12 Best Budget Fitness Band – Fitness Tracker Under $200 for 2022

Best Budget Fitness Band

As technology is upgrading, a cheap fitness tracker is getting better and better smart bands are getting cheaper. So, today we are presenting you with 12 Budget Fitness Tracker under $200. These bands are affordable and are equipped with tons of fitness features that will amaze you.

We entered a fresh new year and we might have got so many goals for this year. One of which might be to maintain our fitness. And when it comes to fitness and health, smart fitness bands are like an electronic watchdog. Worried about the expensive ones? – Here is a thing, with the improvement of technology, today we are getting trackers that perform similar to the one marked at a higher price. So, today we have come up with the best budget fitness band that you can get in 2022.

How Did We Create the List of Budget Fitness Tracker Under $200?

It’s simple, we have worn them all, and tested their performance, and the best part, all of them are affordable.

We did a test on cheap Chinese smart bands as well. Most didn’t give us the performance we expected and were pretty terrible. SO wouldn’t recommend the cheap Chinese brands. However, I have included some of the Chinese brands that are cool and perform better.

Smart bands are slowly but surely getting smarter and more useful with the new technologies.

After the CES 2022, we have seen some new cheap smart band and watch introduced. Among which is Amazefit Bit S which is priced at $69.90 with 40-days battery life.

Without further ado, let’s get to our list of best budget fitness band that your money will get you in 2022. We will show you how each performs in terms of their stand-out features, specifications, price, their designs and the software you will be using on your phone.

Top 12 Best Budget Fitness Tracker Under $200

If you are willing to buy a budget fitness tracker which is under $200 but you don’t know any budget fitness tracker then here are the top 12 best budget fitness trackers. There are a lot of options you can choose, so you might get confused about which one should you buy, don’t worry you can look at the Features, Pros, and Cons of the fitness tracker below and choose the best one for you.

Fitbit Versa 2

Fitbit Versa 2 is a perfect blend of a smartwatch and a fitness band. What we like about the band are the 15 exercise modes the band provides. Choosing from biking, running, treadmill running, weight training, swimming, yoga, and many more. Talking about swimming, the Fitbit Versa 2 fitness tracker is water-resistant to up to 50 Meters.

Thanks to its AMOLED display with 300 X 300 pixels resolution, the screen on Versa 2 is quite big clear and easy to read than most of the other fitness trackers.

The band comes with sleep monitoring, with measuring of different duration and stages in your sleep. On the watch, you can see your steps, calories, activity minutes, and heart rate. With the fitness band, you can monitor your heart rate 24/7 however it will cost you several days of battery life.

Other than the fitness features, the band also provides you with a music player, Amazon Alexa built-in, Altimeter, Fitbit Pay and is compatible with Android, IOS and Windows phones.

With Fitbit Versa 2, one problem we noticed is the swapping band. Swapping out the band isn’t easy as some of the other Fitbit smart bands we have seen.

Talking about the Battery like Fitbit Versa 2 gives your 5 days of battery juice in a single charge.

The one fitness feature it lacks is the GPS, there is no onboard GPS in Versa 2 however, you can pair it up with your phone and use your phone’s GPS with the tracker too.


Attractive AMOLED display with 300 X 300 pixels resolution

5 days of battery juice in a single charge – Long battery life.

Lots of fitness features.

View More Option


The screen isn’t brighter compared to the original model.

Alexa responded thought text only.


Always-On Display Mode

24/7 Heart Rate Tracking

Smartphone Notifications

Fitbit Pay

6+ Day Battery Life

On-Screen Workouts

All-Day Activity

Water Resistant & Tracks Swims

Real-Time Pace and Distance

15+ Exercise Modes

Personalized Reminders

Syncs Wirelessly


Customizable Clock Faces

Sleep Tracking & Stages

Fitbit Charge 3

Fitbit Charge 3 is the much more refined version than the previous Charge 2 version. Also, the Fitbit Charge 3 is the company’s most accomplished smart band. With a lightweight design and a slimmer look, the smart band looks amazing in your wrist.

As the price has dropped slightly, comparing its features to its price, the band is a value for money.

The fitness features it possesses are 24/7 Heart rate monitor, step and distance counter, calorie tracking, sleep tracking, and 15 other exercise modes like cycling, running, swimming and so on. The tracker is swim-proof and can measure your heart rate inside the water. You get water resistance to 5 Meters with Fitbit Charge 3.

The thing we like about the band is that it has Smart-Tracking. If you are performing some exercise, the band with automatically recognize workouts without you having to set the workout beforehand.

If you are a woman then the band also has a menstrual cycle tracking feature that you can add on your dashboard.

On Charge 3, you get an AMOLED touch screen with 100 X 150 pixels resolution which is quite good. You will not have any problems reading your tracking from the screen.

Like the Versa 2, Fitbit Charge 3 does not have onboard GPS. However, you will be able to use GPS pairing your smart band with your smartphone.


A crisp screen that looks attractive and different.

Good Battery Life.

Updated with SpO2 sensors and better heart rate.


The swipe interface can be finicky.

Uses Own (Proprietary) Charger.


Heart rate tracker


Activity tracking

Compatibility: Android/iOS

Change clock face

Customize your notifications

Set a silent alarm

Quickly check your stats

Last longer Battery Life


Edit your exercise shortcuts


Garmin Vivosmart 4

Garmin Vivosmart 4 offers everything you would expect on a fitness tracker. And Garmin Vivosmart 4 is also the highest-ranked Garmin product. This product tracks your steps all day long, sleep patterns, calories burned throughout the day, floors you climbed and various other exercises like biking, running, swimming, weight lifting and many more. The product also has an active heart rate sensor that can record your heart rate 24/7. As, for swimming, the device is water-resistant to 50 meters with active heart rate monitoring.

Among all the products on our list, we found the most accurate heart rate tracking on Vivosmart 4 band too.

Garmin Vivosmart 4 is one of the best trackers for your health however, it is not the device for serious athletes like other variety of products that Garmin Offers. What more features can you expect from a $75 product other than this product offers right?

The feature in Garmin Vivosmart 4 that we like the most is the innovative feature called “Body Battery.” Body battery is a feature that helps you learn when is the best time for you to exercise depending on how much energy you have. This is very helpful when optimizing your daily activities.

Other than that, the fitness band has Pulse Ox sensors, this feature will track the blood oxygen saturation levels during the night with advance sleep tracking with REM sleep.

So combining both the features, “the body battery and the pulse oximeter sensor” helps the device to stand out from the crowd.

A couple of things that you will miss out on the fitness band is the lack of GPS and the replacement bands. However, we can’t expect a lot of features with that price range, right?


Accurate sensors.

Good Battery Life.

Automatic Activity Tracker.


The touch screen is not more responsive.

Uses Own (Proprietary) Charger.


Heart rate tracker


Activity tracking

Battery life: 7 days

Compatibility: Android/iOS

Heath features

Smart features

Workout tracking

Samsung Galaxy Fit

Priced under $100, Samsung Galaxy fit is not only the best fitness band but also one of the best value of money fitness wearable currently available.

The first thing you will notice is the Fit’s outstanding, vivid and colorful 0.95 inch AMOLED display. Though the screen is small, it can provide all the information you need on its screen without any of the display issues. Like most of the fitness tracker on the list, the Samsung Galaxy Fit also has a touch screen display that is responsive and easy to navigate.

Now, let’s talk about its fitness trackers. The device has most of the fitness tracking features that you can think of. If you want to go for numbers, the Galaxy Fit has over 90 exercise modes. Moreover, you get automatic activity tracking for six workouts: running, walking, cycling, elliptical training, rowing, and dynamic workout. For this, you will have to perform the exercise of 10 minutes. And this is not where it stops, syncing with the Samsung health app, you can use other 90 different pieces of training. You can count your calorie intake and calorie burn, and also you can personalize and set your preferred activities.

The device comes with a water resistance of 50 meters both the saltwater and freshwater making it one of the best smart bands for swimming. Other than that the device has active sleep tracking, active heart rate, stress level monitoring. However, you will notice the lack of GPS sensors in it.


Reasonable Price.

Accurate heart rate monitoring and fitness tracking.

It comes with a sharp and big display.

View More


It could be big for small wrists.

Two apps are required to operate.

The bezel is thick.


AMOLED display

Tracks up to six activities

Auto Workout Tracking

Sleep tracking


Do Not Disturb setting

Samsung gear fit2 pro

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro is one of the most versatile fitness trackers that come under $200. You may call the device as the best budget fitness band. Gear Fit2 Pro is the upgraded version of Gear Fit with the addition of GPS, water resistance, and additional fitness tracker.

Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro Stands out any of the fitness band when it comes to in-water performance and stellar feature set. Syncing the gear with the Speedo app will track your swim goals in a most effective and efficient way with water-resistance of 50 meters both saltwater and freshwater.

With the addition of in build GPS, it’s one of the most cost-effective wearables in the market today. GPS on the device helps to map the route you walked, run, or a bike ride on a Google Map type interface which will display the exact route taken. Aside from the GPS, the device offers accurate auto-tracking of a wide range of activities such as cycling, running, running on a treadmill, elliptical training, rowing, and dynamic exercise.

With Samsung Gear Fit2 Pry, you can text someone, or sent notification for social media, call or receive phone calls directly by the device itself.


Auto activity detection

Punchy display



Cumbersome setup process

Poor battery life



Good Battery Life

Find My Phone option

Fitness Features

Watch Function

Huawei Band 3 Pro

Huawei Band 3 Pro is the best fitness tracker if you are on a strict budget with just over $50 on Amazon. The Huawei Band 3 Pro is the cheapest fitness tracker that as GPS onboard. There is a 0.95-inch color AMOLED screen to display all your fitness status.

The Huawei Band 3 Pro offers water resistance up to 50 meters and offers good swimming data such as calorie burn, number of turns and average SWOLF to improve your swimming.

Just like the Samsung Gear fit2 pro, you have the GPS tracker that displays the route you walked on.

Likewise, the heart rate sensor on the Huawei Band 3 is also great and seems to monitor the heart rate accurately.

With the Huawei Band 3 Pro, you don’t get a physical button. Because of this reason, when you are walking in the rain, or swimming, or even sweating, the touchscreen controls get increasingly finicky. Just like Fitbit Versa 2, the Huawei Band 3 pro’s band also does not comes out easily.

So, if you are looking for an affordable entry-level smart band, Huawei Band 3 Pro is the fitness tracker for you, this is a great place to start.


Great battery life.

Attractive color screen.


GPS can be slow to lock.

‘Breathing’ feature is missing.


Heart rate tracker


Battery life: 14 days of standby

Activity tracking

GPS Connection

Compatibility: Android/iOS

5ATM waterproof

Swim tracking

0.95-inch AMOLED touchscreen display

Fitbit Inspire HR

The most compact and lightweight smart band on our list of Budget Fitness Tracker Under $200, Fitbit Inspire HR. When you were it, you will forget it is on your wrist. The fitness tracker has a traditional style buckle band which is much more stylish and easy to swap when you feel like changing it.

Fitbit Inspire HR is also one of the cheapest fitness band on our list that comes for just $94.95.You might feel a cheap build but don’t get fooled, the band is equipped with plenty of useful features.

The Fitbit Inspire HR unsurprisingly offers an accurate heart rate tracker alongside other features that a fitness tracker must-have. Some of which are: steps counter, stress monitor, sleep tracking, various form of exercise and weight lifting and other 15+ exercise mode. However, you will not be getting swim-tracking features although you can wear it while swimming.

The screen on the Fitbit Inspire HR is easy to read, it is a perfect size of a stylish fitness tracker. Swipe up the screen and you will be able to see additional stats and swipe down when you are ready to exercise. The band also has a home button, clicking it will return you to the home screen. However, there are some restrictions to have such a small screen. To have the full access to the settings like utilizing GPS or setting up your alarm, you will have to use the app on your smartphone.

Fitbit Inspire HR is an ideal fitness band if you are looking for a budget fitness tracker.


Premium looks and design.

Many tracking features.


Swim tracking is missing.

No contactless payments.


Heart Rate Tracking.

Cardio Fitness Score.

Battery life: 5 days

Female Health Tracking.


Compatibility: Android/iOS

Guided Breathing Sessions.

24/7 Heart Rate Tracking.

Activity Tracking.

Sleep Tracking.

Garmin Vivosport

The Garmin Vivosport might not have the style of Fitbit smart bands and high-end vibes like those of Samsung gears. However, they are one of the most compact fitness trackers that have GPS and heart rate tracker and other essentials workout modes.

Looking at the device, you will not be the fan of the device as it looks dull. However, the power it generates in terms of tracking will amaze you. Although the device is small, it gives 7 days of battery juice in a single charge. The display, however, is a color display that is easy to read and clear.

Just like Samsung’s gear, Garmin Vivosport also has the capability to automatically log the runs and walks. Other fitness features it possesses are tracking of cycling, running, weight lifting, hiking, and other gym modes. The band is water-resistant but is not good for swimming as it does not track your swimming. However, you can wear it while swimming.

Using the GPS feature on the device will map the routs on a map where you run, hiked or walked are pretty much accurate however not like those on the high-end device.


GPS tracker.

Good battery life.


Dull design

Swim modes are missing.


Heart rate tracker


Good Battery life

Activity tracking- Live Track

GPS Connection

Sports on the Go or at Home

Smart notifications

Honor Band 5

Huawei Honor band 5 is the upgraded version of Honor Band 4 which was released on Q3 of 2019. Like most of the smart band in our list, Huawei Honor Band 5 is compact, light and possesses a ton of fitness features. Apart from that, the fitness band is one of the most affordable fitness trackers on the market right now with the beating price of $39.70.

With the Huawei Honor Band 5, you have got a 09.5 inches AMOLED screen that is easy to read and navigate. Moreover, it has got the color display.

What we like about this fitness band is its advanced sleep tracking feature that gives you the advice to maximize your sleep time.

Talking about the fitness feature, the band has tons of workout modes to choose from. And when you finish working out, the device will give you a brief description of your workout.


Satisfactory sleep tracking.

Affordable price.


Volatile Notifications

Screen is unresponsive sometimes.


Bright & vibrant Display

Continuous heart rate monitoring

6-axis accelerometer


Compatibility: Android/iOS

Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is the cheapest and the most affordable smart fitness tracker on our list. An amazing fact is that you get so many fitness feature spending lesser than $40. Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is the upgraded version of Xiaomi Mi Band 3 where you get upgraded display which has cleaner color due to AMOLED panels and is easy to read and navigate. More importantly, it offers a satisfying battery back up of 20 days in a single charge which most of the expensive versions fail to offer.

You are able to choose six workouts modes on the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 which include, running, treadmill running, cycling, pool swimming, walking, and other dynamic workouts. The band can also track your swim workouts and swimming styles like freestyle swimming, butterfly and backstroke.

The heart rate on the device is pretty accurate and can monitor your heart rate 24/7 which is great looking for the price. Along with that, you get sleep trackers, calorie counter, 0.95 inch AMOLED screen, and many more that are hard to find at this price point. The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 might not be an ideal fitness tracker for many, but, at this price point, and looking at its functionalities, it’s shameful to demand more or complain.

So, if you are low on budget, and want entry-level smart band Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is an ideal fitness band for you.


Very cheap Price.

Good design.


Can’t auto-stop tracking

GPS connection only.


Full-color AMOLED screen

Color touch screen

3-axis accelerometer – 3-axis gyroscope (6-sensors)

Heart rate tracker

Activity and. swim tracking

Slimline design

Sleep Tracking


Compatibility: Android/iOS

Amazefit Bip

The next budget fitness tracker on our list is Amazefit Bip that has a monster battery back up of 30 days in a single charge.

The Amazefit Bip looks like a smartwatch but it’s more of a fitness tracker. Compared to most of the fitness tracker on our list, it is bigger in size. This is the tracker we were about to remove from our list of the best budget fitness trackers as it looks like a smartwatch than a fitness band. However, looking into its fitness features and its performance, we have decided to include it on our list.

The Amazefit Bip is inspired by Apple Watch in terms of looks and features. The band looks similar to Apple Watch and comes with a package of features including GPS, accurate heart rate monitor and sleep tracking, VO2 Max, and multi-sports tracking.


Good and Attractive design.

Excellent familiar app


Problem in Auto-pause features.

Fussy UI (Hard to operate).


Multisport Tracking.

Always-On Display

Heart rate tracker


Activity tracking

Analyze your sleep patterns – Sleep Tracking

Built-in GPS

Compatibility: Android/iOS

Garmin Vivofit 4

You will be amazed by what Garmin Vivofit 4 has to offer you. One year battery life, can you imagine.

Garmin Vivofit 4 is one of the best budget fitness trackers that the company has ever created. However, the device is not for those looking for lots and lots of fitness tracking features. But, for the basic users who are stepping into the fitness world, you should go for this fitness tracker as an entry-level fitness tracker. Looking at its price, the device has a lot to offer for a basic user.

You cannot charge the device but you can replace the battery inside it. It is a regular watch battery you will have to replace once in a year. That means you will not have to remove your tracker at night or worry about charging it before you get to the gym. You can wear them all they long, at night 24/7.

As the display is too small in this device, it only great for looking at the time and some of the stats. Don’t expect the device to give you detailed live stats. You cannot control your smartphone with this band too. Likewise, you don’t have the touch screen, to navigate you will have to see the physical button on the device.


Super battery life

Small and Color display.


No GPS connection or heart rate tracker.

You don’t get Phone notifications.


Memory Retention

Band Material

Good Battery Life

Water Resistance

Compatibility: Android/iOS

How to Choose Your Best Budget Fitness Band?

Before you buy a Fitness Band, you should know on what basis you should buy it. Does it worth it or not? Here are some tips for you and how to get your best Fitness Tracker.

Good Material and Premium Look

Your fitness band should be of good material and should look catchy and an expensive band which will make your look standard. And selecting a good material band leads to comfortability and durability, which worth buying.


You should buy a good display band which looks attractive and somehow has a big screen which is proper for you and the touch should be responsive and fast. But In the case of Display, just the looks are not ok you should see for the latest AMOLED HD Display resolution and color screen which looks more attractive.

Activity Tracker

Your Fitness Band should have an activity tracker that is essential for you. Like somehow Heart rate tracker, distance walked or run, calorie consumption, Sleep Tracking, and many more. A good sensor is required to monitor perfect tracking so don’t miss the sensor 6axis sensor in your fitness band.

Battery Life

You should look for the Fitness Band which has more battery life so that you can use your fitness band for a long time with one time of charge and which has a good backup battery.


In the fitness band, there should be GPS or a Bluetooth connection or both the connection to get connected with your cell phone to receive massage and notifications. And it should be Compatibility for both Android/iOS devices.

Water Proof

You should buy a waterproof fitness band but a cheap fitness band doesn’t come with waterproof so somehow you can look for the water resistance. Each and every time you play with water or take a bath or go swimming its irritating to take out and put it again. And fitness comes with Swimming Tracker also.

Good UI

Your fitness band should be user-friendly and the user interface should be easy so that you will be able to use it properly and the App should also be User-friendly. Study about the UI of the fitness band and check whether it’s user-friendly or no.


Finally, you come up with a price, is it worth it to pay for the fitness band you are buying?  Looking for everything mentioned above and if you think it’s ok to pay then you can get your Fitness band in your hand.


Now it’s your decision to choose the suitable fitness tracker for your desired requirements for being healthy. It’s never too late to improve your physical body. So the challenge year 2022 by grabbing one of the budget fitness trackers among above 12 fitness trackers.

Also, do check out our other online related help, Gadget news, review and more on the official website Online Help Guide.


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