What Does Outgoing Call Mean?

What does outgoing call mean? Getting to see outgoing calls as a mark when you call someone? Do you even know which type of call is an outgoing call? Relax. You need not scratch your head for this question. When you return from this article, you may fill your mind with the basic and all-around information about this outgoing call on your phone.

An outgoing call is a call that goes out from your mobile phone. Such as, when you enter the phone number and call someone, your phone marks it as an outgoing call. You are the one who makes an outgoing call. Besides this, many other calls, such as missed, rejected, received,
etc., via your phone are outgoing if you make a call.

The process of marking a call as an outgoing call is the same worldwide. But the only thing that may differ is the ringtone that goes when you call someone. If the network you use on your mobile phone differs, the call tunes and other things may also differ. There are separate signs and symbols for different types of calls on your mobile phone.

What Does Outgoing Call Mean?

The call you do to someone via your mobile phone is known as an outgoing call. If the call goes to another phone through your mobile phone, it will create your phone history. Your recent call is outgoing in the phone history. But only in the case if the other person picks up or receives your call. If the other person did not receive your call, it is a miss call in your phone history. The call is between mobile users with the same network connection on their mobile phones.

Outgoing call means a call that is outside of customer service. It is communication from a mobile phone user to another person who is the destination of their call. This kind of outgoing call goes from your mobile to another device.

In an outgoing call, your phone will ring when you tap to call somebody’s phone number. Along with it, you will go to voicemail which allows you to easily communicate with a charge of a certain amount of money.

Easily Distinguish Outgoing Call From Other Calls

An outgoing call is a call that goes out from your device to some other device. The network service provider cuts a certain amount of your mobile balance in this kind of call. But to decrease your mobile balance, the next person must have answered the call you made. If your call is not answered or gets rejected, you need not worry about it.

An outgoing call is marked by an arrow that seems like going out from your mobile phone. They are different from other kinds of calls that you get on your phone. Outgoing, incoming, missed and rejected calls are available on every user’s phone worldwide.

Incoming calls are those which you get from another person on your phone. You get to see a mark like an arrow, which is toward your phone. Then, in rejecting calls, the other person cancels the call. This kind of call is marked as a brown arrow at the midpoint.

The last one is a miss call. It has a symbol without an arrow. It appears as a phone which turns downward. You must have sent just two call rings to the person in this case.

If your friend is irritating you by making you outgoing, you can easily block them. Not only on your sim, but you can also block the phone numbers of Bumble.

When Does Phone History Show Outgoing Calls?

Many people do not know when the phone history marks your call as an outgoing call. There are four different types of calls, and your phone history marks it as per the action you have made on your phone while calling others. Even the count of calls may differ by the number of rings you send to the receiver at the time of calling.

So, here we have an answer for you. But, first, you must know many things about when a phone marks your call as an outgoing one.

The number of rings you gave to the one you are also calling matters in this outgoing call. Suppose you send a ring to another person about five times, which occurs at the interval of every 2 seconds. Then check out your phone history; you can see the call marker as an outgoing call.

Whereas if you sent a phone ring just about 1 or 2 times at the interval of every 2 seconds. Then this gets marked as a missed call in your phone call history. The receiver may even be busy at the time when you try to call them. So, when they cut out the call that you are trying to reach through, the ring goes just for around two times.

Your call cuts out automatically if they reject you or their mobile phone is switched off. This kind of call will also be an outgoing call in your mobile phone history. You may get a voice mail or even a message from the network you have used for this action.

What Does Outgoing Call Seem Like On iPhone?

An outgoing call is different on android devices and iPhones. You may even get confused about what you are doing if you do not know about it and have zero knowledge. However, the process on an Android device is normal, and you can easily know if the call you made is real.

Android devices show you a mark written as an outgoing call when you try calling someone. You can see the mark right below the name or number of the receiver or whom you are trying to call. But, If you have an iPhone device, you have the next marking in an outgoing call. When calling someone from your iPhone, you must look at the bottom of your left-hand side. Over there, you will see a small grey icon.

The grey icon is a small arrow on your screen. The screen will point in the opposite direction from your left-hand side or a little away from your hand. So if you see this kind of grey mark on the screen of your iPhone whenever you make a call to someone, then be sure that you are doing an outgoing call. The outgoing call goes out from your phone, not the one your phone receives, with a ringtone.

Does Every Time An Outgoing Call Mark Means They Have Answered?

No, not at all. The person you are trying to call may not always be ready to receive or pick up every call you have made to them. Sometimes the person may be busy due to their work. Whereas sometimes the power of their mobile phone may get shut down. So, even in these kinds of cases, too, your phone history marks the call as an outgoing call. So be clear that even if the person you try to reach does not receive your phone call, your phone history is marked and set as an outgoing call.

Always remember that it is unnecessary for the next person you call to be marked as an outgoing call to answer your call. You can easily distinguish whether the person whom you are trying to call has answered the call you have made or not. After that, you will see a voicemail with a mike, speaker, and hold-on buttons on your screen. Then, at last, you will vibrate on your device when they receive the call you have made.

So, in both situations, if your call has been answered or declined, you will get a mark as an outgoing call on your call history. So, for example, if you made a call to one of your close friends for about 1 minute and 30 seconds, you will get a time duration along with a bracketed mark as an outgoing call. You can only see it when you up the call and check your call history. You can not see it unless you hold on to your call with your friend.

What Does Outgoing Call 1 Second Mean?

You can see a time interval of the conversation you have made just below your call. You may see 1 second, 2 seconds, 2 minutes, etc., markings over there. When you see an outgoing call for 1 second as a mark, it is the time interval you had a conversation with another person.

A 1 second time is very less duration, and you can not even say a single word within this period. So if you see such, be sure you have cut the call when they receive your phone call.

Who Makes An Outgoing Call?

The person who tries to call someone makes the outgoing call. If you dial the phone number, tap on the call button, marking it as an outgoing call. You are making a call to somebody’s phone. And then the call goes out from your phone, even deducting your balance.

The person who makes a call first is known as an outgoing caller, and the call is called an outgoing one. This kind of call is generally for self-purpose or whenever you need something from that person.

How Can I Know If The Call Is Outgoing?

You should follow certain steps to confirm if you do not know about an outgoing or another type of call. Firstly, launch your mobile phone app on the screen of your device. After that, you have to look at the bottom line of your screen. Over there, you can see a clock-like icon.

It is the history bar or a recent bar of phone calls. Click on it, and you will see all of the phone calls you have done from the day you used the phone app to today’s date.

You will see different markings on different phone calls. Check the marking below the phone calls to know the outgoing call.

How Do I Enable Outgoing Calls?

You will get blocked from calling anyone or performing outgoing calls by the network service provider. It’s because you have not filled up the mobile balance. You should buy a recharge card and fill in your phone.

If you dial *31# and call it, it symbolizes to the call center service provider that you want to perform some activities or need help from the sim card. The call center will receive your call for sure. But, first, you must tell each problem you are facing with the outgoing calls. Then, they will guide you and suggest detailed steps to enable outgoing calls.

From the given app list, you should tap on the phone app. Then, by clicking on the app, you will get everything you are allowed to change or customize.

Find the outgoing calls option. Then click on restrict outgoing calls from this phone. Enabled the Do Not Disturb

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

And as a human being, it is usual to develop questions in mind, and you will want their answers anyhow. So may you not relax until you get any answers to your questions, right?

So, now without discussing any other topic, we would like to start our questions and answers over here. They’re as follows:

Can I Turn Off Outgoing Calls?

Yes, it is possible to turn off outgoing calls from your phone. Your mobile consists of a settings app. The app allows you to customize every problem or change you want to have within the app.

First, go to your mobile settings app. Then, search for the app and notification option from the list. Next, look at how to deal with do not disturb block calls.

Why Does My iPhone Show Outgoing Calls Which I Did Not Make?

It might be because of the problem with your own iPhone. You should go to the mobile shop and arrange all the functions correctly. Your phone gets locked in some cases. The network connection of your SIM card might be random, or there is a connection problem in the main network server. You can take another sim card or report the problem to the network provider.


An outgoing call is when you try to call someone using your mobile phone. It is something or a call that goes from your mobile phone to your friends or family’s mobile phone.

You can wait for the one you are calling to receive your outgoing call from the person you are trying to reach by counting the number of call rings. If the person does not receive or answer your call, it may be either a rejected call or just a missed call from your mobile phone.

So, guys, we are at the end of today’s article and topic. Hope you guys have enjoyed reading this article. I think you have no more confusion about the outgoing calls.

Keep supporting and loving our articles. We will be back soon with our latest news article. Until then, stay tuned.

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