How To Block Someone On Facebook?

How To Block Someone On Facebook

Many of us love spending time chatting or scrolling through Facebook, but sometimes unknown or even close people may disturb our personal lives, making it difficult to deal with them. In these situations, you would surely wish to block them to safeguard your privacy and care for your mental health. To know how to block someone on Facebook, continue reading the article below.

To block someone on Facebook, open the app, tap the three horizontal lines icon, go to “Settings and Privacy,” click on the blocking icon, enter the user’s name, and confirm to block them.

Facebook is a social media app that connects people. Not only connection, but it also allows you to disconnect with people you do not want in your social media life anymore. You have complete control over every activity within your Facebook account, so you can easily block, unblock, or remove people from Facebook whenever you want.

What Does “Block” Mean On Facebook?

Blocking someone on Facebook can help protect your privacy on social media by keeping unwanted individuals away from your account. This feature gives you a right to end unwanted or forced friendships.

Furthermore, you can also take it as a method to prevent yourself from being unnecessarily harassed or threatened in the future. It is a way to avoid conversation with someone who has made you upset. Blocking someone can also allow them to reflect on their behavior towards you.

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When Should You Block Someone On Facebook Messenger?

When you first join Facebook, you will be curious to send friend requests to many people. These people may be either close acquaintances or strangers. Initially, you may be very interested in connecting with these individuals.

Over time, you may feel the need to disconnect from some individuals for personal reasons. So, in this case, you will look forward to blocking and completely getting rid of them.

If someone is sending you a lot of unnecessary messages, then you will surely be irritated. Blocking someone might be the best option available to you on Facebook.

Also, this blocking feature can help you overcome many social media problems, such as blackmailing, harassment, bullying, etc.

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Things To Remember Before Blocking Someone On Facebook

You need to know every detail about the consequences of blocking someone. Therefore, before blocking anyone on Facebook, ensure you know the potential consequences. You will need to deal with some sudden changes that occur once after blocking someone. Below are a few points to keep in mind before blocking a Facebook user:

  • Once you block the user, you cannot reach their profile.
  • The blocked person won’t be able to view your post and message you.
  • They cannot tag or mention you on any of their Facebook posts.
  • You can easily unblock someone on Facebook, but you must send a new friend request to be friends again.

You should block someone on Facebook or Messenger only when you agree to deal with all of the above-mentioned points.

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Steps To Block Someone On Facebook App

Once you block a person on Facebook, you can no longer message or enter their profile. Both of you won’t get access to their stories and posts anymore. Here, you can get detailed steps to block someone you don’t want to hear from anymore. They are as follows:

Step 1: Open The Facebook App

First, open your mobile phone and head to your mobile app.

Scroll down the app list and open your Facebook app.

Step 2: Tap On The Three Horizontal Lines on Icon

Once you enter your Facebook page, you will see your news feed.

In the top right corner of your screen. There you will see a three horizontal lines icon.

Click on the icon, and then you will see a new page loaded.

Step 3: Head To The “Setting And Privacy” Menu

As you enter a new page, as said above, scroll down, and you will see the “setting and privacy” menu. Tap on the menu, and you will get a new page.

On the new page, you will see the settings option. Head on to that option.

Step 4: Click On The Blocking Icon

You will see a new page after entering the ‘settings’ menu.

Scroll that page, and you will see the “Audience and Visibility” section at the bottom of the page.

In that section, you can find the “blocking” icon. Click here, and you will again enter a new page.

Step 5: Enter The Name Of The Facebook User

After you click into the blocking section, you have to enter the name of the profile you want to block in the search bar.

After that, click on the magnifying glass icon, and it will lead to searching that profile.

Step 6: Confirm To Block The User

Once you enter the user’s name, you will be shown that user’s profile. Click on the block icon on the right side of the profile.

Then, the selected profile will be blocked, and the profile user won’t be able to see your updates and activities.

So, you must follow these steps sequentially and block someone within a few minutes.

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Can I Block Someone On Facebook And Messenger both?

Obviously! you can block someone on Facebook and Messenger both. , you can directly block the user on Facebook. When you block a person on Facebook, they will also be automatically blocked on Messenger.

When you block someone on Messenger, it does not mean you are blocking them on Facebook. So, it is better to follow the steps to block someone on Facebook without making the process lengthy. If you choose to block someone only on Messenger, there is an additional step to do.

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How To Block Someone On Facebook Messenger

When you block someone on Messenger only, you can’t message them. But you can easily view their stories and posts like your other Facebook friends. Here is a detailed step on how you can block someone on Messenger:

Step 1: Open Your Messenger App

Firstly, turn on your mobile and head to the app list.

Then, please tap on the Messenger app and open it on your device screen.

Step 2: Search The Profile Of The User

Once you open your Messenger, you will see the current chats.

If the user you want to block is on the chat, you can click on his/her profile.

If they are unavailable, then search the profile in the search bar, which is on the top side of the chats.

Step 3: Tap On The “i” Icon

After you search the profile, enter it into the user’s profile. After entering, you can see all the details of that profile.

You can see an “i” button in the top right of the profile. Click on that button. Hence, you will get a new page.

Step 4: Head On To The “Block” Button

When you finish step 3, scroll down, and you will see a block button there.

Head to the block button, and you will get a new page on your mobile screen.

Step 5: Click On The “Block Messages And Calls” Option

On the same page, there are two different options. You need to tap on the first one, which is shown as “Block messages and calls.”

Step 6: Tap On The “Block” Button

Now, you can either cancel or confirm to “Block messages and calls.”

If you are sure to block that person on your messenger, click the block button.

So, from now on, you can not message or call the respective person in your messenger. Also, the next person can not reach you in their messenger app.

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Will The User Know If I Block Them On Facebook?

The users won’t be notified directly when you block them on Facebook. Facebook does not send a notification mentioning a certain friend has blocked you. Such things are anonymous in all of the social media apps. There are no such features updated on Facebook till now.

Facebook users will get to know you have blocked them only when they can no longer find your profile page. Also, whenever they try to message you, Messenger will show them as ” this person is unavailable on Messenger.” So, with all of these things, he/she will get a hint that you have blocked them.

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Is It Better To Block Or Unfriend Someone On Facebook?

When managing your friends on Facebook, you might wonder whether it’s better to block or unfriend someone. While both actions essentially remove the person from your friend list, some key differences exist.

Unfriending someone on Facebook means you will no longer be friends, but you’ll still be able to see each other’s profiles and interact occasionally. This might be the best option if you’re trying to take a break from someone or if you don’t want to hurt their feelings by outright blocking them.

However, there are some situations where unfriending someone isn’t enough. If someone is harassing or stalking you, for example, or if you’re no longer interested in communicating with them, blocking might be the better option. When you block someone on Facebook, that person will no longer be able to see your profile or contact you in any way. You won’t be able to see their profile either unless you unblock them in the future.

The choice to block or unfriend someone on Facebook depends on your circumstances. If you’re trying to declutter your friend list, unfriending might be the way to go. But blocking might be necessary for your well-being if someone’s behavior is causing you distress. Remember, you can always change your mind later and undo either action if you feel like it.

I think it all depends on which kind of situation you are in. If the unknown Facebook user is being bad to you and hindering your personal space, you should go with blocking that person.

Whereas, if the Facebook user is among your friends disturbing you, unfriend them and let them realize their mistake. You can add your friends again when the situation is normal.

In my opinion, it is better to block someone on Facebook whom you do not want to be able to view your daily life updates. When you unfriend someone, they only get removed from your friend list, but they can still message you and see your Facebook profile.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Here are some of the questions from Facebook users related to the blocking system. I have given the best answers to each question through research and even from my personal experience. So, have a look at all of them and gain some extra:

How To Block Someone Permanently On Facebook?

Unfortunately, you can not block someone on Facebook permanently. Facebook enables you to block as well as unblock someone very easily. But it is all in the hand of the one who blocked you. You can unblock the person quickly within a minute or years of blocking.

Can I Block Someone In Messenger But Not On Facebook?

Yes, you can block someone in Messenger but not on Facebook. Blocking in Messenger does not mean blocking in Facebook too. You can block someone either in Messenger and Facebook or only in one of them. You can see above in this article where I have explained two different methods to block someone on Facebook and Messenger.

Can Someone Still See My Post If I Unblock Them?

It depends on what type of Facebook account you have. If you have a private Facebook account, they can reach your profile but not your Facebook posts and stories. Whereas, if your Facebook account is in public mode, the unblocked person will get access to your profile, posts, as well as stories.

Is The Process of Blocking Facebook Users And Facebook Pages Similar?

No, the process of blocking Facebook users and Facebook Pages is not similar. You can only unfollow the Facebook pages when you do not want to see their posts furthermore popping up in your Facebook news feed. Only Facebook accounts can be blocked and unblocked, not the pages. But Facebook pages lack such features, so you have to unfollow them directly.


Getting rid of disturbing and irritating people can bring peace to our lives. Almost every app and media provide privacy options to its users by letting you block and report anyone. You should be free and use those features whenever and wherever you feel necessary.

No matter what situation you are going through, secure yourself without letting things get worse. Also, get fully aware of the consequences and restrictions that both of you will face once after blocking the Facebook app.

I am sure you can now easily block someone you find irritating on Facebook. With the help of this same website, you can also solve your problems related to any other topics as well. Keep your knowledge updated always.

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