How To Add Spaces On Instagram Captions And Bios?

How To Add Spaces On Instagram Captions And Bios?

Every day, millions of posts on Instagram, including giveaways, advertisements, pictures, reels, etc. Whenever you need to create a post, you will be in search of a caption that includes all the details of your posts. For this purpose, you will need a lengthy caption. Therefore, adding spaces to Instagram captions and bios is not a big deal. This article is the exact place to learn how to add spaces on Instagram captions and bios.

It is not possible to directly add spaces on Instagram Captions and Bios. However, you can use symbols like emojis, edit captions in Notepad, employ third-party tools, or utilize a line break generator app. These methods let you insert spaces or line breaks to format your captions and bio creatively within Instagram’s character limits.

Along with the popularity of the Instagram app, it has a huge number of users worldwide. The main point of using this app is to expand, explore, and engage with others by making posts. A good caption can make the post look even more attractive. However, most users struggle to add spaces to their Instagram bios and captions. So, in this article, we will discuss the methods to add spaces in detail.

Why Is It Necessary To Add Spaces To Instagram Captions And Bios?

You can easily imagine how a caption, bio, or some writings would look without spaces or paragraph-breaking lines. It looks so uneasy to read, and you get distracted very easily. Whatever you present on Instagram, captions and bios are the second thing to check after the post. So, anyhow, you should make it attractive and comfortable for the viewers.

Nowadays, most Instagram users add spaces whenever they add captions to a post. The line-breaking blank spaces make your writing look clear and managed. You can try adding spaces on your captions and bios, then see the progress of your Instagram account.

In the same way, your Instagram profile looks clear, open, attractive, and professional when you separate your bio into different sections. It makes the viewers even more curious and eager to learn about you.

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How To Add Spaces On Instagram Captions And Bios?

It is a kind of struggle to make a caption. You may wonder when Instagram will enable the feature, and you can add blank spaces on Instagram. So, I am here with some ways to get you out of spacing issues on Instagram. The methods are as follows:

Method 1: Using Symbols And Emojis

This symbol and emoji are one of the easiest methods, as you can add spaces directly inside the Instagram app. In addition, there are different symbols, marks, and emojis available on your keyboard. So, you can choose any one of the symbols that you prefer, such as hyphen, dash, full stop, period, asterisk, etc., and create spaces on your caption.

Also, choose the emojis and use them to create space on your bio and caption. Using emojis is best as it adds space and gives an attractive look to your captions and bios. Here is a step on how you can add spaces to your Instagram captions and bios using symbols and emojis:

Step 1: Open Your Instagram

First, turn on your device and head on to the app list. Then, please tap on the Instagram app and launch it on your screen.

Step 2: Try To Make A Post

Now, you should choose your desired photo from the mobile gallery and confirm to share it on your Instagram newsfeed. Then, start typing the caption.

Also, if you want to add a bio to your Instagram profile, you can go to your profile page and start typing your bio.

Step 3: Click On The “Enter” Or “Return” Button

So, when you want to add spaces or change the paragraph of your caption or bio, tap on the “enter” or “return” key on your keyboard. Then, you will move to the next line.

Step 4: Add Emojis And Symbols

You can add your desired symbol, period, dot, full stop, or emojis to the next line.

Step 5: Again, Tap On The “Enter” Or “Return” Button

To move to the next typing line, tap on the enter or return key on your keyboard. The typing line will move one step below your emojis and symbols.

To add more spaces, you must drop down to the next line, add symbols and emojis, and tap on the enter or return key. Continue the steps until you get your desired line breaks in your caption or bio. Finally, you can tap on the post button and share your caption.

Method 2: With The Help Of The NotePad App

Notepad is an app that is easily available on your mobile phone. You do not need to install it from the Play Store and search for it anywhere, as the app is automatically set on every smartphone. If you dislike the symbols and emojis interrupting your captions and bios, you can use this method.

But most of you may want a plain blank spacing between the paragraphs. The gap looks so real that viewers might be shocked by it. You do not need to visit Google websites and go through different processes. Here is a step on how you can add spaces to your Instagram captions and bios using the Notepad app:

Step 1: Open Your Notepad App

First, turn on your device and go to your app list. Then, scroll down and look for the Notepad app. Then, tap and launch the notepad on your mobile phone.

Step 2: Click On The Plus Button

When you enter the Notepad app, you can see a plus icon at the bottom of your screen. So, click on the icon, and you will get an empty page.

Step 3: Start Typing The Text

Use your keyboard and start typing your bio or caption in that space. You can add emojis, create line breaks, change the font, etc., to whatever you write.

Step 4: Copy The Whole Text

Once you complete writing your caption or bio by adding spaces, emojis, and symbols, copy the whole page. Then, your clipboard saves everything you have typed.

Step 5: Launch Your Instagram App

Get back from the notepad app and head on to your Instagram. Then, paste the copied caption or bio at their exact place.

You should maintain the word count of your captions and bios per the limitations of Instagram. For example, if you write and copy a long caption and bio, Instagram may not allow you to paste it. So, check out the limitations before you start typing.

Method 3: Third-Party Tools

Many third-party apps would help you add spaces to your Instagram captions and bios, such as Inflict, Hashtags For Likes, etc. Here, I have collected some popular and widely used apps for making captions and bios with spaces. They are as follows:


GramSpacer is an app to add spaces in your Instagram comments, captions, bios, etc. You must go to the website and download this tool on your mobile phone. Then, open the app and start typing the caption for your Instagram post. Writing the same as you type directly on the Instagram caption space would be best.

Look at the top navigation bar from your screen. You can see a copy button. So, tap on the button and copy the whole caption text to your clipboard. Now, open your Instagram app and head on to make a post. Then, paste the copied caption into the caption space. Finally, you can tap the post buttons and share the captions on Instagram.


Tailwind is a caption editor with tools such as emojis, hashtags, symbols, etc. You can also say this app is an in-one app. This tool can help you add spaces when you type captions and bios. Also, it won’t break your caption format once you make an Instagram post.

Once you start using this app, you do not need to worry that Instagram will remove the spaces or you will tap on the wrong key while creating a caption. Using this tool, you can make a post, generate a caption of your style, add emojis and hashtags, etc. You do not have to spend a whole day creating a caption.

This Tailwind tool can easily create cool and attractive captions within a minute. All you have to do is upload your Instagram post to the draft section of Tailwind. Then, you can start typing your captions, including spaces. Also, add designs in your caption with the help of emojis and symbols. When you are done, tap on the “Add To Queue” button and post it on your Instagram.

Instagram Line Break Generator App

The Instagram line break generator app only creates line gaps and spaces on Instagram. This method is easy as you must download the app and type captions and bios. Then, use the given link to learn about the app and download it on your mobile phone. It is available on every device, including Android, iOS, and desktop.

Also, there are other line break apps, such as Instagram line break, space, etc. They are very similar to each other and do the same function. First, you have to install the desired app on your device. Then, start typing and adding spaces using the taps available on the app. When satisfied with your typing, please copy and paste it into your Instagram post.

Method 4: Using A Scheduling Software Application

A scheduling software application is an alternative method to add blank spaces to your Instagram captions and bios. Once you write captions and bios using this application, you do not have to worry about Instagram. Every edit symbol you add to the caption and bio is for a permanent purpose, and Instagram won’t remove it once you post it.

There are plenty of scheduling software applications for Instagram. You can visit the above link and select the application you wish for. This method may help you a lot if you are lazy and want everything to be easy. You can save lots of time by writing captions and bio through this method. If you have an Instagram business profile, it will help you take full advantage of this app.

The process is all the same as other apps. The options are different, but you must copy the caption or bio and paste it on your Instagram. Next, you should open the app and type the whole text on an empty page. If you are done, copy and directly paste the caption or buy space on Instagram.

So, these are the methods you can apply to add spaces to your Instagram captions and bios. You can choose the method you feel is easy to apply and use. Now, you do not need to struggle to make a post on Instagram. Also, create aesthetic and cool bios and add them to your Instagram profile page. Furthermore, you can also fix other issues on Instagram, such as “could not load image tap to retry” on Instagram.

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How To Create an Instagram Bio Having Multiple Lines?

If you want to make your Instagram bio in the form of a list having several lines, you can make it possible with the help of your keyboard keys. When you want to change the line or break the paragraph, tap on the “enter” button or the “return” button on your keyboard. Then, you will see your typing mouse one step below the line.

When you wish to end the paragraph or switch to another list, tap on the enter or return key. Now, you can easily make a list of your hobbies, interests, or aesthetic captions in your Instagram bio. However, this method may not work on those devices that have not updated the Instagram app to its latest version.

So, before creating a bio with multiple lines, check out for updates on Instagram. Everything is related to your Instagram profile, so you may also like to know how to repost your Instagram reel on your profile.

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How Long Can I Make My Instagram Bios And Captions?

You can not add too lengthy paragraphs to your Instagram bio and captions. Rather than typing long paragraphs and making the captions boring, you should focus on making them sweet and interesting. The maximum number of words you can adjust on the bio of your profile page is about 150 characters. Instagram won’t accept even a single word count of more than 150. This app has plenty of limitations and sets the limit for your bio.

Also, when you create a username for your Instagram account, you can adjust only 30 characters. In the same way, you can adjust about 2200 characters in the case of Instagram captions. However, when you reach a limited word count, Instagram does not let you write more. So, separate the lines, make a list, and add emojis. Make short but cool bios and captions.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here, we will discuss some of the most asked questions by our website visitors. All of the questions are related to today’s topic. So, you can also give a little time over here and learn something extra. They are as follows:

Can I Add Spaces On Instagram Comments?

Yes, you can add spaces on your Instagram comments just like you added spaces on your Instagram captions and bios. However, you must get help from third-party apps like GramSpacer, copy-pasting the blank space from the notepad, etc.

When you need to make someone understand the post, you must reply by explaining everything in detail. Also, you can hide the comments if you do not like them. So, use any methods you prefer and easily add blank spaces to your Instagram comments.

Do People Read Captions On Instagram?

Yes, people read captions on Instagram to learn more about the post. You will surely look at the caption when you do not understand your friends’ advertisement, giveaway, or post. Then, only one can know what the post is about in the case of advertisements and giveaways.

If your post is attractive, people will look at the caption. If you do not create an attractive post, viewers won’t take an interest in reading captions. Also, try to add short and sweet captions to every post.

Is It Possible To Hide My Hashtags On Instagram?

You can hide your hashtags on Instagram very easily. First, you have to type the caption for your post. Then, click on the return key and add a period. Again, you have to tap on the return key on your keyboard.

But you should not click on the space bar to add space to your caption. Otherwise, your hashtags will stay the same and won’t be removed. Instead, add as many periods as you want until the hashtag hides from the caption. You can also look at how to hide comments on Instagram.


If you want to level up your Instagram account, adding blank spaces to your captions and bios would be the best. Nobody would love to read such bulky, long captions. Blank spaces play a great role in captions and your Instagram bios. It can make your posts look more readable, comfortable, and attractive. So, next time you post something on Instagram or add a bio to your profile, do not forget to add line-breaking spaces.

I hope you have completed reading this topic and cleared out your confusion. Was this article helpful for you? Did you face any problems while going through the article? Please let us know via the comment section below.

As far as I think, you can now easily add spaces to your Instagram captions and bios. Also, share this article with your friends and family who are having the same confusion with Instagram captions and bios.

You have reached the last section, so I would like to end this topic here. Meet you soon with a new and updated topic in this same article. Until then, stay tuned.

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