Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Global and Chinese Version

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Global and Chinese Version

Xiaomi Inc product, named Mi Band 4 was released on July 11, 2019, at 12:42 p.m. ET. Mi Band 4 is a wristband smartwatch, which is a wearable, activity tracker. Xiaomi has introduced two versions of the Mi Band 4, Global and the Chinese version.

Xiaomi Band 4, Global and Chinese version doesn’t have a vast difference. The only difference lies in the NFC support, voice control, and Battery. Buying the Chinese version of MI Band 4 you will get NFC support and Xiaomi AI whereas, you will not get those features on the Global version.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 – UK

Some people might get confused about which version to get. Worry not, today I will be describing the features, specifications, and the build quality of both the model which will help you to choose the one that suits you. Keep on reading the article to find out more about the differences between these two models.

Difference Between Global and Chinese NFC Version

There aren’t a lot of differences in both the version of Mi Band 4 the Global version and the Chinese version. Here are some of the differences you will encounter comparing these two devices.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 – US


The global version has the English language as default and supports Italian, German, and Portuguese. Whereas, the Chinese version has the Chinese language as a default language. However, both the model can adapt the language set on your mobile phone.

NFC support

If you buy the Chinese version it comes with working Near-Field Communication (NFC), which allows the exchange of data between devices. But the global version currently doesn’t support NFC.

You have to be very close to another NFC-enabled device to transfer the data, it only works with short distances, about four inches.


Talking about the Battery, the Global version comes with 135mAh and the Chinese version comes with a 125mAh battery. The global version has a standby time of 20days but the Chinese version has only 15 days of standby time.

even if the Global version has a slightly larger battery both the models have the same charging duration i.e. 120 minutes.

 Xiaomi AI support

Chinese version supports Xiaomi AI (Artificial Intelligence), whereas the global version doesn’t.

A Chinese version is built-in with the Xiaomi AI assistant which can achieve the function of AI voice assistant. When you are using the Xiaomi AI assistant you need to be connected to Mi Fit APP. The AI assistant doesn’t reply with voice feedback however, it provides information in the form of text on the Mi band 4 screen.

These are the differences between the Chinese and Global versions of Mi Band 4. Now, let’s get into the similarities in these models.

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Similarities of Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Global and Chinese Version

Talking about the similarities between Chinese and Global versions, they are somehow the same in looks but different in in-built functions.

Both the Global and Chinese Version support Alipay from which you can purchase a product.


Both the Global and Chinese version has 0.95 AMOLED color display that pushes 120 x 240 pixels resolution on an AMOLED screen. Viewability is also significantly better, the brightness raises up to 400 nits, which means it is easier to see the display in sunlight as well.


 Both the Global and Chinese model has 6-axis sensors (3-axis gyroscope, 3-axis accelerometer) which supports swimming, outdoor running, indoor running, walking, exercising, six riding sports modes and many more activities and also enables the priceless motion-to-wake gesture that gives the band the functionality of a practical wristwatch. [2]


Both the Global and the Chinese versions come with waterproof of 5ATM, (5ATM water-resistant rating (up to 50 meters)), which is suitable for splashes, rain & snow, swimming, diving into the water, and snorkeling whereas it is not suitable for scuba diving and high-speed watersports.

Dial Theme

Both Chinese and Global version Mi Band 4 support 77 full-color dial themes, where you can record the movement.

Which Version Should you Buy?

I think this question doesn’t have a particular answer because both the global and Chinese version is better in their own way. Only your choice determines, which version of Mi Band 4 is suitable for you.

According to the official store, we can know that the NFC and AI voice control only comes with the Chinese version. If your smartphone supports NFC and AI assistants, you can learn to control your Xiaomi home kit by Xiao AI, If you need these features you definitely go for Mi Band 4 Chinese version.

If you only want to buy a Xiaomi Mi Band 4  for a professional fitness tracker, the global version is a better choice because the Mi Band 4 Global Version’s sensor has been improved and upgraded. The precision 6-axis sport sensor can meet all your sports need. However, with the Global version of Mi Band 4, you will not get voice assistant support as it does not have a microphone.

In addition, Xiaomi Mi Band 4 performance has been improved and upgraded the heart rate sensor for heart rate detection. Mi band 4 can achieve 24-hours precision heat rate monitoring which was not available in Mi Band 3.

Finally, I would like to leave it on you, which version you want to buy. Chinese NFC version or global version choice is yours. You can now differentiate between the Chinese NFC version and the global version.

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There is no excuse to admit that both the version is still one of the most attractive basic wearables in 2021. However, if you consider their price, there is no doubt that those top-end smart bands or watches would cost significantly more. Now it’s on you, which version you want to buy Chinese NFC version or Global version or you can switch the Mi Band 4 to other brands.

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