Avast Antivirus Review 2022 [Updated]

Avast Antivirus Review 2020

Avast is one of the most popular Antiviruses out there. It claimed to have the largest cloud network. Avast does have a ton of users and a fairly decent UI. The company offers a complete internet security package with an easy-to-use interface. It has few notable security features like safe browsing with VPN function, windshield. Besides, Avast Antivirus also includes protection against phishing sites, identity function with various account security features, and guess what! Add block pro.

Avast is proven to block 9 out of 10 phishing sites beating the built-in protection that we find with browsers like chrome. It scans the entire internet and the dark web including the login or registered account information of credit card, debit card, and social media.

More About Avast

Avast runs in the background, protecting you silently after you install the software. Virus definitions are updated automatically, so you should be continuously connected to the internet. It blocks malware, no matter where it starts. Our home network security feature alerts to vulnerabilities in our router that can leave us exposed. Besides, with the help of Avast passwords, it secures all our accounts with one unbreakable password.

Avast is light and fully compatible and will not slow down pc noticeably. If you need more potential sometime in the future, Avast Internet Security includes a lot of significant security layers: a firewall, spam filter, extra ransomware protection, a protected DNS framework, and a sandbox to all the more securely run suspect applications.

Is It Good Enough?

If you are looking for a free antivirus tool and basically for a personal computer, then Avast is well decorated with decent features. It provides strong and reliable protection from various types of malware. It also performs really well with its appealing features. Avast Free Antivirus is efficient software that gives all the core antivirus basics for Windows, Android, and Mac.

In addition, real-time detection referred to threats as they show up, web filtering blocks access to dangerous links. Avast also scans the obscure files breaking down in the cloud to detect the most recent malware. Also, regardless of whether all that comes up short, Avast can identify and alarm you to any procedure completing malware-like activities.


Avast Free Antivirus has a great deal of highlights – more than some business product – yet it puts forth noble effort to keep them out of your way, in any event at first. At the very least, you can simply dispatch the application, click Smart Scan, and watch as it naturally checks your PC for malware, missing software patches, questionable program extensions, and more.

In spite of this work, scan times were generally rapid for us at 30-60 seconds. Beforehand you could speed up scans much further by changing the Smart Scan to stop specific checks. For example, the Performance Scan, which as a matter, of course, Avast Free can’t fix in any case. Sadly, the Smart Scan doesn’t appear to be configurable anymore.

Is Paid Version Worth the Money?

Since all the basic security features are available in the free version, there is no need to search for its pro version. One of the awesome features available in a pro version is Avast’s sandbox. It is actually very useful for testing unknown files or programs. The paid version also comes up with the parental control feature that can be used to restrict your children from visiting unwanted and malicious websites. The detection engines are the same. You’re just getting more bloat with the paid versions. 

If you feel like you need a paid and better antivirus, you should go with software like Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2021 or Norton Antivirus Plus. These are the best ranking software of today’s time.

Product Presentation or Marketing

It is quite agnostic that this is usually something most of us leave for user preference unless there is something really atrocious that needs to be talked about, and I think with Avast that is the case.

I can tell you why, when it comes to basic product UI there is nothing wrong with that. They have a free version and also do have a premium version available. It is not a surprise that they want to market it and guess what it’s perfectly fine. But some of the borderlines scareware tactics they used to convince their users to upgrade is where most of us have a problem.

The real problem is when we do a smart scan first, it scans for browser threats which I think is perfectly fine. Afterward, it scans for outdated apps then it does a scan for viruses malware which is what we probably think the scan is supposed to do. But the last bit of advanced issues rarely gets dicey.

It will show us that we have some advanced issues some primary folders are vulnerable to advanced ransomware. We have only a basic firewall and we can see how everything is in red and it kind of gives us an idea that something is wrong and needs to be fixed

Advanced users are not going to panic with those red things on their screen. But people who are not tech-savvy not as used to looking at security products with different software. In general, they are going to panic for sure and they will be willing to buy their premium subscription. Not because they feel like they need the extra firewall or anything just because they are greeted with those red things and they think their computer is infected or gets even worse.

What is the Solution?  

There will be a button called to resolve all and when you see the button then you just want to buy it for your subscription to Avast premium security. The premium security is the only solution that appears to our advanced issues as it doesn’t even give us an option to go back.

The only way to get out of this is to actually hit the close button and even then, it’s so persistent that it’s still like “here is your free trial”.

Ease of Use

Avast is compatible with all platforms like Windows, Mac OS, as well as with android and IOS devices. Even if you are from a non-technical background it is so easy to understand and use there will be no problem. The installation process of Avast is also quite easy and less time consuming without taking much of our time. The installation will finish with a couple of clicks. Avast does allow you to configure exactly how this works (to import data, but not set up Secure Browser as your default, say), or you can skip the step entirely and leave it for later. There is no installation inconvenience, you don’t need to create or register an account. You don’t need to follow any of the other made-up difficult procedures which will be easy for those who are from a non-technical background.

Customer Satisfaction

There are mixed reviews of Avast antivirus software. Many people found it very useful whereas many found it worst. But what I would like to say is it depends on the system and how you use the system. But somehow most consumers will appreciate its lengthy and effective features. So, basically, it is quite useful for home networks. It claims to be number one in the consumer security market.


Now you have a clear idea about the Avast antivirus after going through the above article. For those people who want to use the free antivirus along with the best feature then Avast Antivirus is like a treasure. You can also find extra safety features like Avast Sandbox on the paid version if you want to keep your children out from malicious websites. Above all, Avast Antivirus is quite useful and trustworthy antivirus for your computer.

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