How To Read Kik Messages Without The Sender Knowing 2022

How To Read Kik Messages Without The Sender Knowing 2021

Kik Messenger is a popular and feature-rich freeware messaging application. It is mainly popular because of its group chat and Kik bot features. Besides, you will also get a symbol notification when you send a message to someone; you will know the status of the message from sent “S” to delivered “D” and many more.

If you are confused about what we are talking about, then, first of all, learn about what S, D and R mean on Kik. Go to the link to know Symbols on Kik Messenger Chat.

Isn’t this cool! You will get to know the status of messages you send to your friend; with this feature, you will quickly identify whether your messages are delivered or not and also seen by your friend or not.

And similarly, your friends can also see the status of messages they send. Kik has an automatic system to report message status, so you can’t edit your messages and ignore your friend’s messages.

But do you know? You can read Kik messages without the sender knowing. Even if this sounds unfair to spy on their message without them knowing, there might be several reasons why you would want to see messages without your friend knowing or why you wish to ignore them.

Today in this article, we will guide you on how to read the Kik messages without the sender knowing. To know how, stay with us and read the full article.

Read Your Received Messages On Kik Without Notifying Them

As we have already mentioned, Kik has an automatic system to report message status on the chat box; there isn’t much we can do. However, we can read the message and trick the automation system of Kik into not notifying our friend.

You can use this process if you suddenly lose your internet connection or if you want to think about your reply rather than instantly typing it.

So, if you are interested in reading your received messages without notifying them, then here are two methods that you can follow. Both the ways are almost the same, but the steps are different, and both are easy as you have to trick the Kik system by turning off your internet connection.

Method 1: Clear The Cache Of Kik From Your Device

Using this method, you can read someone’s messages without notifying them. But this method is a bit long compared to method two, but both the methods are straightforward and simple.

Keep in mind, don’t open the message if you want to read without the sender knowing because when you get messages, your friend will get the message status as D. When you open it, the message status changes to R and your friend will know that you have already seen the message.

So, if you haven’t opened the message and you want to read it secretly without the sender knowing then, first of all, read the steps mentioned below.

  1. Open the Kik app on your device.
  2. If asked, log in to your Kik account.
  3. Now, check if you have any new messages or not.
  4. You will see new messages in your chat box.
  5. After that, minimize the Kik app and Turn off your data or WiFi connection from your device.
  6. Now, go back to the Kik app and open the chat with your friend who sent you a new message.
  7. Read the messages.
  8. After you read all the messages offline. [(Alert!) Do not turn on your internet connection.]
  9. Now, go to the Settings of your device.
  10. Search for Manage Apps.
  11. Now, scroll down and tap Kik under Manage Apps.
  12. Click on the Clear data and “Clear all data” or “Clear cache” of Kik from your device.
  13. Finally, you can turn on your data or WiFi connection and log in to your account.

There you go, you have successfully read Kik messages without the sender knowing. Now, until you reopen the message, your friend will not know that you have checked the messages they sent to you.

Method 2: Turn On Aeroplane Mode

While going through the steps of method 2, you might see a similar process, but it isn’t the same. The steps vary because in method 1, you had to turn off the internet connection and clear the cache after you read the messages. However in method 2, you just need to turn on Aeroplane mode before opening the messages.

We can also say that this is an easy method as you just have to stay away from internet connection for a while.

  1. Open the Kik messenger on your device.
  2. Login to your account.
  3. Check whether you have new messages or not. If you have a new message, then don’t open the message and follow the rest of the steps.
  4. Minimize the Kik app and simply turn on Aeroplane mode. Make sure you are not connected with any internet connections.
  5. Now, open the message sent by your friend and read the messages.
  6. After you read the messages, close the Kik app.
  7. Now, turn off Aeroplane Mode and get connected with an internet connection.

There you go, you have successfully read the message without Kik turning the Delivered “D” symbol to Read “R”. However, the status of the message remains on “D” until and unless you do not have any internet connection. After you join the internet connection, the message status will change into R.

In Method 1, the message status won’t change to R and will remain as D until and unless you do not open the message for the second time after connecting to the internet connection. So if you don’t want to let your friend know that you have seen the message until you wish to, follow Method 1.

Additional Method:

You can apply this additional method to read Kik messages without the sender knowing, but you will not be able to read the entire message from the chat section of Kik using this method.

You have to be connected with the internet and be quick to read the messages because your older messages might be replaced by new messages.

[Note: Turn on Kik message notification to implement this method.]

Read The Messages On Android Without The Letting The Sender Know

To read the message you have received from your friend on Android without your friend knowing, make sure you have activated notifications for the messages on Kik. Do not open the messages mistakenly; otherwise, this method will not work and your friend will know that you have seen their messages.

So, if you are ready, follow the step-by-step method as stated below.

  1. Connect your Android device to the Internet.
  2. After you connect to the Internet, you will see some push notifications of the ‘messages’ you received from your friend when you were offline.
  3. Now, do not open the message; you can read the latest messages without opening the chat box with your friend from the notification bar.
  4. But don’t tap on the message from the notification bar; otherwise, you will open the chat box with your friend and the message status will change to R.

Read The Message On iPhone Without Letting The Sender Know

On iOS devices, there is an additional way compared to Android devices to read messages without showing R message status. When you receive messages on your device when you are offline, the message status is S, whereas when you are online, the message status is D and when you open the message, the status will be R.

So, when you read the messages from the chat box with your friend, only your friend will know you read the messages. If you want to read the message without them knowing, then follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Get connected to the internet on your iPhone.
  2. Now, if your notification is ON on the Kik app, you will get a push notification.
  3. You can read the recent message. But do not tap on the message.
  4. Or, you can click on the Home button twice and you will get a mini screen of the message without opening the chat box.
  5. That is how you can read the messages from the screenshot and click the on Home button to close without sending R status.

In Conclusion

There you go, now you can read Kik messages without letting the sender know using the methods mentioned in this article. You can apply these methods on both the iOS and Android devices. 

Just be alert and read the steps first before you actually do it; otherwise, something might go wrong. If you have any questions regarding this article, then you can drop your comment in the comment section below. Don’t hesitate to comment; we will always be there to solve your problems.

And for more tips and tricks for Kik, you can go to the link Kik Tips.

Thank You.

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