How To Change Theme In Tiktok [Step By Step Guide] 2023

How to change theme in Tiktok

Tiktok formerly known as is a free and popular social media application that allows its users to create, watch, and share videos with many other features, the ability to change themes is one of them. If you want to learn how to change the theme in Tiktok between the available light and dark themes, then this is the place for you.

The first thing you should know about themes is, this feature is only available on iOS devices and not on any android devices. If you are using an iOS device, you will find the ability to change themes between two options; Dark mode and light mode. The name says the meaning of the themes, in dark mode, you will have a dark or black background and similarly, in light mode, you will have a white or light background. You can find ways to change themes and a brief explanation about the themes and their benefits is given below:

Types Of Theme In TikTok

If we are strictly speaking of the themes provided by TikTok without needing to download any third-party application then we have only 2 themes in TikTok. One of which is light mode and another theme is dark mode.

Light Mode:

When the content or text with a dark font on the light background is the general definition of light mode. It is also called positive contrast polarity.

From a physiological point of view for a person with normal vision, the context of the screen is better understood in light mode.

Dark Mode:

When the combination content or text of a light font on black or any sort of dark background is the general definition of dark mode. Like light mode, dark mode is also known as negative contrast polarity.

Dark mode helps in the relaxation of tired eyes and helps the eyes relief caused by heavy lighting.

How To Change From One Theme To Another In Tiktok

Changing the theme of TikTok is very easy if you ask me. We just have to follow some simple steps and we will be able to change the theme of the application.

The steps to do so are below:

Step 1: Open The TikTok Application

As we are gonna change the theme of the application and not the device we need to make the changes within the app first.

Step 2: Search For “Me” tab:

Right after you open the TikTok app you will find a tab called “Me” on the extreme right bottom corner of your screen. Tap the “Me” tab.

Step 3: Look For “≡” Tab On The Top Right Corner Of Your Screen:

When you will open the “Me” tab you will find the “≡” tab on the top right corner of your screen.

Click the tab and you will see the settings and privacy menu.

Step 4: See For Content & Activity:

In the content and activity section, you will find an option for dark mode. Click it and you will be taken to the next page.

Step 5: Choose The Theme Of Your Liking:

After pressing dark mode, you will find three options on your screen. You will be given the option to either choose a light mode or dark mode and below that, you will see the option of “use device settings”.

If you choose the “use device settings” option then the app will adapt to the theme of your device.

NOTE: This is only applicable for devices having iOS like iPhone and iPad.

Which Theme Is Suitable For You

The theme that might be best suited for you depends on various aspects. Some of which are:

Eye Sight:

For people with normal vision (or corrected-to-normal vision), light mode tends to provide better visual performance, whereas some people who suffer from cataracts and related eye disorders may have better vision with dark mode.

On the other hand, reading for a long time with light mode enabled may cause myopia for some people.

Battery Life Of Your Device:

Even though it is believed that dark mode can save your battery drain by a huge margin than light mode, it is not entirely true. Dark mode indeed saves some level of battery drain but it is dependent on the type of screen your device has.

If your device has an OLED screen then it is most likely that the battery drain of both themes is the same. So if your device has an OLED screen both of the themes will likely result in battery drain.


As TikTok hasn’t released an update that lets android users change the theme of TikTok, only iOS users can change the theme of their TikTok app. This means only people with iPhones and iPad are most likely to use dark themes while people who use android devices are stuck with the light theme only.

We don’t know precisely why that is the case but developers are working on releasing an update that will enable Android users to change the theme of their TikTok app.

Personal Preference:

Everything is based on personal preference, so is the theme that you might like for your Tiktok app. For instance, younger generations are more likely to choose a dark theme for their Tiktok app, as it is widely popular among young people.

Some people might find Tiktok easy to use with a light theme and some might find it easy with a dark theme, so it depends on what theme you are comfortable with.

Advantages Of One Theme Over Another

Even though both themes have their own pros and cons. Some advantages of one theme over another are below:

Light Theme Over Dark Theme:

  • People with healthy eyesight or normal vision tend to perform better with light mode.
  • The light mode makes it easier for people to understand the context of the screen properly and makes videos brighter.
  • The light mode can make it easier to view videos in the sunlight.

Dark Theme Over Light Theme:

  • Moreover, using dark mode can save your battery life.
  • The dark theme decreases dry eye for some people.
  • It decreases the amount of eye strain.
  • The dark theme reduces glare and blue light exposure.

Does Themes Effect Videos

Many people have a misconception that themes can affect videos too. Despite the type of theme you use, there will be no change in the videos you see, as the background of the videos solely depends on the creator and TikTok can not interfere with the videos of creators.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many people have confusions about things on TikTok themes and how it works. Some of the most asked questions about the themes of TikTok is below:

Can Android Users Change The Theme Of Their TikTok App

Unfortunately, by the time of writing this article, there is no feature in TikTok to change the theme of the app on android devices. In addition to that, there is no saying when the app (TikTok) software developers will release an update that will let Android users change the theme of TikTok.

Even if your phone or your device is primarily in dark theme mode, TikTok will remain in a light theme.

When Will Themes Come In Android?

As of the writing of this article, there is no sure date of when will TikTok have its Theme feature on Android. Nevertheless, don’t lose hope.

Does Changing Themes Make Any Difference?

Simply answer to this question is yes, changing the theme can highly make a difference depending on your eyesight, lighting environment, and so on.

Can Tiktok Theme Match With The Device’s Mode?

The simple answer to this is yes, yes you can make your theme match with the default mode you use for your iOS device. You just have to enable “Use Device Settings” that you will find inside the “Dark mode” inside “Settings”. If you have a problem with this you can look at the steps to enable given above in the “Steps to change themes”.

My Personal Thoughts About Themes:

In my daily use of Tiktok and in my daily life, I find myself using more dark mode than light mode because it is more comfortable for my eyes. Moreover, in addition to that, I have also found that using Tiktok with a dark theme saves some amount of battery drain (can’t say the precise amount).

In my personal opinion, it is easier to use Tiktok with a dark theme but I can not speak for all and am not giving any kind of statement that a dark theme is better than a light theme for better use of Tiktok.


As mentioned above in the article, themes can play a vital role for someone and for someone it might not make any difference at all. It all depends on various factors but personal preference is the main, older people might not have an interest in themes but young people might have an idea like dark theme being cool or modern. It all comes to you at the end about how you take the ability to change themes in Tiktok, you might find one theme easy at one particular phase or environment and might like other in another environment or different phase.

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