How To Mention Someone In A Tiktok Video [Updated 2023]

How to mention someone in a Tiktok video

Tiktok formerly known as is a free and popular social media application that allows its users to create, watch, and share videos With the increase in the popularity of Tiktok, many new features were introduced slowly. Among those features mentioning people in a Tiktok video is also one of them.

Mentioning is as easy as any other feature of TikTok, all you need to understand is simple steps as to where to use “@” and how to use it for your as well as others benefits. You can mention someone in a Tiktok video by typing “@’ in the caption tab. When the person shows up, tap on their profile and they get tagged in the video.

If you want a brief and easy-to-understand process of how to mention someone in a TikTok video then you can take a look at the article below.

How To Mention People In Tiktok

Mentioning people is relatively an easy job. The steps of mentioning someone in a TikTok video is given below:

Mentioning In TikTok Videos:

While mentioning in a TikTok video is simple, it can be confusing at times. If you have any confusion mentioning anyone in a comment in TikTok videos, you can follow the step below:

Open Tiktok

Step 1: Open TikTok

Simply, launch the TikTok app on your smartphone or any device.

Record video

Step 2: Record Video

You can either make your own video or make a video using sounds produced by others by clicking on the “+” button which locates in the middle of the screen.

You can also add filters of your liking by clicking on the filter option. The Filter option in the right side of your screen. You can find a filter of your liking by scrolling until you find the one you like.

Complete recording your video

Step 3: Complete Recording Your Video

The next step surely is to record the video and complete recording your video from the ‘+’ icon on the bottom middle of the screen in your Tiktok home screen. So you can move on to the mentioning part.

Go to the caption section

Step 4: Go To The Caption Section

After the completion of recording your video, you will be given an option to write your desired caption which might help people understand your video. You should type “@“ and you will be shown the list of people you have followed or previously mentioned.

Type @ and mention

Step 5: Type “@” And Mention

After typing “@“ on the caption tab, find the person you wish to tag or mention by searching for them through typing their Tiktok username.

Post the video

Step 6: Post The Video

Lastly, post the video and the person you have mentioned will get the notification that he/she is getting tagged by you.

{Note: You will get a notification saying “username mentioned you in a video” if anyone mentions you in their video. People you have mentioned in your caption can reply via comment or by making their TikTok video and mentioning you again in their caption.}

Mentioning In The Comment Section Of TikTok Videos:

Not only in videos, but you can also mention people in the comment section of any video if the video owner’s privacy settings let you mention anyone you like. The steps of mentioning someone in the comment section are rather similar to mentioning someone in a video. The steps of mentioning someone in the comment section of a video is given below:

Open Tiktok

Step 1: Open TikTok App

Simply, open your TikTok app on your device.

Search for the chat bubble icon

Step 2:Search For The Chat Bubble Icon

Once you open the TikTok app, you will find videos of other users. On the right side of your screen, you will see a chat bubble icon. You should click the chat bubble icon on the right side of your screen and the comment section will open.

Click add comment

Step 3:Click “Add Comment”

After that, press the button at the very bottom of the screen where “Add comment” is written.

Type or click @

Step 4:Type Or Click “@”

After clicking the button, simply type “@“ or click “@“ in the far-right corner of the box saying “Add comment”.

Choose or mention the username of the person you wish to mention

Step 5: Choose Or Mention The Username Of The Person You Wish To Mention

Lastly, this step is very similar to the step of mentioning someone in the caption of the video. Select the user whose name you wish to mention or search the desired person you wish to mention.

You will receive a notification stating “username mentioned you in a comment:@yourusername text they commented along with your username.” When you mention someone in the comment section of a TikTok video, the mentioned person will have the option of reacting with love in your comment and even reply to it.

Why Is Mentioning In A TikTok Video A Good Thing?

There are many benefits of mentioning people in a TikTok video. It is beneficial when you mention someone in your caption, as it’s only natural for them to open the video you have mentioned them in and sometimes even your profile which gives you more exposure.

Similarly, when you are mentioned by someone else, not only you but their followers will also get a chance of knowing you which will result in you getting more exposure. Moreover, when a person who is well known by the public mentions you in their video, there is a very high chance of you getting more views and gaining more followers.

Not only does mentioning or getting mentioned in TikTok videos give you more exposure but also when you’re or you’ve been mentioned in a comment of any TikTok video, more people may get to know you and you are more likely to gain followers.

Also when someone mentions you in the comment section of a video, you might get some extra information. Nowadays we can find almost every sort of video in TikTok, you can learn new things too.

Advantages Of Mentioning In TikTok:

People mention you for various reasons, some for their benefits and some for your benefits. There are various purposes of mentioning in TikTok videos, some of which might be:

Mentioning In TikTok Videos:

You will get a lot of advantages of mentioning people in a TikTok video, some of them are given below:

Mentioning in Tiktok

  • To get more engagement from your account.
  • For giving you some messages regarding a certain topic.
  • In order to make you well known to their audience.
  • To gain more views and followers from your name.

Mentioning In The Comment Section Of TikTok Videos:

As mentioning in TikTok videos have their own benefits, so does mentioning in the comment section of TikTok videos. Some of the advantages of mentioning in the comment section are listed below:

Mentioning in the comment section

  • To make you aware of the content of the video they mentioned you in.
  • For providing you information that might help you, that is present in the video.
  • To show you their love, support, and care for you.

What Kind Of Videos Should You Mention People On

You should only mention people in TikTok videos when you feel sure that it won’t cause any problem for them as well as you. For example, you can mention a person who is searching for information regarding a certain topic if your video can give them some information about it.

Similarly, if you have to give some messages to people you know like congratulating them, wishing them, or letting them know your thoughts through TikTok videos, you can simply just make a video and mention them.

You can also mention your friends by commenting on their videos. Similarly, mentioning them in someone else’s videos might do some good for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many people get confused about how mentioning works in TikTok and how can they utilize mentioning for their benefit. Some generally asked questions on how to mention someone in a Tiktok video are given below:

Where You Should Not Mention People

As people are more sensitive nowadays than ever, you should be very careful about which videos you mention someone in. For example, if you mention someone to spread hate for them. This can be regarding their gender, race, body type.

You should also make sure to not mention people just to create clickbait and gain some views, as it will only harm your reputation in the future.

How Can You Make The Most Out Of TikTok Videos Through Mentioning

As we all know TikTok app isn’t just all about making videos and posting them anymore. You need to learn to make your videos more engaging to the audience through your videos. Additionally, by the way, you present your videos to them. Among some tricks to make your TikTok videos more interesting to the audience mentioning people is one of them.

When you mention someone in a TikTok video, people who only know the person you mention will also get a chance to know you and your content.

My Experience With Mentioning People In Tiktok Videos

I have seen a lot of people gain benefits from mentioning people or by getting mentioned by different people. For instance, I see people making videos mentioning each other back and forth. This results in an increase in their audience as well as their views.

You can let people know about the things of your interest just by mentioning them. Similarly, things they might be interested too. This saves you from the hassle of having to copy the link of the video. Similarly, you don’t need to save the video to your device and send it to the person you want.

In my personal opinion, where there’s good there is bad too, so is the case with mentioning in TikTok videos. For example, people can make videos against you and mention you in the caption of their video or mention you in the comments of videos. This can harm you mentally and emotionally. So I’d suggest everyone use TikTok and mention people only when necessary and only for good matters.


As discussed in the article above, mentioning has a lot of benefits to it like enhancing views, likes, and also followers. One thing that you should consider while mentioning people is you should not have a bad motive behind it. You will be able to take advantage of mentioning TikTok only if you use it properly. While you use TikTok and its mentioning feature with a good cause, you might get mentioned by someone to spread hate against you or with some bad motive against you. In that case, you should just ignore such things. Always remember in Social media, to be good and make good content.

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