How To Fix Your Account Has Been Temporarily Locked On Instagram

How to fix your account has been temporarily locked on Instagram

While using Instagram have you ever faced a problem that ‘Your account has been temporarily locked on Instagram’? It happens when Instagram detects some suspicious activity from your account. And it leads to the temporary lock of your Instagram account for security reasons. Below you can find some reasons and ways to fix your account has been temporarily locked on Instagram.

When there is log-in from an unauthorized device Instagram locks your account and you can see a message ‘Your account has been temporarily locked on Instagram. You can click on the ‘Continue’ button and you will get a code to reactivate your Instagram account which has been temporarily locked.

Why Is Your Account Temporarily Locked On Instagram?

There are many reasons that your account gets temporarily locked on Instagram. If you perform any suspicious activity that a normal human being will not do then an Instagram locks your account for a certain time. Here are the reasons explained for your account being temporarily blocked on Instagram.

Someone Is Using Your Instagram Account

If you are using your Instagram account and at the same time another user is also using your Instagram account. And if your account session is activated on multiple devices at the same time then you get logged out of your Instagram account and might get blocked. So, never share your password with anyone, and don’t log in to your Instagram account from multiple devices at once.

Using Third-Party Instagram Apps

Nowadays, there are various tools available to increase the likes and followers on Instagram. So, people use third-party Instagram apps which are not good for their accounts. If you download and use third-party apps that work like a robot then your account will be temporarily locked on Instagram.

Commenting Too Fast On Instagram Posts

When you keep on commenting the same thing repeatedly on one or many Instagram posts quickly then you are considered a robot by Instagram. Also, when you comment like spam you get blocked on Instagram and your account will be disabled. So, you have to comment wisely while using Instagram.

Like and Unlike Instagram Posts Too Fast

If you like and then unlike the same Instagram post more often rapidly it is bad. This kind of activity may irritate the user so your Instagram account might get locked. If you do not want to like the post you can just escape it but if you like and unlike it too many times is annoying. So, you have to avoid doing that if you do not want your Instagram account to be locked.

Following and Unfollowing The Users In Bulk On Instagram

If you are new to Instagram you tend to follow many users at once to increase the followers. You keep on following random people including friends of friends thinking that they will follow you back. But this is not good for Instagram even though you gain a lot of followers in a day.

You have to take time to follow the users and only follow the verified accounts. Otherwise, your Instagram account might get blocked as it goes against Instagram terms and conditions. You may be banned from certain features on Instagram if your account gets suspended or blocked entirely.

Steps To Fix Your Account That Has Been Temporarily Locked On Instagram

There are certain steps to fix your account temporarily locked on Instagram besides getting a verification code. You can reactivate your Instagram account even if you don’t have access to your number or email address. The following are the steps to fix your account temporarily locked on Instagram.

Step 1: Go To ‘My Instagram Account Has Been Deactivated’ Form

Since Instagram is owned by Facebook there are two ways to fill up the ‘My Instagram account has been deactivated’ form. To open the form, you can go to Instagram Help Center or directly open the link.

Also, you can go to the form through Facebook Help Center or directly open the link .

Step 2: Fill Up The Instagram Account Re-Activation Form

When you open the above link of Facebook Help Center you can directly fill-up the form. But if you have opened the link to the Instagram Help center you have to check the ‘Yes’ option and click on ‘Send’. Then you can fill up the information like your ‘full name’, ‘email id’, ‘Instagram username’, ‘mobile number’, etc., and send it.

Step 3: Verify Your Account

Now after filling up the required information, you have to attach a document that verifies that it is your account. The document could be a local business license, tax filing, invoice, certificate of formation, Articles of Incorporation, utility bill, proof of domain registration, or order fulfillment documentation. You can attach any of these documents to prove that the locked account is yours.

After you have attached the document, you can click on the radio button that ‘I understand I can’t get help with my account if I haven’t uploaded valid documents supporting my business’. Then click on the ‘Send’ button.

Step 4: Wait For Instagram To Reactivate Your Account

After you submit the documents that verify your Instagram account, they will send you a reactivate code in your phone or email address. You can now open the verification link and reset your password. Then it is done.

How Long Does Instagram Temporarily Lock Your Account?

It is not specific for how long Instagram temporarily locks your account. It can last for any time, it can last forever. Your Instagram account won’t be activated until you don’t take any action for reactivation.

You need to verify your account to end the temporary lock of your Instagram account. For this, you have to follow the on-screen instructions as quickly as possible. It is not a big deal so you don’t’ need to panic. But you should not click on ads or referral links that say ‘Activate your account’ because they can be scammers and ask you to pay money for it.

How To Activate Temporarily Locked Accounts On Instagram?

When you see ‘Your Account Is Temporarily Locked’ on Instagram you can simply click on the ‘Continue’ button. Then Instagram will ask you to choose the option to receive a verification code and send you a verification code. Then you can enter the verification code that you have received and your Instagram account will be activated.

But in case you don’t receive a verification code or forget your email address or lose the phone number you have to fill up the ‘My Instagram account has been deactivated’ form. This will reactivate your account after some time.

How To Stop Getting Banned From Instagram?

If you don’t want your Instagram account to get banned, then do not perform activities that are against Instagram terms and policies. It will make your account secure and no one can ban your Instagram account. These are the tips to follow if you want to stop getting banned from Instagram.

Log In From Your Account

Do not log in to your Instagram account from multiple devices. If you log in to your Instagram account from an unauthorized device then you will receive an email. So, you have to use your own devices only which are trustworthy to stop getting banned from Instagram.

Use Your Instagram Account In Single Device At A Time

Do not open and use your Instagram account on more than one device at a time. If you are using your Instagram account on one device then don’t use the same account from other devices too. If you do so you may get banned from your Instagram account.

Like Or Unlike Once Only

If you like and unlike the same post repeatedly Instagram may find you suspicious. So, stop liking and unliking the same post multiple times quickly. If you have to, unlike the post which you have liked previously then take time and unlike it so that you don’t get banned.

Avoid Posting 18+ Contents

Adult contents or copyright music or videos are not appreciable on social media platforms. So, you have to avoid any 18+ content on your Instagram posts or comments. Otherwise, your account will be banned immediately on Instagram.

Stop Using Third-Party Applications

Some third-party applications are not trustworthy so you might get into trouble later. They may steal your data or it may look like a robot for Instagram. As it works faster Instagram does not let you perform the task, unlike human beings. So, as a result, Instagram will ban your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

There may be some relatable queries for how to fix your account that has been temporarily locked on Instagram. So, here you can find the frequently asked questions below.

Can You Get Banned On Instagram Permanently?

After a temporary ban of your Instagram account, it depends on your activity that makes your account ban permanently. If you continue the spamming, mass following, random comments, like and unlike repeatedly then it leads to a permanent ban of your account.


Thus, you need to know all the terms and conditions of Instagram, as well as any other social media account before using it. And you should avoid those activities that may temporarily lock your Instagram account. But in case your account gets temporarily locked you can reactivate it.

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