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A new wave in Instagram platform is that of fan pages. Here, users create Instagram profiles as fan pages to endorse and show their love and appreciation towards any celebrity, renowned influencer, or any content or product that they deem interesting.  In addition, how to create a fan page on Instagram is a question of a few simple steps and rules that can be followed.

Users can follow the simple steps to create a new account and focus the content within the account towards the fan base they want to engage with. A set idea of what the fan page is about must be put into a framework and then an account can be dedicated to becoming a fan page.

What Is A Fan Page On Instagram

Instagram has a large number of fan pages that are devoted to promoting and creating content for any celebrity, famous influencer, product, show, or character. Also, the fan pages consist of a fan base which helps build the fan page and create momentum on the content within the account. Similarly, fan pages can have trivia content, promote merchandise of their celebrities or make reels and content based on their endorsements.

Find A Niche To Create A Fan Page About On Instagram

Firstly, find the niche in which you want to build your content. Your fan page can be about:

  1. A celebrity or the merchandise the celebrity endorses.
  2. A public figure you are interested in.
  3. A topic or product.
  4. A belief (religious, philosophical, or political movement)
  5. Any new or old show on the internet.

Set Up Your Instagram Account First

The first step in setting up a fan page is to create an account on Instagram. The steps to create an Instagram account for a fan page are below.

Step 1: Launch Instagram On Your Device

First, tap on the purple and pink Instagram application to launch it on your device.

Step 2: Sign Up On Instagram

Second, on the landing page, you will have an option to sign up or create an account. Tap on it. Once it opens up, you can sign up using either your email address or phone number. Put the code in and create a password for your account.

Step 3: Set Your Profile

Next, set up a display name, a unique username, and tap on next.

Step 4: Tap Confirm To Create Account

Then, once you tap next, your Instagram account will be created. To log in, go back to the application and tap on login, and use your email, phone number, or username and password to log in.

Now Let’s Create A Fan Page On Instagram

Fan pages on Instagram are public profiles. The steps to convert your regular Instagram account to a public fan page account are below.

Step 1: Launch Your Instagram

First, tap on Instagram on your device. The application will launch and open up to your home page.

Step 2: Go To Your Profile

Next, on the bottom right corner of the screen, tap on the circular profile icon. Instagram will direct you to your profile page.

Step 3: Access Settings From Profile

Then, on the top right corner of your screen, tap on the three lines stacked hamburger icon. This will open up a dialog box. From there, tap on the settings option.

Step 4: Under Privacy, Access Account Privacy

Inside settings, tap on the privacy option. Within the privacy, you will be directed to another set of options. Look for the account privacy option and tap on it.

Step 5: Change Privacy Settings

Next, toggle the private account option to off. This will make your Instagram fan page account public.

Step 6: Confirm Changes

Before your Instagram account turns public, a dialog box will appear asking for a confirmation for the change. Tap on the change option to make your fan page account public.

Set Content To Create A Fan Page On Instagram

To set up the content of the fan page , follow the given steps.

Step 1: Tap On Profile And Add A Profile Picture

Firstly, a relevant and high-quality profile picture is necessary. Users will be able to see the profile picture and know what the fan page is all about.

Download a picture related to whichever content you are creating a fan page of, and set it as your profile picture.

From the home page, tap on the profile icon on the bottom right corner. Then, in the profile page, tap on the profile icon. Next, under the ‘change profile photo’ option, you can choose to put in the downloaded picture.

Step 2: Set Up A Bio And Fill In The Necessary Information Field

Next, setting up a bio is important. On your profile page, tap on the edit profile option in the middle of the page. Inside there, type in your bio in the space next to the ‘bio’ option. Finally, tap to confirm the new bio set.

Step 3: Add Pictures And Videos On Your Account

The content is the most important part of running a fan page. You need to add pictures, videos, reels on the homepage of the account. Tap on the plus icon in the middle of the screen to add media from your device. Similarly, you can add interesting captions and use hashtags in your caption as well. Next, the optimization of the content within the fan page account is below.

Optimize When You Create A Fan Page On Instagram

There are various ways in which you can optimize the content in your fan page account. Some of the rules you can follow to optimize the content are below.

Choose A Good Username

A username is the defining name in your Instagram fan page. A good, catchy and unique username will help people get attracted to your page. Consequently, when searching for your profile, the username is the first thing that pops on the search bar, people can also mention, tag and search for your account using the username. So, invest in looking for a great username for your fan page account.

High Quality Profile Picture

The profile picture is displayed on others’ feeds and the first thing that people tend to notice is a page on Instagram. A visually appealing and high quality profile picture will draw attention to your page. Also keep in mind that the picture must be relevant to the content you are posting on your fan page.

Use Hashtags In Caption

Hashtags help boost your post on Instagram. Moreover, hashtags make it easier for people who do not follow you to look for your content. In the description section of your post, you can put in as many hashtags as you want. As a result, hashtags must be relevant to the content that you are posting to reach the right audience.

Add Engaging Trivia’s And Questions In Story Content

Another way to create more engaging content on your Instagram fan page is by creating interesting trivia, questions and content on the story part of your Instagram. Occasionally sharing your posts on the story will also help boost the visibility of the content on your page.

Engage With The Fanbase

Fans are looking for credible, quick, and relevant content on fan pages. Another method to make your fan page more successful is by engaging with the fan base. Regularly posting, replying to comments, replying to direct messages is necessary.

Schedule Your Posts

Another thing to do is schedule your posts. Depending on what you are comfortable with, create a scheduling post with which the users become familiar. By doing so, creates popularity for your fan page as users can engage with the content that you post.

Turn The Page Into A Business Account

Instagram provides users with a feature of a business account. In a business account, you are provided with several features which are not there in a personal profile. Moreover, a business account lets Instagram know that you are marketing a certain product or service through the Instagram page. For a fan page, turning it into a business account can have multiple perks which are listed below.

Benefits Of Turning Fan Page Into Business Account

  1. The first feature is the ability to boost posts. By paying an amount of money, you are provided with the option to boost your fan page posts and let them reach a larger audience.
  2. The second feature is the ability to add links to your Stories. This feature is available only if you have 10,000 or more followers. Adding links to your stories will lead your followers or other Instagram users directly to another page you wish to market.
  3. Another feature includes access to native analytics on Instagram. The reach of your posts, how many users are engaging with your posts, and how well the content is doing. Here, all these factors can be analyzed using different analytical tools that come with a business account.
  4. Next, you gain features like Shoppable posts, which allow you to sell directly from your Instagram posts. In addition, this feature will help you promote merchandise that you wish to sell on your Instagram fan page.
  5. There is a feature to also add partner accounts as branded partners that can post on your behalf.  Likewise, this feature lets multiple accounts join in to feature content on one Instagram profile.
  6. Next is a potential verification option. Furthermore, a verified Instagram account is credible and has a larger audience reach. This can be helpful to increase the status of your fan page.

The benefits of this Instagram business account can help your fan page with your content and campaign. You can create a fan page with a personal account as well, but converting to a business account can help with viewer engagement.

What Not To Do When You Create A Fan Page

There are multiple negative sides to creating a fan page. Some things that can be off-putting and create a bad image with your fan page are below.

Do not post personal content on your fan page

The first thing to follow on your fan page is not to post personal content. The followers on your fan page have expectations on posting content regarding the fan base. So, posting personal content can be unacceptable and maybe off-putting to some followers on your fan page.

Do not post irrelevant and upsetting content in your fan page

Another factor is irrelevant and upsetting content. If the fan page has content which can be deemed upsetting to users or if the content is unrelated; users can unfollow the content. So when you create a fan page on Instagram, post relevant and good content.

Do Not Post Content That Gets Negative Publicity

There are instances when people post content that garner negative publicity. In some cases, the celebrity or influencer whose content you are posting may not like it. In such cases, the fan following will immediately stop following your account and it’s content. This is why fan pages must be mindful of the content they put out on their page.

Do Not Be Inactive On Your Fan Page

Another thing users must be mindful of is being inactive because followers on fan pages want quick, convenient and relevant sources of information on their idol. Moreover, an inactive fan page will not gain a lot of searches, mentions or engagement; making it hard for the page to boost their content on the application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions on fan pages on Instagram are listed below.

Bio For Fan Page On Instagram

The bio is a feature within an Instagram profile. This text field on the top part of the profile page is a direct place to put information that a user can view. Bio is visible whether your Instagram account is private or public, so it is necessary to post a quirky and eye-catching bio on a fan page account.

When creating a bio for a fan page account, keep the given steps in mind:

  1. Include a description of the fan page account and idol the fan page is about.
  2. Share contact information for when other accounts or creators want to collaborate.
  3. List out some interests of the fan page and the content that you will be posting.
  4. Add a call to action to allure more users.

Most Followed Fan Account On Instagram

The most followed fan account on Instagram is of Cristiano Ronaldo. Beyoncé, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry are other celebrities who have a large fan following on Instagram and a large number of fan pages. To create a fan page on Instagram is an easy method, however, to turn it into a heavily followed page can take some work and effort.

Setting Up Instagram Fan Page Ideas

The best Instagram fan pages have interesting content that users enjoy. This period in time has multiple celebrities, shows, products or even influencers that you could make a fan page of. A simple google search can help get results on which fan pages are already there. Try to avoid an extremely saturated fan page base. Go for content that you enjoy yourself and are interested in. A genuine fan page goes further than most.


In conclusion, creating a fan page that will do good on Instagram can be some work but is overall an easy task. The most important thing to keep in mind is to make a fan page of content that you are already interested in. This will help you follow all the rules to make a fan page and make it famous as well. Overall, creating a fan page can be both fulfilling and financially benefiting to the creator.

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