What Does ‘This Video Does Not Exist In TikTok’ Mean?

What Does 'This Video Does Not Exist In TikTok' Mean

TikTok has grown enormously in the last few years. With the increasing number of users and the videos uploaded by those users, it is a tedious task to moderate those contents. TikTok often tries to remove content that violates the community guidelines. You may also have noticed that when you try to watch some videos, it will display “This video does not exist in TikTok”, so what does it mean?

The message is primarily displayed when TikTok removes the content from the platform due to violations. Some other reasons for the message are network error, creator removing the content, cache issue, or app issue.

If your video also displays such a message or you want to understand what “ This Video Does Not Exist In TikTok” means, follow this article. This article will list all the probable reasons for the issue and provide some solutions that can help you not get this message in the future.

This Video Does Not Exist On TikTok

The community guideline of TikTok explains what contents are expected on the platform and what contents are not. If you are a creator of TikTok, it is a must to read through the community guidelines of TikTok.

You can read the community guidelines here.

When you read the community guidelines of TikTok, you would notice how you can avoid violating them and adapt your content to the TikTok platform.

Though the violation of TikTok guidelines is the main cause for the message ‘This video does not exist in TikTok’, there are also other causes related to it. All of the probable causes are listed and described below.

TikTok Removed The Content Which Displays ‘This Video Does Not Exist In TikTok’

If you violate any community guidelines, TikTok will instantly remove the content. This will also be notified to you through a push message. When any user tries to watch the video, it will display the message ‘This Video Does Not Exist In TikTok’.

If you believe that the content does not violate the community guidelines, you can always appeal to TikTok and ask them to review the content/account. This can be done by contacting the TikTok support through email or by reporting through the app’s Report A Problem feature. You can access the feature from the Settings and Privacy page.

User Removed The Video Which Displays ‘This Video Does Not Exist In TikTok’

Sometimes it just happens when you are watching a video, you will get the message. It may also be caused by the creator of the video removing the content themselves. This may be due to a wrong content upload or detecting any issue with the content.

Internet Connection Problem Which Displays ‘This Video Does Not Exist In TikTok’

The internet connection also causes the app to display the message. An unstable connection or no connection with the TikTok server causes the app to display the message.

Cache Issue Which Displays ‘This Video Does Not Exist In TikTok’

The cache is the data that is stored by the app in the memory of your device. The data is stored temporarily and used by the app to improve the user experience.

The video you watch on TikTok stores the data so when you watch those videos again, it can play with minimal download from the server.

Other data of the app such as messages, settings, and texts are also stored as cache and help the app to retreat the data easily when there is a need to display it.

Any issue with the cache also displays the message onto the screen while playing a video. Clearing the TikTok cache will be the solution.

App Issue Which Displays ‘This Video Does Not Exist In TikTok’

The message is also caused by the issue with the app itself. If the app is not updated for a long time, this may cause the app to conflict with the updated system and result in not finding the video on the TikTok server.

All these causes are probable and may not be the exact cause for the issue. There are innumerable factors that may cause the app to display the message.

The above-mentioned causes are the only causes having the most probability to influence the app and display the message.

The simple way you can understand this message is that the app on your phone which is connected to the server of TikTok, couldn’t find the video that it is looking for on the server. This can be caused by many factors such as the device itself, the app on the device, the connection status, the server, or the existence of the video.

While these causes may be numerous, this issue can be fixed by reviewing all the mediators between the video and the device. Some probable solutions are listed and explained in the next section of this article.

Fix Issue Which Displays ‘This Video Does Not Exist In TikTok’

To fix this issue, we need to review every point of connection between the device and the video it is looking for.

First, we need to start from the device itself, so lets

Restart Your Phone.

Depending on the device you are using, you can use the side button to restart the device itself.

Re-Establish The Internet Connection

Since there is a high chance that your phone is having issues connecting with the TikTok server. This may be because of the internet connection. An unstable connection or no connection may have caused the issue.

So, try disconnecting the internet from your device by turning off the data or wifi (Depending on which you are using). This re-establishment of the connection may help you resolve the issue.

In the case of wifi, please check if the wifi is working properly or not.

App cache getting corrupted may be also causing the issue, so try

Clearing The App Cache

To clear the app’s cache,

Step 1: Open The Settings App

Go to the settings app of the device you are using and open it.

Step 2: Go To Apps And Notification

Once on the settings screen, look for the Apps & Notification button and click it.

Step 3: Select The TikTok App

Here, you will find all the apps that are installed on your phone. Look for the TikTok app on the list and click it. It will open all the settings for the app.

Step 4: Go To Storage

On the TikTok app’s page, look for the storage option. Click the storage option once you find it.

Step 5: Click Clear Cache

Inside the storage settings, you will find two big buttons i.e. Clear Storage and Clear Cache.

Click the clear cache button and the device will clear all the cache stored by the app on the device. It will not affect the app or the phone in any negative way.

Do not click the clear storage option as it will erase all the data that is saved by you.

Re-Install The App

Reinstalling the app may also help you resolve the issue of displaying the message. So try uninstalling the app and re-installing it after some time.

Remember – Uninstalling the app will cause you to lose all the saved data such as login credentials, draft videos, etc. You can backup those data before uninstalling the app.

Log Out And Log In Again

You can always log out of the TikTok app and log in after some time. This can be done within the app itself.

With all being said, the primary cause can always be the violation of community guidelines in displaying the message ‘This Video Does Not Exist In TikTok’. So, it is always a better idea to ensure the content you upload does not violate the community guidelines.

Multiple violations may cause TikTok to Shadowban your account or even block your account.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some frequently asked questions related to the topic are taken from the internet. Please go through the questions and the answers to understand more about TikTok.

Why Is TikTok Not Working?

There can be different reasons why TikTok is not working. You can first check the internet connection and make sure it is connected. Then, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app and logging in again. If it is still not working, you can contact TikTok support for help.

Why TikTok Removed My Video?

TikTok removes videos that violate the community guidelines of TikTok. Check if your video violated the community guidelines. And if you still believe the video does not violate the guidelines, contact TikTok support and report the issue.

Why Is TikTok Not Showing My Video?

If TikTok is not showing your video, then the video must have been removed due to a violation of the community guidelines. Contact the TikTok support if you believe that the video didn’t violate the community guidelines.

Where Did My TikTok Draft Go?

If you have recently uninstalled TikTok before installing again, the draft videos are deleted. The draft videos of TikTok are saved on the local storage rather than the TikTok server so once you delete the app, the videos also get deleted.

You can check your phone’s gallery to find if the videos are saved on the device. If not, you lost the video forever.


Therefore, the message “This Video Does Not Exist in TikTok” means that the TikTok app cannot find the video on the server, this may be due to a fault on the app, the cache, the internet connection, the server, or the video not existing.

If everything is right and still the message is being displayed, then TikTok has removed your video due to the violation of the community guidelines. You can reach out to the TikTok support if you believe that the video is incorrectly removed.

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