Why Total Visa Credit Card Not Working? [2023]

Total Visa Credit Card Not Working

Are you wondering why the Total Visa Credit card not working?

Total Visa credit card is the best card for those who have a poor credit score or even didn’t have a credit history. You can easily apply for the Total Visa card online and get approved within a short time. You can use a credit card similar to other cards available in the market.

But, sometimes, you can have trouble using these credit cards. You may find difficulty while making transactions and other similar things. So, why your Total Visa credit card doesn’t work?

If your Total Visa card is not working, then maybe your card isn’t activated yet, or you’ve entered a wrong pin, or your credit card is expired, or your card is invalid, or you’ve got a limitation on your credit card.

So, today you will learn to fix the issue regarding the Total Visa credit card in this article.

Total Visa Credit Card review

Total Visa credit card is the unsecured card available in the market. You can apply for the one even if you don’t have a good credit score or history. You don’t need to make a security deposit or anything else to acquire a Total Visa credit card.

Even though the card is unsecured, you will overall card report will still be submitted to the three major credit bureaus such as Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. So, it means you can build up your credit card score and improve your card history with a total Visa credit card.

However, the charges or fee of the total visa credit card is expensive. There is a $75 annual fee for the first year and $48 after that (for every year). You will also have to pay a $75 monthly fee after the first year along with an express delivery fee of $35 and a credit limit increase fee of $20 for $100. In addition, you will also have to pay $40 for the late payment fee.

Besides, you can use a Total Visa credit card only inside the United States. You also can’t use the card in the automated fuel pumps. It means you have to visit the pump station counter and make a payment for the gas which you’ve used on your vehicle.

So, if you want to build a good credit score and history even though you don’t have any, then you can definitely go with a Total Visa credit card. But remember, you will have to pay higher fees and charges compared to other unsecured credit cards available out there.

If you want to gain something good, then you will also have to pay the price for it.

Why Total Visa Credit Card Not Working?

If you own a credit card, especially a Total Visa credit card, then there are various reasons behind its not working. Some of the issues can be within the card and the restriction you’ve on your card. Others can be from the credit card provider company, where they can lock your credit card.

So, in this section, I’ve mentioned some of the possible reasons why the Total Visa credit card isn’t working and its solutions.

Not-Activated Card

When you apply for a new total visa credit card, and you receive your new card, then you have to activate your card before using it. Not all credit cards are pre-activated so that you can directly use them for purchases.

You have to activate your credit card manually, and then you can make a transaction further on. So, if you’ve forgotten to activate your total visa credit card, first activate it.

If your card still doesn’t work even after the activation, then move to the next step.

Wrong Transaction Pin

Most of the time, people use the wrong transaction pin on their credit card while making a purchase. It usually happens when you use a credit card for the first time.

If you are new to a credit card and you have the old pin which you received for the first time, then you have to enter that pin only. You can change your credit card pin later on any time you want.

Other than this, you can also forget your card transaction pin and enter the wrong one. So, remember your actual card pin and use that only. If you can’t remember your credit card pin, then you have to contact to Total Visa credit card customer support team and get your pin back or reset it.

Expired Card

We usually don’t check our card expiration date, whether it’s a debit card or credit card, or license. It will automatically remind us of the time when it completely expired and stop providing service.

So, if your total visa credit card is expired, then you will find issues making purchases and other transactions. You can’t use your credit card when it completely expires in any store. That’s because when your credit card is expired, then it will automatically cut off the connection between your card from the source (your account).

Therefore, first, check the validation date on your credit card from the front bottom left side. There you will find both the expiration date and the activated date of your credit card. So, in case your credit card is expired, then you have to contact your credit card company and request to renew it back.

Invalid Card

An invalid card is also a common reason why your Total Visa credit card is not working properly. You will have an invalid card when the credit card company or the bank from where you issued your card cuts off the service to your card. It usually happens because of some technical issue with your card details or transaction or payment history or similar to that.

So, if you are a cardholder and your card is invalid, then do contact your credit card company and fix the issue. It is not good to have an invalid card for a long time which can affect your credit score and history.

Card Limitation

The total Visa credit card has a few card limitations or restrictions. If you own the total visa credit card, you can’t use it outside the United States. You have to access and use the card within the U.S. So, and if you live far from the United States or outside of it, your credit card will not work.

Other than this, you also can’t use a Total Visa credit card on any automated gas pump. You have to go to the gas counter by yourself and pay the amount. So, if you are trying to pay the amount from your credit card on an automated gas pump, then it won’t work.

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You can build a completely good credit score as well as a history with a Total Visa credit card. It will boost up your make your financial situation better from scratch. Though you have to pay certain higher charges and fees to access its servicer, it can be worth it only if you become a responsible cardholder.

If you use your credit card carelessly then you will make an even more bad reputation on your credit score and history. Plus, you will also lose lots of money paying the Total Visa credit card bills and fees.

Other than this, do remember the above-mentioned things if your card isn’t working.

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