How To Increase Range And Speed Of Digicom Router [Updated 2022]

How To Increase Range And Speed Of Digicom Router

What factor do you look for while making a router selection? Is it Range it covers? Or the speed of the router? Or both? Well, it is necessary to look for both the elements before you make a purchase. Using a Digicom router ensures you both the speed along with a wide range. However, what can be done to enhance the range and speed of the Digicom router?

The range and the speed of the Digicom router are limited. But at times, it might not function as it should. The speed becomes slow and the coverage area also reduces. Hence, this article guides you through different ways to increase the range and speed of your Digicom router.

Why is Router an Essential Component for Internet Connection?

The router is a technical device that transmits the data packet between the Internet Service Provider and the computing device. It plays an essential role in the network. A router is capable of Network Address Translation (NAT). This creates a local network in your home.

Likewise, it acts as a gateway for computers. Similarly, You can use it as a network switch as well. Multiple computing devices can share a common internet connection through the router.

Similarly, routers are also the wireless access point for broadcasting WiFi signals to the devices. Moreover, your router also offers firewall functions that protect against hacking into your network.

How to Log Into My Digicom Router?

To login to your Digicom router, you need the IP of your router. Along with it, username, and password is also required. You need to follow certain steps for logging in to the Digicom Router:

Step 1: At first, open your Internet Browser

Step 2: Then type Internet Protocol of Digicom i.e in the address bar. This lets you access you to have a router’s web-based user interference.

Step 3: After this, Enter the username and password in their respective fields.

Step 4: Either the username and password and hit Enter. This allows you to see the control panel of your router.

Ways to Increase Speed of Your Digicom Router

What do you generally seek while selecting an Internet Service Provider (ISP)? Well, most of you look for its speed. The speed of your Internet directly depends on the Router you choose. Similarly, a good router can make a huge impact on your internet connection.

Then how can you increase the range as well as speed of Digicom Router? You will have several options to enhance your internet speed. A high-speed router ensures that you have a smooth connection. Likewise, it also allows multiple connectivities to the internet.

Digicom router has fast internet connectivity. The maximum speed that the Digicom router has is 300 Mbps. However, at times your router might not function properly. It might have a bug that restricts. Apart from this, due to technical flaws, your router might not pass its speed.

People desire a router that has better quality and has a higher speed. Here are few techniques to increase the speed of your Digicom Router:

Reboot Your Router

Sometimes, your router starts to dysfunction. Internet speed might not be consistent as well. In such a case, rebooting your router will only be the possible solution.

Now, imagine how would you feel when your internet buffers every time you watch videos. Or when your internet is too slow at running any application.

You would feel irritated. Many people face this situation and they want their router to run smoothly. In such a situation, you can reboot your Digicom router. Rebooting it makes your internet connectivity smooth. Along with it, it enhances the speed as it restarts your router.

Rebooting your Digicom router is not a time-consuming task. You can directly reboot from your router. Else, you can reboot through the application of your Intenet Service Provider as well.

Use New and Powerful Antenna

One of the important components of your router is an antenna. A good antenna ensures that your Internet speed is good Likewise, a powerful antenna is those which has wide range coverage.

Nowadays, a detachable antenna is also available. These antennae are more reliable since we can change its direction. Placing an antenna requires considerable knowledge regarding where to install the router connection.

Hence to overcome speed problems in your Digicom router, make sure that you have powerful antenna selection.

Update Your Digicom Router

Another most common way to enhance your router speed is to update the existing router. Digicom provides its update at a certain interval of time. These updates are necessary if you want to have a good internet connection.

When you update your existing Digicom router, your speed gets increases. You will have the latest software installed in your router with it. Similarly, it brings technological changes in your router as well.

Old and outdated software installed in your Digicom router also restrict a quality speed. Just like your phone not running smoothly in absence of update

Placement of Your Router

This is the simplest way to maximize the speed of any router. Just like another router, Digicom also needs to be placed in the right location. Along with the right location, antenna placement is also a vital factor.

The right placement of the router increases the speed of your internet. A router can pass its frequency well when it is not surrounded by objects like metal, huge concrete walls, etc.

Additionally, the building material of your house also impacts internet speed. Thus, place your Digicom Router in such a place where the frequency can pass easily without interruption. Do consider the placement of the router for a better internet experience.

Change Your Digicom Router’s Username and Password

When did you last updated your username and password on your router? Your internet might be easily hacked by the outsider. Even though you keep a strong password, it can be accessed by intermediate hacek.

Hence, this results in to increase in the number of users. However, changing your Digicom Router’s username and password at regular intervals ensures that your Internet connection is secured.

Similarly, this prevents your internet connection from being stolen.

Install New Firmware

Just like any other device, your router might fall out of date. Thus, considering these, manufacturers release the firmware updates at certain intervals. This fixes the bugs and increases the router’s performance.

Just like transforming form older software to a newer one, updating firmware enhances the speed of your router. Updating the firmware fixes the connecting quality issues as well.

Avoid Electrical Interference

The speed of your internet is also obstructed by the frequency emitted by electrical appliances. Like any other router, Digicom also gets affected when there is electrical interference.

Electrical interference such as frequency from BlueTooth device, mobile phones, impacts the speed of your internet connection. Thus, avoid electrical interference to maximize the router’s speed.

Moreover, electrical interference from the wireless device like microwave, cordless phones also impact its speed.

Optimize the Number of the User Connected

Another measure to enhance your router’s speed is to optimize the number of users connected to your router. Like another router, Digicom router also becomes slow in its performance when there are multiple users.

Higher the number of the user connected, the slower will the speed of the Internet. Thus, to enhance the speed, limit the user. For this, you can apply several measures such as changing passwords, hiding the username, alerting when a new user enters, etc.

Similarly, several users also make their connection weak. So, to enhance the speed of your router, prevent access to your internet connection from unknown users.

Can I Reset My Digicom Router?

You can reset your Digicom router without any hard and fast rule. Whenever your internet connection is lagging, or the speed is slow, you can simply reset it. To reset your Digicom router, you can just click on the Factory Reset Button and wait for 15 – 20 seconds.

After you reset, your router automatically restarts. Moreover, your default settings will also be stored. However, once you reset your Digicom router, it reverts to the factory default.likewise, all the customized settings such as WiFi name and wireless security will be erased.

Ways to Enhance the Range of Digicom Router

Another important factor that you must look at while purchasing a router is the range it covers. Like the speed, your wifi range is also manipulated through the router you install. Sometimes your router may not act properly.

Generally, Digicom router, like any other router covers a specific area. Due to various reasons, your WiFi might not cover the area that it should have. Similarly, your router might also not function well at times.

Well, how can you enhance the range of your router then? If you are using a Digicom router or any other router, the following things lead you to enhance your router’s internet connectivity range:

Move Your Router

Simply the easiest way to enhance your router’s speed and range are to move its location, Place your router in such a place that acts as a central location. Similarly, your router might get blocked by several objects. Thus a good placement of router is a must.

Likewise, your Digicom router should also be placed in a suitable location to maximize its range. Generally, the closer the router is placed, the better the speed as well as good coverage

Apart from this, if you have a small home, then place your router near the wall from where you want the strongest outer signal Similarly, if your house is large, then place your Dificom router in the center of your home.

Place the router in different locations and try walking in your home with your wireless device. This lets you know how your signal changes. Also, you can find the best location.

Update Your Router’s Firmware

Another technique to expand your router’s range is to update your router’s firmware. Digicom router must be updated in a certain interval of time. Keeping the firmware updated can enhance the WiFi signal that the router provides.

Likewise, some router can be automatically configured. Digicom router needs to be configured to update. Though it lacks an automatic update mechanism, it is a good option to make a point to have a firmware upgrade regularly.

Updating your router’s firmware fixes bugs and increases the performance of your router. Now, to know whether or not to update, you can check the model and version number of your digicom router. Then you go to the manufacturer’s website to install the latest firmware updates.

Replace Your Router’s Antenna

Your router features an internal antenna that is difficult to change or replace. This external antenna ensures a strong signal. Your internal antenna of Digicom router is omnidirectional. This results in the loss of the WiFi signal when the router is placed near the wall.

However, installing a high-gain antenna or a longer antenna, you can boost the performance of the router, Moreover, the signal can be transmitted to the corner of your house as well. Similarly, replacing the router’s antenna gives a wide range of the signal.

Besides that, it also allows you to aim your signal in a proper direction. Thus, another way to expand the router’s range is to replace your router’s antenna.

Avoid Electrical Interference

Electrical Signal also obstructs your Wifi Signal. Whenever you have placed your router at home, make sure that other electrical appliance frequency does not affect your signal.

Similarly, other frequencies emitted by cordless phones, microwaves, etc also affect the signal to flow. All these impacts in the coverage area of your router.

Now, to enhance its range, do consider such an electrical signal. Thus, the range and speed of the Digicom router are also affected by electrical interference.

Add a Wireless Repeater

Another way to enhance your router’s range is by using an external wireless repeater. Without adding any extra wiring, you can increase the range of your Digicom router.

Likewise, what does a wireless repeater do?

Well, it simply identifies the signals that your router transmits and then repeats those signal at full strength. While setting up a wireless repeater, you have to follow certain steps.

At first, access your device’s system menu. Then ensure your repeater and router has the same SSID. After this, give your repeater the same MAC address as your router. Finally, place your repeater between your router and your computing device.

Is Digicom Better than NetGear and TP-Link?

Well, there are contradicting views regarding which one is the best. Some people prefer a Digicom router, while some TP-link and NetGear. Netgear routers are generally an expensive one. This is made for high-end models that give world-class features.

On the other hand, TP-link and Digicom routers are budget-friendly and do not have too many options. They are suited for normal purpose use.

Likewise, looking to the specifications, NetGear has a variety of specs along with numerous options in it. However, Digicom router and TP-link are equipped with limited options in it. They are easy to use as well.

If you are looking for the best gaming router, then Netgear gives you a better experience than any other.

Changing Digicom Router Password

It is easy to change the password of your Digicom router. Changing the password at irregular intervals ensures the security of your WiFI. Apart from this, it will disconnect the externally connected device as well

To change the password, first, open the browser and enter the IP address of your router. After this, you will be asked the username and the password. Next, click on the Wireless tab and go to Security Option.

Then go to WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK AES. Finally, type your new password and click apply. You will have your new password generated.

How to Hide Wifi Network in Digicom Router?

Hiding the Wifi network is one of the many options to secure your internet connection. Now how shall you hide your Service Set Identifier (SSID)? Well, there is no difficulty in doing so.

At first login to your router’s admin panel. For Digicom router, the common IP address is This means, go to in your browser. Then, look at the navigation bar for the wireless section.

Then go to something close to Wireless settings, wireless options, wireless>Basic Settings, etc. After this, find the option called Enable SSID Broadcast and uncheck it. However, depending on the model of your router it might be called Visibility Status, Enable Hidden Wireless or just SSID Broadcast.

Finally, save the settings, then your router will become undetectable to other devices.

How Do I Set up the Second Router?

Setting up the second router is one of the options to extend your WiFI network range. But, how do I set up my second router? Well, there are certain steps that you must follow.

At first, Plug on the second router and turn the router on. After this, connect a computing device to your second RouterThen, type the second router’s IP address in the web browser. Next, Login using the second Router’s username and password.

Then after logging in, disable the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) in the second router After this, assign a new IP address to the second router. Finally, configure the second router’s WiFi and passkey.

Will Adding a Second Router Increase Speed?

Well, adding a second router does not increase the speed on a large scale. However, if your internet is slow, then adding a second router can enhance the data flow. But, if your WiFI is slow from the ISP, then even the second router will be of no help.

Final Words

Digicom router is one of the popular routers for general use. Despite your WiFI speed from Internet Service Provider, your router also plays a huge role in determining the speed and range of the internet.

So, to have a good internet connection and the smooth running of your Wifi, selecting a good router is a must. Even selecting the best router is not enough. You will have to make a continuous effort to make it run at a good speed and cover a wide range.

Likewise, you need to update your Digicom router continuously. To enhance the speed and the range of the Digicom router, you can perform simple actions. For example, placing your router inappropriate location, avoiding the electrical and other interference, using an external antenna, etc.

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