Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 Rumors, Leaks, Release Date and Price

Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 rumors

We all know about the famous brand Samsung which keeps winning customer’s hearts with its quality products. Whether you buy the Smartphones, Smartwatch to track your fitness level, or other electronic devices – you can always fulfill your requirements, which you have been looking in the Samsung Products. Besides, when we keep talking about its Smartwatch – there’s no doubt that Samsung smartwatches are one of the best. They always launch at least one brand new smartwatch each year. After the great success of the Galaxy Watch (launched in 2018) and Galaxy Watch Active 2 (launched in 2019), now we hear whispers about the Samsung Galaxy Watch 2.

Well, it’s not arrived in the market yet, but we are still expecting the watch 2 because rumors suggest it might hit soon. Besides, there’s also a possible sign that the Galaxy Watch 2 can arrive along with the Galaxy Note 20 in late summer. That’s because previously both of the note 10 and watch active 2 arrived side by side in 2019.

Overtime Samsung Galaxy Watch steals the show in the market, and everybody loves it. You can find attractive looks, smart functions and features, best quality, long-lasting, and the unique design. So we can say that’s the pretty eye-catching watch for the Samsung Watch lovers. That said, now if the Samsung is planning to continue the watch series or launching the new galaxy watch 2 or let’s say if the rumor comes true, then here are few things which you should know.

Today we will talk about Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 Rumors, Leaks, Release Date, and Price in this article. So head through the whole article and find out what so special about the new Galaxy Watch 2 if it’s landing this year.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 Release Date

Now when it comes to the release date, we are expecting to see the galaxy watch 2 this year as Samsung always launches a new model every year. Previously when they launched Galaxy Note 10 in 2019, then lots of people are expecting watch 2 in the same month of this year, but they still didn’t appear in the market. That raises a question to the people whether Galaxy Watch 2 will come or not.

Besides, there also could be the two models of Samsung watches, which we can see soon. According to the official Chinese Certification Documents, either Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 or Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 could be launched soon. So we can say that Samsung’s new smartwatch is in progress, and we might soon see the new Samsung wearable’s announcement.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 Price

Price makes a significant difference in whether to buy the new device or not. So when we talk about the actual Galaxy Watch starts from $329 / AU$499 for a 42mm version. Then we expect that the Price of Galaxy Watch 2 probably cost a little bit higher because it’s an upgrade version of Galaxy watch. We are not fully sure about the price, so we can get either the same price as the galaxy watch or slightly higher than that.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 New Looks?

Can we see new looks on the Galaxy Watch 2, or will it look similar to the previous Galaxy Watch?

Well, some rumors said that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 could look slightly different from the previous one. We also heard that the device could come in two different sizes codename SM-R840 for 40mm and SM-R850 for 44mm, which are smaller than the Galaxy Watch. That’s because the original watch also comes in two sizes, so it’s could possible that we can see the different sizes if the rumors come true.

Besides, these two versions could also have two connectivity options. One may come with the LTE enable version and another one with Wi-fi only version.

Premium Titanium Case

There are also other rumors that the next generation Samsung smartwatch could bring new cases. This means we can also see other different variants in Galaxy Watch 2. As the Samsung smartwatch always comes in the stainless and aluminum variants, but this time, we could see another new variant. According to SamMobile, Samsung is also using Titanium in its new Galaxy Watch 2 series. Not only the Titanium is durable, light, and resistant to corrosion but it also reflects the premium quality. So you get both lightweight and premium looks in an upcoming new Galaxy Watch 2.

Though the Titanium case looks pretty amazing and premium, it will not include in the affordable smartwatch. That’s because the Apple Watch Series 5 also comes with the titanium model which was launched last year. So the price is double than of the regular stainless steel model, which costs $799 compared to $399. Well, that’s a huge difference of $400 in just a change in material quality.  Therefore, there’s a chance that Samsung’s new Titanium case can also cost much higher than the regular case, but if only the rumors come true.

Digital Rotating Bezel

On the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, they use the digital rotating bezel, which gives a safer timing mark and replaces the physical bezel, which we can found in the original Galaxy Watch. So if Samsung makes a compact new design that we could also see the digital bezel in the new Galaxy Watch 2.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 Latest News (Updated)

Now on the latest news of Samsung Galaxy Watch 2, we heard about its other new looks and features according to the new FCC listing. The previous two Samsung smartwatches are also based on the FFC listing. So, it is expected that the Galaxy Watch 2 might come with the Gorilla Glass DX display, which is considered as the best display. Besides, it also reveals the 5ATM water resistance, onboard GPS, and better durability than before on the new Galaxy Watch 2.

Another good news for the Samsung smartwatch lover, this time Samsung also may bring back its popular Rotating Bazel just like on Orginal Galaxy Watch according to the different leaked source. It was removed in the Galaxy Watch Active 2 which was replaced by the touch-sensitive bezel.

Previously the Samsung received the approval in South Korea from health authorities to use the ECG sensor in Galaxy Watch Active 2. The ECG sensor reads your heart rate and rhythm if you put your finger on the sensor for 30 seconds. So, in the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 2, we expect to see the ECG sensor along with the sleep tracking, and blood oxygen monitor using SpO2.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 Features and Battery Life (Rumors and Leaked)

We all love to see new features in any upgraded or new brands, right? So in the new Galaxy Watch 2, we could see body composition features that allow us to measure the percentage of body fat. The composition would use the electrodes on your wearable strap so that it’s easier to calculate the fat percentage.

According to SamMobile, they also said that the Galaxy wearable would come with more storage than the previous version. This means we will see 8GB of internal storage instead of 4GB. Besides, more space means you can add more apps, music in your smartwatch. Greater space also helps the users to load more apps in their smartwatch- which is a plus point for Samsung to attract customers.

As we get more closer to the Galaxy Watch 2 rumors launched to date, we are getting more newly leaked features. Another feature of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 could be the Blood Pressure Monitoring – which we already can find in Galaxy Watch Active 2. So people might able to see this new feature on Galaxy Watch 2. Besides, this feature allows the Samsung Health Monitor app to measure the blood pressure of a user.

When it comes to battery life, we could see an increment in battery life on Galaxy Watch 2. The battery can go from 247mAh to 330mAh and can give 4 days of battery life. That’s pretty amazing if Samsung upgrades battery life because previously on the Galaxy Watch, people are complaining about the less battery life when it comes to the 42mm model. But it’s all about the leaks so anything can happen until Samsung announces itself the truth.

So these are the above leaks and rumors regarding the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 2. Besides that, many Samsung users are expecting something new in the upcoming smart wearables.

So if the rumors about the Galaxy Watch 2 come true, then here are the things people like to see, or we can say expecting from the Samsung on its next smartwatch.

What People Are Excepting From the Samsung Galaxy Watch 2

People love the previous original Samsung Watch, but still, the expectation is there. It will be much better if the watch has this or that feature. So in the upcoming smartwatch, we love to see some following things.

Much Better Stress Tracking 

As we all know, Samsung adds lots of tracking features on its original Galaxy Watch. All the tracking features perform a good job except the stress tracking. The stress tracking of the Galaxy Watch works but pretty not that much.

What bad thing about stress tracking is that it manually tracks our stress level instead of automatic. Yes, I know Samsung claim that it has automatic stress tacking, but there’s raise a question. Besides, its accuracy is also not good; it does its job but is not on a proper track. So, we would like to see a better stress tracking feature in the next smartwatch.

Friendly With Other Wireless Charger

The original Samsung Galaxy Watch comes with a wireless charger, so basically, it’s easier to charge your device. But it only supports the original charge, which comes with a device. So basically, if you forget to bring your charger with you when you are traveling, then its goodbye for your device when the battery runs out.

So in a new Samsung Galaxy Watch 2, we would like a compatible device that can support other wireless chargers too. This way, whenever you forget your charger when you are out, then you can easily charge your device with other wireless chargers.

Better Bixby

Bixby is the virtual assistance (voice assistance) developed by Samsung and used in the original Galaxy Watch. So if Samsung also uses the Bixby assistance in the Galaxy Watch 2, then it is probably not impressive. That’s because it’s not good as the Google Assistance or Siri (Apple voice Assistance). When it comes to the command, then it doesn’t provide an accurate answer. Though we don’t say that change the Bixby but an improvement over voice assistance would be better.

More Apps on Tizen

On the original Galaxy Watch, there are only a few apps in Tizen compare to other smartwatches out there. So it will be good if we can get more apps in Tizen on next-generation Samsung Galaxy Watch 2.


So, these are the rumors and leaks about the Samsung Galaxy Watch 2, which are getting into the people’s ear. Lots of people are expecting new things and features in the next smartwatch from Samsung. We didn’t have heard any official notice from Samsung regarding the Galaxy Watch 2, but we think its coming. So stay with us until then.

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