have a good amount of RAM and storage too, as you bought the premium subscription to be able to download the videos.

Inability To Process All The Data

As mentioned above, when a huge amount of users try to view a single video or a lot of users are operating the app at the same time then it can cause Funimation to crash. This is due to the inability of Funimation to process all the data generated at the same time. So, funimation not working can be worked on with the possible solutions below.

Use Of Bad & Unsafe VPNs

Due to Funimation only being available in 8 countries(the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, and New Zealand), many people have to use a VPN which allows them to change their location into one of those 8 countries. Not all VPNs available on the internet are safe to use and can cause many problems with not only Funimation but also the entire functioning of their device. Bad & unsafe VPNs can cause the Funimation to crash or buffer a lot.

Geo-restriction On Some Territories

Many people have complained they not finding Funimation in their reason, this is due to the Geo-restriction by the Funimation. Still, you can use VPNs to use Funimation if you want but make sure you use a safe VPN.

Servers Going Down

When a huge number of users operate Funimation, Funimation can not process the data generated by such a huge number. Therefore, Funimation’s servers go down and the app crashes.

Solutions When Funimation Not Working:

Even though there is no saying which solution might work for which problem without knowing the root cause of the problem but the below-given solutions will most likely fix problems with Funimation not working:

Check Your Internet Status

As Funimation uses an internet connection to load the videos that the users can watch. Therefore, having a good internet connection is very important for Funimation to operate properly with Funimation not working. If you think, you are having problems due to the internet connection try restarting your Wi-Fi on your device. Steps to restart your Wi-Fi connection:

Step 1:Open The “Settings”( iOS or Android)

Turn on your device and Open the “Settings”( iOS or Android) by simply clicking on the app icon.

Step 2:Tap On The “Wi-Fi” Tab

Once you open the settings, you will find a tab saying “Wi-Fi”, tap on it.

Step 3: Turn Off Your Wi-Fi

When you tap on “Wi-Fi”, Tiktok will take you to the Wi-Fi section where you should find the option to switch off the Wi-Fi network.

Step 4: Turn On Your Wi-Fi Back

After you switch your Wi-Fi off, wait for a minute and click the same slider you used to turn off your Wi-Fi.

If even after doing so, it doesn’t change the connectivity status of your device, I would suggest you switch off your router and restart it.

You can simply switch off the power supply(turn off the switch) or unplug the power cord, which will switch off your router. After that, wait for a minute before turning on your router back.

If you’re using Data then you should check whether you have enough data remaining for Funimation to load the video you wish to watch. If you have enough data then see if you have got a good network signal. Then, if you don’t have a good network signal then you should simply move to the place where you can find a good network signal.

Check For New Updates Of Default Browser

When your Default Browser app isn’t up to date with its recent version, it might not work properly due to bugs and issues not being solved from the older version. So I would highly suggest you look for updates from time to time and keep your app to its recent version.

By following the simple steps given below you can update Default Browser :

Steps To Update Browser On Android Device

If you can not find the right way to update the browser on your device and need help then you can just follow the simple steps given below:

Step 1: Open Play Store

The first thing you need to do is open the Play Store application on your smartphone.

Step 2: Search For Your Browser

Then, you can just simply click on the search bar which is located at the top of your screen, and “Google Play” is written on it. Click on it and search for Default Browser.

Step 3: Update Your Browser

After you click search, you will find Browser, then you should click on Default Browser, and if any update is available click the update button. Your Default Browser should update soon.


Step 2: Click on the three horizontal lines “≡”

Look for the three horizontal lines “≡” and tap on the three horizontal lines “≡” from the upper left corner of the screen.

Step 3: Open “My Apps & Games”

An option called “My Apps & Games” should be there, tap on it.

Look at the “Updates Section”, and if there is a new update of Browser available then you will be able to find it there.

If you discover Browser on the “Update Section”, you should just simply click update Browser.

If you feel like updating Browser by yourself whenever a new version comes to a hassle and want it to update by itself without having you check on it, then you should simply enable the auto-update option on your Play Store. This should allow Play Store to update the Default Browser by itself whenever a newer version of Default Browser is released.

After checking for updates and if available, updating the Default Browser straight away is going to be the proper thing to do. To update the Default Browser application on your device, you should follow the steps listed below:

Steps To Enable Auto Update Browser On Android

If you think updating by yourself every time a new update comes is a hassle for you but don’t know how to enable auto-update, then simply follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Open Play Store

On your smartphone or tablet, open Play Store by clicking on the app icon.

Step 2: Click On The Three Horizontal Lines “≡”

Click on the three horizontal lines “≡” located on the upper left corner of the screen.

Step 3: Open “Settings”

When you will tap on those three horizontal lines “≡”, you will see an option called “Settings”, tap the Settings option.

Step 4: Enable Auto Updates

Search for the Auto-updates apps option on the setting menu and click on that option.

You’ll be given the choice to decide between updating your apps “Over Any Network,” and “Over Wi-Fi only.” I would suggest clicking “Over Wi-Fi only” if you have the availability of a Wi-Fi network most of the time.

Steps To Update Default Browser On iOS Device

Updating not only the browser but any app is the same and if you are using iOS devices for a long then you might know the process of doing so. In case you are new to the Apple Ecosystem or having confusion about updating your browser then simply follow the steps given below:

Step 1:Open App Store

On your iOS Device(iPhone or iPad) open App Store.

Step 2: Tap On Your Profile Icon

Now, search for your profile icon located at the highest right section and click on it.

Step 3: Update Your Browser

You’ll find the list of apps waiting to be updated. Scroll down until you’ll find Default Browser.

On the list, if you discover Default Browser, then tap on the “Update” option. If you have the time and wish to update other remaining apps too, then just simply tap on Update all which should update all your remaining apps.

{Your default browser maybe Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Google. The process is almost the same for every browser.}

Check For OS Updates

Despite you updating Funimation or there being no updates available for Funimation then the next step to do is check for OS updates. Lack of optimization between software can cause a lot of problems for an app to run smoothly.

If you’re on the newest version of Funimation but an older version of OS and are facing some problems with the app then updating your OS is the most correct thing to do.

You can update your OS by following the below given simple steps with Funimation not working:

Steps To Update On Android Devices:

Usually, your OS is updated automatically by your smartphone but in case it hasn’t, you can follow the steps given below to update your OS on your android device:

Step 1: Launch Settings

Turn on your android device and open the “Settings” app on your android smartphone or tablet.

Step 2: Open “About Device”

Keep scrolling down till you see the “About Device” option and once found, simply tap on it.

Step 3: Update Your Device

Now, If you see an option for a Software update, click on “Software Update.” This should update your software to the newest version.

Some devices automatically update themselves whenever one is offered if you’ve got the Auto-update option enabled.

Steps To Update OS On An iOS Device

If you aren’t well known of Apple Ecosystem then it might be difficult for you to update your OS for the first time. Regardless of that, if you are facing any problem regarding OS update, check the steps below:

Step 1: Open “Settings”

Open your iOS device and open the “Settings” app.

Step 2: Click “General”

Inside the settings, scroll down once and you should find a “General” option, click it.

Step 3: Click On “Software Update”

You’ll find an option of “Software Update” at the top column right below the “About” section, click the “Software Update” option.

Step 4: Update Your OS

There you can check if any iOS update is being offered and if there is an update available, click the “Download and Install” option.

Once the download process is done, your device will send you a notification asking permission to install the new OS on your device. Make sure to allow your device to update to the new OS version.

You can activate auto-update by enabling “Automatic Updates” that you simply will find on the highest part of your screen.

Clear Cache.

Clearing cache for Funimation means you should clear the cache of your browser as Funimation is just available in the web form. To clear the cache from google just follow the below-given steps:

For Clearing Cache Android and PCs:

Despite Android and PCs being two different devices, the process of clearing cache is the same in both devices. The steps to clear cache is given below:

Step 1: Open Browser

Open your default browser on your device.

Step 2: Click “More”

When you will open the browser, you will find “More” at the top right, click it.

Step 3: Click On “Clear Browsing Data”

You will see “More Tools” click it, then you will find “Clear Browsing Data” click it too.

Step 4: Select “All Times”

You will be given an option of choosing a time range; to delete the data. If you wish to delete everything select “All Times.”

Step 5: Clear Cache

You will be shown “Cookies and other side data” and “Cached imaged and files”. You have to check both boxes.

Simply click “Clear Data.”

For Safari On Mac:

Even though Mac is like PCs or a desktop setup, it has its own way of clearing cache. The step-wise process to clear cache in a Mac is given below:

Step 1: Open “Safari”

You can open “Safari” by just clicking on the app icon.

Step 2: Click On “Safari”

Click on the “Safari” tab that you will find at the top right corner of your screen and click the “Preference” tab from the menu. (You need to open the Safari app for this).

Step 3: Click The “Advanced” Tab

A new menu will pop up when you click “Preference”, click the “Advanced” tab of the menu.

Step 4: Enable Develop Menu

At the bottom of the menu, you will find “Show Develop menu in menu bar”, click the box beside it.

Step 5: Click On Develop

Then you should click the “Develop” tab from the menu bar located at the top of your screen. Click on it.

Step 6: Clear Cache

Once you click on the “Develop” tab, you will be shown an option “Empty Cache”, simply click on it and you will be done.

On Safari of iPhone, iPad, or iPod you should just clear the history of your safari and all your cache will also be gone.

Check Your RAM Usage

When you don’t have enough RAM needed for Funimation to run properly, you will notice a lot of problems with your application. If you aren’t sure if the problem is with RAM or not, you should look for it in your settings. You can see your RAM usage by below given simple steps:

Step 1: Open “Settings”

Open the “Settings” app on your device simply by clicking on the settings icon.

Step 2: Open the “About Phone” tab

Search for “About Phone” in Settings and once found, open it by tapping on it.

Step 3: Tap “Build Number”

Then, tap “Build number” 7 times.

If you are using Samsung Galaxy Devices then Step 3 for you will be:

Click on “Software information” after you get into “About Phone”.

You should find an option saying “Developer Options” at very the very bottom of the Settings menu or inside settings.

{If the latter is the case, then open the Settings menu where you will find Advanced( you will find “Developer options.)}

Step 4: Open “Developer Options”

Open the “Developer Options” you found inside settings or below settings option.

Step 5: Check Your Ram Usage

You will find a list of background apps using RAM and a bar graph that shows the RAM usage of apps.

If you find a huge amount of RAM is being used then try closing all the other background apps. This should clear some RAM for Funimation to work smoothly on your device.

Stop Using Ad-Blockers.

As Adblockers prevent Funimation from earning money through ads for original content, Funimation makes it had for the users using Adblockers to operate the web smoothly. Therefore, I will like to request all the users to not use Adblockers as it will benefit both you and Funimation.

Use Good & Trusted VPNs.

If your region doesn’t have Funimation supported and you wish to use Funimation regardless of that then using VPN is the best and only thing you can do. SO you use VPN to get access to the content but what many users don’t know is some VPNs can cause the internet speed to be very slow or even infect your device with different kinds of viruses and bugs. So, you need to use trustworthy and safe VPNs. To check if the VPN is safe or not make sure to read the review thoroughly.

Preventive Measures When Funimation Not Working

Prevention is better than cure is a term hugely used in the medical field but it is true for everything we do or use. Some preventive measures you can follow to give your Funimation experience better are given below:

Maintain Good Internet Status

Maintaining a good internet status will ensure you for smoother user experience, as all the content will load relatively faster and you will face very less lags or buffering.

Keep Your Devices & App Up To Date With Updates

If you keep the software of your device and app up to date then due to the better optimization of both of the newer software, you will have a better user experience.

Clear The Cache From Time To Time

Clearing cache will give you more room to store more useful content of the app which will result in a faster speed of the app.

Don’t Open Too Many Apps & Tabs At The Same Time

Opening too many tabs or too many apps in the background will result in the consumption of a lot of RAM, when your RAM usage is high the device tends to be slow. SO, make sure to close all the tabs which are not useful to you and also all the apps which are running in the background but are not useful to you at that moment.

Run A Virus Test Every Once In A While On Your Device

If you are not careful about viruses getting inside your system and by any chance, viruses get inside your device, it will harm your user experience with everything you do on that device. So to have a better user experience while using Funimation, keep checking for possible viruses.

Check Reviews Of The VPN App Before Installing

When you use a VPN of any sort make sure you check the reviews properly, as some VPNs can make your device slow or your Wi-Fi status bad. Therefore, only use VPNs that are trusted by many people and are given positive reviews by the users.


Funimation, despite being available in just a few countries has gained a lot of hype and users due to its awesome features. Funimation may cause some problems from time to time but that doesn’t mean it is a bad app and even if you face of problem with Funimation not working, you can just simply the above-mentioned remedies and get going.

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