Online Ludo Games – The Perfect Outlet For A Refreshing Time?

Online Ludo Games - The Perfect Outlet For A Refreshing Time?

What’s the one thing we’ve indulged in childhood that guarantees bucket loads of fun? If you haven’t guessed yet, the answer is board games. These number quite a few – monopoly, battleship, and online ludo games, without which no list is complete. Adults and kids alike can enjoy these games. 

As the BBC reports, online gaming brings together people from different countries across time zones, virtually and physically, while playing online board games.

The formation of a board game club resulted from this meeting, born of serendipity. 

If you have hyperactive kids at home, you will know that getting them to sit long enough for their daily tasks is nearly impossible, much less playing traditional board games.

But if you give them gadget time, they will be only too happy, and the home will be quiet once more. What if you can combine the two, playing board games and gadget time for the kids? 

The answer lies in online board games, many of which have made the successful shift online, including the eternal favorite – ludo.

This article emphasizes the advantages of playing the ludo game online

But, first of all, let’s know more about Ludo and its origin:

What Is Ludo?

Ludo is one of the classic board games that has been played for generations. The game is played by two to four players.

Ludo is played on a square board with a cross-shaped pattern divided into four quadrants.

Every quadrant has 3 areas which are:

  1. Home Area
  2. Outer Area
  3. Middle Area

The game is played with dice, where every side has different numbers from 1 to 6.

There is a total of 4 quadrants in the square box. Every quadrant has different colors (mostly: Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow).

As I’ve mentioned, Ludo is played with dice and also with tokens or pieces that are used to move around the board.

The objective of the game is to move all of your tokens or pieces from your home area to your finishing area before the other players do.

Players take turns rolling the dice and moving their tokens or pieces according to the number shown on the dice.

The winner is the player who moves all their tokens or pieces to their finishing area first.

Advantages of Playing Ludo

Ludo is a popular game and has its own demands in the world.

The game has been played for centuries and has made many people happy and also sad.

There will always be winners and losers in the game, but you have to enjoy all the moments as part of the game.

Here are some of the advantages of playing Ludo:

1. Simple Gameplay & Rules:

Ludo stands out among the many board games in circulation thanks to its unpretentious gameplay and straightforward rules.

The game’s main objective is to get all your tokens to the finish line after navigating the board once for each token. 

These traits of online ludo make it a welcome distraction after a long day, thanks to its minimal rules.

The main rules are: 

  • A six must be rolled on the die to get your tokens out of the home base. 
  • If a rival takes your token out, it returns to the home base, and all progress is lost.
  • Rolling a six gets you an extra turn.
  • A star marks safe spots, and any token on it cannot be taken out.

2. Multiple Modes:

Online ludo offers multiple modes to improve the gaming experience not found in traditional ludos.

Playing with real-life opponents versus the AI and even modes with limited playing time are available.

The last mentioned mode makes for an exciting departure from regular gameplay, thus making gameplay engaging for ludo enthusiasts.

3. Great Traveling Companion:

Ludo has been the refuge of the weary traveler to help beat boredom on long journeys.

Now with ludo making its way online, you can challenge anyone on the go without the need to pack a physical board.

You may be able to convince a fellow traveler to play with you and possibly even strike up a friendship in the process. 

Advantages Of Online Ludo:

There are a lot of advantages to playing online ludo games because, unlike real ludo, you can play it anywhere and can play it with your close friend even if they are far away from you.

You cannot also cheat in the game, plus the Online Ludo makes it more interesting with emojis and funny expressions and features.

Here are some of the significant advantages of playing online ludo:

1. Online Ludo Can Be Played Anytime & Anywhere:

The game of online ludo can be carried in your back pocket, literally! Not just ludo, you download any game you fancy as the phone is your playground.

Online ludo can help alleviate boredom when sitting idly, and it’s far better than twiddling your thumbs.

What’s more, when playing ludo online, you can band with friends and family who you don’t bump into often for some fun-filled virtual company.    

You can also play Online Ludo on Facebook Messenger.

2. Encourages Socialization:

Some people may prefer to indulge in solo pursuits and neglect socializing.

Interacting with other people, even online, while playing board games also helps you come out of your shell as you reach out to people outside your social circle. 

Playing ludo online is far better than binge-watching for hours on end.

Ludo involves more than one person, which fits the bill for individuals looking to play and meet new people.

As a result of its social nature, online ludo helps build interpersonal relationships while having fun with like-minded enthusiasts of the game.  

3. Lets The Endorphins Flow:

Board games such as ludo, when played offline or online with fun-loving participants, make it a light-hearted affair, and all the players may even share a laugh or two.

This simple indulgence stimulates the release of endorphins, which helps curb anxiety and increase zest for life.

4. Enhances Self-confidence:

Every time the player makes a move while playing a board game like ludo online, they are making a decision. When things go according to plan, the players develop faith in their abilities.

The positive outcome of the winning strategy will boost the player’s self-confidence, and they will start to see themselves as capable individuals.  

The ability to strategize will transfer to the real world, as they will be able to make decisions and think with clarity even under pressure.

Having better decision-making skills will make the player less likely to be overwhelmed.


Surely you remember the good old days when you would challenge your friends to a friendly face-off, and it is now possible to replicate the experience of playing board games online on your device. 

Even though while playing online games, your friends and family may not be physically present, it’s still an experience to cherish as nothing beats indulging in a quick game of ludo with people you know. 

If you’re looking for a bit of variety, there are plenty more games to keep you and your friends coming back for more. If you are still deciding which board games to play, why not just try your hand at all of them?

After all, the more, the merrier, and they are available to access anytime, thanks to the internet.

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