How To Undo Not Interested In TikTok?

How To Undo Not Interested In TikTok

Like any other app, TikTok has some flaws; one of them is the positioning of the “Not Interested” button. Most users accidentally tap on the “Not Interested” button due to poor design choices. Once you accidentally press the button, it is not possible to undo not interested in TikTok.

Did you get the same problem while using TikTok? You liked a video and were looking forward to saving it or mark as a favorite, but instead, you tapped on “Not Interested.”

Now you have been wondering how to undo not interested in TikTok. Although it is nearly impossible to re-gain the video, there are still some ways to get similar videos in your feed.

Go through the article until the end to know more about “how to undo not interested in TikTok.”

It is not possible to undo not interested in TikTok. Still, you can re-adjust the algorithm by tapping the “Like” button or watching the videos for a longer period of similar content.

What Is The “Not Interested” Feature In TikTok?

Tiktok contains various features to provide you with the content you enjoy the most. TikTok suggests the videos you like, watch, share, or mark as favorites on the For You page.

It recommends the videos based on whether you watch the video completely or the times you re-watch it.

It also uses your feedback to show you the videos you expect to watch.

The whole purpose of the button is to give the users freedom to view the contents they enjoy the most.

The “Not Interested” button allows you to see less of the videos that you do not enjoy or find inappropriate to watch.

The one thing users hate about the “Not Interested” button is the placing of the button on the app.

The fact that the button is placed next to the “Report” button has annoyed a lot of users, and most have complained about it as well.

The button is still placed at the same location, but we might soon see changes in the button.

Why Is There A “Not Interested” Button In TikTok?

TikTok prioritizes a comfortable and friendly user experience in the app.

The “Not Interested” button allows viewers to indicate that they are not interested in a specific video or recommendation.

When a user taps the “Not Interested” button, the algorithm that drives TikTok’s recommendation engine considers this and is less likely to offer comparable videos to the user in the future.

undo not interested in TikTok

The “Not Interested” button is intended to help users discover content that they will find entertaining and relevant while also assisting them in avoiding stuff that they are not interested in.

Users may help create their own personal feed by offering this feedback, ensuring they see more of the content they enjoy.

TikTok allows users to customize their feed by following and unfollowing accounts and muting and unmuting individual accounts or hashtags, in addition to the “Not Interested” button.

These features can be utilized to help users curate their feeds and find new content.

Can You Undo Not Interested In TikTok?

Although there is no specific method to reverse the damage done by accidentally tapping on the “Not Interested” button, there are a few alternatives you can apply to recover the video you accidentally hid by tapping the “Not Interested” button.

Method 1: Searching for the exact video

This can only be applicable if you remember the caption of the video. You can head to the search bar and type the caption of the video to watch the video again.

If you have liked the video before accidentally tapping on the “Not Interested” button, head to the liked video section, and you will find the video you mistakenly hid.

1. Open your TikTok account.

2. Tap the search button in the top right corner.

TikTok search button

3. Now, Type the title of the video and hit the search button.

TikTok title search

4. On the results list, tap the video.

Tiktok search result

5. Then, Click the heart icon to like the video.

TikTok Like Video

6. Finally, The heart will transform from a white to a red heart.

Method 2: Searching the account

You can search for the video’s caption, or if you do not remember the caption, then you can type the username of the creator and head to their profile and watch the video you tapped “Not Interested” by scrolling through their profile.

1. Open TikTok on your mobile device.

2. Tap the search button in the top right corner.

TikTok search button

3. Type the creator’s username in the search box.

Tiktok search bar

4. Then, Tap the creator’s username to access their profile page.

TikTok search result

5. Now, Watch and like a few videos on that page. If you locate the video you accidentally marked “Not Interested,” make sure to like it.

Method 3: Watching And Liking The Video With Similar Content

You may always search for and view videos with related topics if you need help remembering the maker or the specific video.

Watching more of these videos on TikTok will add more of these to your For You page.

Do not skip them and like the videos; the algorithm might even suggest to you the hidden video you mistakenly tapped as “Not Interested.”

What is a TikTok Algorithm?

You might have noticed a lot of users talking about the algorithm on all apps. Even in this article, we have mentioned about TikTok algorithm that determines your user experience on the app.

All the videos you like, share, mark as not interested, or mark as favorites are registered on the algorithm resulting in an advanced and better overall user experience. So, what exactly is all the talk about algorithms?

The algorithm is a set of programming codes that makes a program and apps. The algorithm registers all the activities you carry out on the app to evolve the app constantly.

The TikTok algorithm is no different, as it tracks your activities and data to provide you with content you will like and enjoy on your For You page.

How To Make Your Video Trending Through TikTok Algorithm?

The TikTok algorithm is practical for both user and the content creators as it determines what appears on the For Your page for both.

According to TikTok, the For You Page’s algorithms are based on individual users’ preferences and activity history.

It recommends the video based on the time you spent watching and whether you tapped the “Like” button.

Three factors that influence the algorithm on TikTok are:

  1. User Interaction
  2. Video Information
  3. Device and Account Settings

1. User Interaction

The algorithm registers all your activities on the app and recommends videos based on it. It is based on the following things such as:

  1. Videos you liked and shared
  2. Accounts you follow
  3. Content you post
  4. Comments you post
  5. Videos you mark as favorite or not interested
  6. The time you spend watching a video on your feed.

2. Video Information

In contrast to user interaction signals, which are based on how you interact with other app users, video information signals are based on the content you commonly search for on the Discover tab.

TikTok takes into account the content of the video in addition to your activity in order to determine the subject matter and determine which videos you would be interested in.

The following things are considered such as:

  1. The caption must be short
  2. Sounds and hashtags that are used must be trending
  3. The effects of the video must be trending
  4. Make videos on trending topics

3. Device and account settings

TikTok uses these variables to enhance performance. However, because they are dependent on one-time configuration choices rather than continuing interactions, they do not have as much of an impact on what you see on the

The TikTok algorithm takes into account several device and account guidelines, including:

  1. Language preference
  2. Country settings
  3. Type of mobile device
  4. Categories of interest you selected as a new user

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the frequently asked questions regarding this article:

What Is The TikTok Community Guideline?

TikTok community guidelines are for the content creators and users of the platforms to help understand what types of content are not allowed on the platform and what types of content are.

Guidelines are an important document you should read to avoid getting your account banned on the platform.

How Do I View My Blocked Users List on TikTok?

Go to “Settings and privacy” through the “Profile” button and tap on privacy.

Scroll down till you find “Blocked accounts” under safety.

What Is TikTok Algorithm?

A group of programming codes recommends the video according to your preference.

It records all the activity on TikTok to optimize the app.

How To Un-Report A Video Post In TikTok?

It is not possible to un-report a video on TikTok.

Once you report a video, TikTok reviews the video and thoroughly examines the report and which makes it very unlikely that the video is removed.

How To Enable Direct Message On TikTok?

On “Settings and privacy,” tap on privacy and scroll down until you find “Direct messages.”

On the “Direct messages” option, select “Everyone.”


TikTok depends less on user input and networking to deliver relevant content to consumers. The video will be deleted from your FYP if you select “Not Interested.”

If you accidentally tap the button, the only way to receive the video is to start like similar films and share them with your friends.

This instructs the system to suggest the video to you again.

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