Why Is SoundCloud Good For Artists? [Benefits For New Artists]

Why Is SoundCloud Good For Artists?

Becoming an independent artist is difficult, but having control over your music can be extremely rewarding. Soundcloud is used by all current artists. If you don’t, then you’re missing out. Are you a new beginner? And if you wanted to upload your work on SoundCloud but you are hovering around whether it is a good idea or not. Then you must read the following articles.

SoundCloud is good for artists because it helps the artist to reach out to a global audience to start their careers. If you are a newbie then SoundCloud will assist you to build a community, get comments, interact, and present your music to others that like your style. When it comes to publishing and promoting your music, it’s best to choose a platform that’s right for your artist career.

SoundCloud is straightforward, essentially free, and can’t be missed in the repertoire of any musician that’s expecting to make a name for himself. From the small guys to the big ones, everyone should have an account there.

Is SoundCloud Good For New Artists?

Yes, SoundCloud is beneficial to newer artists. SoundCloud for Artists is a dedicated platform for musicians. This service has progressed from a place where people could share their music and establish a community to a place. People can be discovered and signed with record companies and other businesses. Many musicians have become well-known as a consequence of their use of SoundCloud. SoundCloud is also a way for musicians to generate money. You’ll see why Soundcloud is helpful for independent artists in the article below.

Why Is Soundcloud Best For Independent Artists?

SoundCloud is an excellent platform for new and experienced musicians alike. You’ll discover resources on these platforms to help you expand your artist reach. SoundCloud recognizes that not all artists can distribute songs on major channels like Apple Music or Spotify. They’ve added capabilities that enable musicians to do more than simply release music with this. Some of them are as follows:

SoundCloud Help Artists Reach A Global Audience.

It’s a website with a worldwide audience. SoundCloud has the benefit of being worldwide popular, which is beneficial to any musician looking to establish a huge fan base for their music. Media companies from all around the world are always searching the internet for new talent.

Assume you have good material and can get enough SoundCloud plays to make your song popular. In that situation, talent scouts, producers, bloggers, and DJs are more likely to discover them on SoundCloud than on most other music streaming services.

SoundCloud Help Artists Create Their Playlists

Creating suggested playlists opens up additional listening possibilities: As long as an artist identifies their work with the appropriate labels, they have a good possibility of being included in a SoundCloud playlist for its listeners. Auto-generated playlists such as “Play Related Tracks,” “Top 50,” and “New Hot” provide a mix of seasoned and new musicians to the music community, allowing a new musician to gain greater attention and publicity.

SoundCloud Offers New Artist To Collaborate With Other Artists

It enables young musicians to interact, edit, and improve their music in the following ways: SoundCloud allows artists to privately produce reviews by sharing sample and draft versions of their works. This allows them to collect feedback and suggestions for adjustments to their soundtracks as needed. This option to learn and improve without severely hurting one’s fan base is a huge plus for any serious music artist.

SoundCloud Lets An Artists Make The Rules

It gives an artist complete control over the rules: the artist is in charge. Not only is it simple to record and publish to SoundCloud, but artists also don’t have to follow the regulations of any label or music company while creating their soundtracks. An artist’s scheduling allows them to release new material at their own pace. Furthermore, SoundCloud accepts a variety of file formats, including WAV, MP3, FLAC, and AMR, allowing musicians to work with the most convenient formats.

SoundCloud Lets An Artists Add Links To Their Official Websites

It allows musicians to add connections to their official websites and online businesses, such as new artists who will value the option to sell their music online by linking their online stores to their SoundCloud Profile beneath their bio-details. They can also provide links to purchase a file in the track’s description or Waveform comments.

SoundCloud Allows Share And Repost In Other Social Media Platforms

It includes several social networking functions. In comparison to most other sites, SoundCloud offers more chances for social networking. This can be advantageous to a newcomer since the artist must establish a fan base from the ground up, both online and offline. The following are some of these features:

  • Files can be liked, shared, and reposted by listeners. Listeners can also save favorites and download individual artist recordings. This gives a contributor’s soundtracks an organic boost.
  • Artists and fans alike can share embedded links to SoundCloud tracks on other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. This allows an artist to connect with a more big audience.
  • Artists can form their groups or join and follow others based on genre, subject, and a variety of other factors. This allows musicians to engage with both listeners and other musicians. In addition to building their fan base, they may discover effective partners, learn from other artists, and establish relationships in the business.
  • Through likes, shares, and comments on the Waveform of an uploaded track, artists and listeners may directly engage with one another.

SoundCloud Help Artists Make Money

It allows the artist to profit from their work: Artists may profit and gain recognition from their uploaded files as long as their content generates and sustains many organic SoundCloud listens.

How Do Artists Grow On SoundCloud?

Many individuals have unknowingly played tracks from the site because the songs are easy to link to other sites. But there are numerous ways SoundCloud helps the artist with their development site itself.

Build A Site Following

Making a profile on the site is simple and can be completed in a matter of minutes by following a few basic guidelines. However, as with any other social media network, the key to a successful and interactive SoundCloud presence is to interact with others. Sharing your music isn’t enough. You must build a user base.

The ability for users to not only comment on a posted song but also to make “Timed remarks,” which provide input at a certain point in a song, is one of the features that has led to the site’s success.

Attracting people from both the site and other websites is one of the secrets to SoundCloud’s success. Other sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, can help you market your page, but the convenience of embedding tracks on other sites, as indicated above, is a good method to draw users from all over the web.

Allow Users To Download Your Songs

While some musicians offer free digital copies of all of their songs to online visitors in exchange for money, this is not the standard. That isn’t to argue that occasionally offering a gift to your supporters isn’t a good idea.

While most songs on SoundCloud are only accessible for streaming, you can also download them. This can act as a type of prize for people that follow you, and it’s a great way to keep your followers interested in returning to your page.

Mobile Apps Are Available

Different innovative audio and music streaming apps, such as Soundcloud, attracted a larger audience and generated greater revenue. One of the most popular music streaming services for musicians is SoundCloud. It is also available on the iPhone and Android apps in addition to the web. You can’t make music with applications like these or comments, but everything else is there. You can quickly access your favorite tunes and discover new music to listen to, share, and follow your friends.

Not Just for Independent Bands

It isn’t just for finding music; it also has several talented bands. Many startups have sprung out as a result of the rise of the music streaming market; entrepreneurs are planning to develop an audio streaming app. And they were able to compete with the industry’s top leaders for the spotlight and other benefits. Many recording studios, notably Universal Music and Warner Bros., have license agreements with it. Adele, Kanye West, Taylor Swift, and many more well-known musicians are available to stream for free.

Get To Know Your Audience A Little Better

Artists that have been on the site for a while and have a large following should use this feature. You can examine metrics about your page and audience, including play counts, and download counts. You can also know your listener location information, and who your listeners are, by upgrading to a premium account, which has a monthly fee.

This data can help you figure out who you’re reaching with your music and who you need to reach out to. And it’s also a terrific way to grow an already large following.

Can I Make Money As New Artists On SoundCloud?

Yes, even if you’re a new artist, you can make money on SoundCloud if your music is popular and your account is monetized. Soundcloud monetization is the sole option to generate money on the platform. Soundcloud Monetization is a function that allows artists and labels to incorporate audio advertisements that play in the background of their music. You can monetize your profile and tracks in the same way that you can on YouTube. If you want to know more about how can we monetize and make money on SoundCloud then do read how does SoundCloud make money

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Some frequently asked questions related to

Is Posting On Soundcloud Free?

SoundCloud is a free audio streaming platform that has become a huge part of the music industry from the newbie starters to professional artists. Yes, posting on SoundCloud is free as well it takes only a few minutes to upload a song. Only you need is an account and your audio tracks to upload on SoundCloud.

Just in case, if you haven’t purchased any premium then you can only upload three hours of music to the sites as a free user. However, for the Pro Unlimited users, you can upload as much music as they want.

How Many SoundCloud Plays Needed To Make Money?

SoundCloud users and musicians must have at least 10,000 listens or plays to make a decent earning. Artists must contribute productive and high-quality content on their SoundCloud accounts. If you want to learn more about SoundCloud plays then look into how to get more plays on SoundCloud.

Why Uploading Your Music On SoundCloud A Good Idea?

Uploading your music on SoundCloud is a good idea because it is one of the most popular platforms for both music creators and music listeners. As well many newbie artists started their career start their journey on SoundCloud. Now many of them have become renowned artists today date. SoundCloud also helps you to earn money from your work which can be a good idea if you are uploading your music on SoundCloud


To sum up, if you are a new and independent artist wanted to start your career on SoundCloud then go for it. Therefore, SoundCloud helps you to reach out to a large audience with different sharing and reposting features. And also artist can make their own money from their work on SoundCloud so it is a good and best platform for the artists.

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