Xiaomi Mi Band 4 and Band 3 [Updated 2022]

To date, Xiaomi Inc has launched its 4 fitness trackers in the budget segments since the launch of Mi Band 1s in the year. And the latest version of the Xiaomi Mi band is the Mi Band 4. Today in this article, I will be comparing the Mi band 4 with its previous version Mi band 3. Which will let you know the differences and the similarities between these two products.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is the upgraded version of Mi Band 3 and its obvious to have some change in Band 4. Some of the major differences are Battery Capacity but similar battery life, Bluetooth Version, Color Dial Theme, Display, Home button, Sensor, and Smoothness. In comparison to Band 3, the 0.78 inch OLED Display is upgraded to a 0.95 inch AMOLED display in Mi Band 4 with 120 x 240 pixels resolution. Likewise, Mi Band 4 also offers a good battery life with 135mAh to stay tune with your smart-watch.

A picture can describe thousand of words. So, I have tried to make it simple for you to understand the similarities and differences between Xiaomi Mi Band4 and Band 3 representing them in the table below.

Table of Differences and Similarities Between Xiaomi Mi Band 4 and Band 3


Features Band 3 Band 4
Display 0.79-inch OLDED  Display with 80 x 128 pixels resolution 0.95 inch AMOLED Display with 120 x 240 pixels resolution
Battery 110mAh 135mAh
Bluetooth Version V4.2 V5.0
Dial theme 3 dial theme 77 color dial theme
Home Button click button In Display home button
Sensor 3 axis sensors 6 axis sensors
Smoothness A bit slow Fast than Band 3
Activity Tracker Distance available Distance missing
GPS No GPS Connected GPS

(Phone GPS)

These are the differences that you will find in these two products Band 3 and Band 4. Now let’s go to the similarities between these two products.


Features Band 3 Band 4
Water-Resistant 5ATM water-resistant 5ATM water-resistant with swimming tracking
Battery Life 20days 20days
Screen Touch with a home button Touch
Activity Tracker Steps, Heart Rate Tracking Steps, Heart Rate Tracking
Strap length 155 – 216mm 155 – 216mm
Compatibility Android 4.4, iOS 9.0 or above Android 4.4, iOS 9.0 or above
Syncing Bluetooth, NFC Syncing Bluetooth, NFC Syncing

These are the major similarities between Mi Band 3 and Band 4. I think you are clear with the similarities and differences, if you want a proper explanation of these two products then you can read the explanation below.

Differences between Xiaomi Mi Band 3 and Band 4


It was just a change in Mi Band 4 display, now which comes with a color theme for the first time. And the change is just not limited to the colors but also the screen and the resolution. Xiaomi Mi Band 4 comes with 0.95 inch AMOLED Display with 120 x 240 pixels resolution whereas Band 3 comes with a 0.79-inch OLDED Display with 128 x 80 pixels resolution. 

Bluetooth Version

The Bluetooth version is also upgraded in Xiaomi Mi Band 4, it comes with v5.0 whereas the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 has v4.2. Somehow you can see the change in Bluetooth range and connectivity through Bluetooth.

Dial theme

As we know, Band 3 has 3 dial themes without color now in Band 4, it supports 77 full-color dial theme. Now you can customize your band4 display theme color with 77 different color themes.

Home Button

You can see the clickable thumb home button in Xiaomi Mi Band 3 which looks so untidy but in Xiaomi Mi Band 4 you will see the In-display home icon. You don’t have to worry that your home button will be damage in Band 4, because of its In-display home icon.


Xiaomi Mi Band 3 has just 3-axis sensors but Band 4 comes with 6-axis sensors (3-axis gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer), which makes the activity tracker more accurate to monitor.


If you use both the device at once then you will know about the smoothness and delay. Band 4 is faster compared to Band 3, the response is slow in Band 3.


In Xiaomi Mi Band 3 there is no GPS but you can use Bluetooth for the connection whereas Band 4 provides GPS, you can connect your band 4 with the phone using GPS as well.

Activity Tracker

In both the device you will see activity tracker, but in Xiaomi Mi Band 4 distance counting is missing whereas you can find in Band 3 even it’s an old dated.

Similarities between Xiaomi Mi Band 3 and Band 4


Both Band 3 and Band 4 comes with water-resistant of 5ATM, up to 50meters. Both the device is suitable for rain and snow but Band 4 has extra features of the swimming tracker.

Battery Life

Even you will see the different battery power 110mAh and 135mAh. Both the device has the same battery life because Band 3 has fewer features compared to Band 4, which consumes less battery power that’s the reason why both battery life is similar.


Both the device has a touch screen but only the difference lies with its home button, Xiaomi Mi Band 4 has an In-display home touch whereas band 3 has a button to go home.

Activity Tracker

Both the device have an activity tracker like Steps and Heart Rate Tracking, but Band 4 offers accurate and good activity tracker.

Strap length

The overall structure is similar only differences lie in its shape. Both the device has 155 – 216mm of strap length.


Both the product are compatible with Android and iOS devices. But In Band 4 you can also connect with phone GPS.


You can see Bluetooth, NFC Syncing in both the device but its only available for the Chinese variant. But you will see Bluetooth in both the variant Global and Chinese Version.

Which Device Should You Buy? Mi Band 3 or a Band 4

Even both devices have the most notable differences as you see in the above table, both the device is good in their way and similar in the activity tracker.

Now it’s on you which device you want to buy as we all know somehow updated version is a bit better compared to the old version. In Band 4 you will see more features compared to Band 3 and the performance of band 4 is smoother than of band 3. Both are budget gadgets, but if you want a cheap one you can go with band 3, it is neither less but just limited features.

The benefits point of buying Band 4 are good activity trackers with an accurate monitor, more features, and a good screen with a 77 dial theme which makes your smartwatch look standard. Somehow I would like to conclude that Band4 is a bit better than of Band 3.

Note: If you are planning or interested in buying Xiaomi Band 4 then, you can find two different versions Global and Chinese. So it’s better to know a little bit more about these two versions and finalize which version suits you the most.

These are the key points, now I would like to leave it on you which device you want to buy and what is your interest. I don’t doubt your choice, I am sure you will choose the best one. If you are still confused about the device, then go through the differences and similarities which will help you for sure.


According to the price and features, I think Band 4 will be the perfect choice for you. And if you are still confused between two devices then you can read the article again to find out the differences and similarities between Mi Band 4 and Band 3 and get one of them for you which you think is the best.

If you have any questions regarding these two devices then you can comment in the comment section below. If you want any related article on Band Fitness Tracker then, you can visit our official website online help guide.

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