How to Make Money With Teespring [Complete Guide 2022]

Make Money With Teespring

Teespring is the best site to both buy and sell a product. You can order your favorite shirt, or you can also make your own custom design and start your personal e-commerce business. But have you ever curious, how people are making money on Teespring? To be more precise, how can you make money with Teespring?

Earning money on Teespring is simple as long as you commit to your design. Yes, design is the most important part of Teespring in order to sell your product globally. First, you create your own store, submit your artwork to your selected products and then sell out your product to the end-users. Next, keep your profit from your sold products.

This is an exact short process to earn money on Teespring. Now, let’s see how you can implement that money earning method on Teespring with step by step procedure. Make sure to read the complete article, and don’t miss out on an opportunity to make money through Teespring.

Let’s get started!

How to Make Money With Teespring?

People can earn money by collaborating with Teespring. It is a legit US-based company that offers an opportunity to start your first small e-commerce business for free. You don’t have to invest anything except your little time and effort in designing. In other words, if you have your own brand which you want to spread all over the world, then Teespring is a good company which you can choose from. That’s being said, you both make money and aware your brand name globally.

Are you excited to sell your custom brand through Teespring and welcome a huge amount of profit from it? Then this is how you can make money on Teespring.

Create Your Store

First thing first, you have to make your own store on Teespring. It is important because you have to provide your store location path at the ending of your designed product. If you don’t have any store on Teespring, then your product will be listed on the default store location of Teespring.

Moreover, if you have made a variety of product categories, it will be difficult for Teespring to select your product’s right category. In addition, it will also be easier for visitors to see your product category, which helps a lot to sell your product.

Choose Your Product Category

Once you have created your store on Teespring, now you have to pick your product category. Let’s say you only want to sell a t-shirt on Teespring; then you can only choose the t-shirt category. Don’t worry; you can also choose other categories in the future if you want to add more products to your Teespring store.

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Design Your Product

Designing your product means you have to submit your own design for your product. This is like a printing design which you can see on a t-shirt and other items. You cannot copy and paste the design from the internet because of the copyright. So, it will be better if you make your own custom design that is attractive and eye-catching.

If you can’t create your own artwork, then you can use royalty-free images and artwork from the internet. There are lots of sites that provide royalty-free images, videos, vector art which you can use for commercial purposes. However, it’s not easy to find them, so it will take time.

You can also use the Canva to make a beautiful design with an easy drag-drop feature. It is free, secure, and reliable to make any graphic design. But remember, it’s not completely free, but you can use some of the free stuff to make your design.

Set Price for Your Product

After placing your design in a suitable place on your product, now it’s time to set your price tag. By default, Teespring has its own baseline cost for its entire category of products, but you have to set the price above the baseline to earn profit from selling it.

For example, the Teespring base cost of the shirt is $10. But if you increase the price and make it to $20, then you will earn $10 profit after selling that product. You have to set a little bit higher price for all your products if you want to earn profit. But remember, don’t set up your product price way too high; otherwise, it will be difficult for the customer to purchase it. Simply make it reasonable for earning profit.

Receive Your Profit

Now, your part is complete on Teespring. You have a list of products on your listing. Now, when visitors like your design as well as product and make a purchase, then Teespring will receive its baseline cost, and you will earn your profit.

You don’t have to worry about the production and shipping of the product; Teespring will handle the rest.

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How Does Teespring Pay You?

Have you received a profit on Teespring by selling a product? Now, are you wondering how you can withdraw money from Teespring?

If so, then getting payment on Teespring is quite simple as you think. When a customer purchases your designed product, then you will earn a certain profit from it. You can see your earned profit on Teespring from the payouts section. Now, if you think you have enough money on your Teespring account and want to withdraw, then you have to provide a payment method.

You can use your either PayPal or Payoneer account to get paid from Teespring. Simply register your payment method on Teespring and withdraw money directly to your selected account.

If you don’t know to set up payment methods or apply for payout on Teespring, then you can read the article “How to Get Payment on Teespring?” There you can find detail information about withdrawing money from Teespring.

How Does Teespring Make Money?

As you already know, you can buy or sell a custom product on Teespring. You can earn a certain amount of profit from selling your product globally. But how does Teespring make money?

Money making method of Teespring is simple. As long as you can make a sale on Teespring, they will earn money. But, if you can’t sell anything, then they will not earn a penny. So, the power is all on the creators. This means, as long as you earn money, Teespring will also earn money.

You may wonder how?

Well, Teespring has its own base cost for its all category of products. If you want to sell a product, then you have to set a price higher than a baseline of Teespring to earn profit. So, when a customer purchases a product, then Teespring will take its default baseline cost, and you will get the rest of the profit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Can You Make From Teespring?

The money you make on Teespring all depends on your sales. If you can make a good sale by selling your products then obviously you will make an excellent profit from it.

What Sells Best on Teespring?

You can sell anything on Teespring as long as you have a good design. But there are some of the top trending products which you can sell on Teesprign, such as Home Décor, Loungewear, Accessories and T-shirts.

Is Teespring Still Profitable?

Yes, Teespring is still profitable as long as you can make a good sale by creating creative design work.

Why Is Teespring So Expensive?

Some of the Teespring products are so expensive because people are trying to earn a much higher profit by selling their products. Teespring already has its baseline price, but people double its price in order to earn better profit.

Can You Sell Teespring Shirts on Amazon?

You can convert Amazon huge amount of traffic on Teespring by integrating your Amazon account.


Finally, your creative thinking is the key to success on Teespring to maximize the sales ratio. You can earn a huge amount of profit just by selling your artwork on selected products on Teespring. In fact, Teespring also prioritizes those people or creators that can make a good sale every month. So, keep creating your design to make money with Teespring.

If you have any queries related to Teespring, then feel free to ask in the comment section.

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