How To Change Mouse DPI In Windows 10 2022 [Step by Step]

Mouse DPI: How To Change It In Windows 10

We see big companies bragging about their DPI levels in their mouse. Most people don’t realize the actual meaning of these technical terms so they tend to ignore them. As a result, it just becomes a marketing gimmick, or does it? Without the proper knowledge, people end up buying the wrong mouse for their type. So, today I will talk about how to change mouse DPT in windows 10.

Now, if your mouse already has a dedicated button for the DPI switch or an on-the-fly button you can click on it to create a new setting for the DPI button.  However, if it doesn’t have a DPI button you can go to settings and click on the mouse, click properties and adjust your sensitivity accordingly.

What Is Mouse DPI?

A mouse DPI is the measurement of how many pixels your mouse moves per Inch. DPI stands for Dots Per Inch. For instance, if your mouse has a DPI of 800, then moving the mouse one inch in any direction will move the cursor 800 pixels on the screen. By changing the sensitivity you can master the control of your mouse and get precise accuracy.

Adjusting the pointer speed can be useful in so many scenarios such as playing games, doing photo editing, editing videos that need a precise movement of the pointer. The higher the mouse sensitivity the faster the cursor moves.

This feature is available in gaming mice where they market a wide range of DPI settings in the product specification. The mouse acceleration can also be changed in the windows settings in Windows 10.

How to Check Your Mouse DPI?

Checking your mouse DPI is important if you need precision and accuracy in your work. These DPI settings are most commonly used by gamers where they need an accurate movement of their mice to aim in FPS games.

The default DPI setting that comes with the mouse might not be suitable for you. Either it may be too fast for your liking or maybe too slow. The DPI setting can range from as low as 200 DPI to 16000 DPI in some gaming mice.  So, in order to check the DPI of the mouse, you can follow the following steps.

Check The Specification Of The Mouse

If you bought a mouse and don’t know what the sensitivity is, check the specification found in the box. This is the easiest way to know the DPI setting of your mouse. If you cannot find the DPI in the specification mentioned in the box, you can simply google the model number of your mouse and find it there.

Use Online DPI Calculator

If you cannot find the DPI of your mouse, you can manually check the sensitivity by using an online DPI calculator. To achieve this, you need to follow the following steps.

Step 1: Turn off the Enhance Pointer Precision option

  • Click on the Windows button on your keyboard and search for “mouse settings”.
  • Go to “additional mouse options“.
  • Click “mouse properties” and uncheck the option.
  • Click “Apply” and “OK“.

Step 2: Measure your DPI

  • Make a ruler and draw a 2-3 inch straight line on paper.
  • Go to the DPI analyzer in google and set target distance as the length you draw
  • Set a starting point the target and move your pointer there.
  • Bring the cursor from the starting point to the end.
  • Record the actual DPI you see on the paper.
  • Repeat and calculate the average DPI.

How To Change Your Mouse DPI In Windows 10?

Changing the DPI setting can help you a lot by making the cursor accurate with every move. You can achieve more comfort using the mouse or even the trackpad and can easily operate your device in a better way.

Accuracy is the key when it comes to gaming and overall experience. So, have perfect sensitivity is an essential part of working and gaming effectively.

To change your mouse sensitivity in Windows 10 you need to follow the steps given below

Steps To Change Mouse DPI In The Settings App

  • Click on the Windows icon on the bottom left of your screen and click on “settings”.
  • Go to the device tiles and open the “mouse” option.
  • Click on the “pointer” options and adjust the speed of your mouse with the slider given.
  • Move the slider to the left to slower the mouse and the right to increase its speed.
  • Click on the “OK” button once you’re happy with the sensitivity.

Steps To Change Mouse DPI In The Video Game Itself

  • Open the selected game and go to “settings“.
  • Look for controls and click on the “mouse sensitivity“.
  • Drage the slider to the left or right to meet the desired sensitivity.
  • Click on “apply“.

How To Change The DPI Through The Mouse?

Mice these days have a dedicated button to change the DPI with a simple click. If you specifically happen to have a gaming mouse, then you can easily set the desired sensitivity by pressing the DPI button just below the scroll wheel on your mouse.

Depending on the brand, different brands may have different DPI settings. Some might want you to change the settings from the software and some might just make it easy with a press of a button or even both.

You can check the DPI number in the software they make you download. There you can check how much DPI your mouse has and up to how much level you can adjust. Most of the normal mice have a fixed DPI and the only way to change the sensitivity is through the mouse settings in Windows 10. However, not only gaming mice but even normal mice come with a DPI button where you can easily set the desired DPI for your preference.

Normally, the DPI ranges from 200 to 16000 as mentioned above where the users can choose the numbers in between for perfect accuracy.

Advantages Of Higher Mouse DPI

As mentioned above, a higher DPI lets you move the cursor faster so while playing games where you have to move the mouse in a quick direction this feature might come in hand.

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With a higher DPI, you don’t even need a larger space for your mouse to move as a slight movement can give you the thrust you want. Having a higher DPI in your mouse is always accepted as you can always set it to your preferred DPI when the task is over.

Advantages Of Lower Mouse DPI

Lower mouse DPI is considered important in a case scenario where you have to make precise tracking. For instance, while using photoshop or editing content where each pixel counts. Lower mouse DPI is used for tracking outlines where accuracy matters the most.

Also in FPS games when you’re sniping enemies you need that accurate flick, so in this case, as well a lower DPI helps. You can always change the setting to your preferred one so play around with the DPI setting and find the best-suited DPI for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The DPI Button In The Mouse?

The DPI button allows you to quickly change the DPI or the sensitivity of your mouse. It helps you to meet the accuracy of the cursor while moving your mouse to quickly adjust to the desired sensitivity.

What DPI Is Good For Gaming?

For different games, people might prefer different DPI settings but having 6000 DPI in a mouse is sufficient for most gamers. However, it all comes down to personal preference as one might be satisfied with only 1600 DPI.

What Is A Normal Mouse DPI?

Regular mice have a standard DPI of around 800 to 1200 DPI. This can further be adjusted within the settings app.

Final Thoughts

Mouse DPI can vary from person to person and there’s no such thing as a perfect DPI but the flexibility to change the sensitivity from the windows 10 settings itself is helpful for most people. Therefore, this was all about adjusting the right sensitivity settings to achieve the best experience one can get out of the input from the mouse.

By adjusting and amending the right settings you can achieve precision in your work whether it be photoshopping or video editing and even gaming. DPI is an important factor to consider for those work enthusiasts and gamers out there. So, managing and adjusting the DPI settings is important, and with the flexibility these days, it has become easier and more accurate to measure the DPI.

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