How To Access A Clipboard On iPhone And Android?

How To Access A Clipboard On iPhone And Android

How to access a clipboard on iPhone and Android? Wondering about accessing a clipboard on your devices? Looking for a method to do it? You are here at the right place. I have provided detailed information regarding how to access a clipboard on any device through this article. So, Keep in touch till the very end of today’s topic.

To access a clipboard on Android and iOS:
On Android Device:
Open Your Messenger App > Tap On The ‘+’ Icon > Select Your Keyboard > Choose ‘>’ Symbol At The Top> Click On The Small Clipboard Icon > Turn On The Clipboard.
On iPhone Device:
Open Your App Store > Download The Swift Key App > Enable Swift key Keyboard > Copy The Text From Anywhere > Open Your Messenger App > Paste The Text > Select Clipboard Icon Beside Camera > Get Access To Your Copied Text.

Clipboard On iPhone And Android Devices

You can access the clipboard on your iPhone and android devices. But, they are different from one another. You can find multiple ways to access your clipboard on any device you use.

Let us first talk about clipboards on android devices. They have a clipboard attached to the keyboard on their own. So it is not necessary to download any third-party app from the play store in the case of Android users.

In the case of iPhone users, clipboards are not available on their keyboard, because of which they will have to use alternatives. However, plenty of apps provide you with a clipboard feature. So you need to go and search for the clipboard apps on your App store.

Reminder: Always download the clipboard by properly going through the reviews. Otherwise, you may even get scammed and robbed.

How To Access Clipboard On Android Devices?

Google provides an app known as Google keyboard for its Android users. The user shouldn’t go through any hustle to install the keyboards. Rather, the keyboard is automatically saved and installed. Because of the availability of these features, the user shouldn’t spend time installing a third-party app.

After that, the next step is to access clipboards on android devices. Here are some of the guidelines to follow to access clipboards on Android devices:

Step 1: Open Your Messaging App

Firstly, turn on your mobile phone, go to your app list and search for your messaging app.

Launch the messaging app that is a messenger of any platform on your device’s screen.

Step 2: Tap On The Plus ‘+’ Icon

Then, select a message from a particular person. Next, look at the left-hand side of your message box. Here, you can see a plus icon. Now, Tap on the Icon to get a new slide on your screen.

Step 3: Select Your Keyboard

After that, you can see the list of keyboards available on your mobile phone.

The options might be Google keyboard, Kika keyboard, Google voice typing, etc. Tap on one of them to continue with the further process.

Step 4: Choose ‘>’ Symbol

It is a greater sign, available at the top of your screen. Once you tap on it, you will see different icons and symbols.

Step 5: Click On The Small Clipboard Icon

Among the available icons and symbols, tap on the clipboard icon. The clipboard icon looks like a clip just as an attachment. You can easily distinguish them from the available options.

Step 6: Turn On The Clipboard

Now, you can see some information related to your keyboard. Kindly tap on the information to turn/ enable the clipboard on your mobile phone.

With this, you can easily access a clipboard on your device. Besides that, you can also edit your clipboard history and perform other activities.

How To Access A Clipboard On iPhone Device?

As previously mentioned, you must take help from a third-party app to access a clipboard on your device if you are iPhone User.

Apart from that, You can also create a shortcut clipboard or use note applications. However, choosing third-party apps such as Clip+, Swift Key, etc., can assist you in easily accessing your clipboard.

So, let me present to you some guidelines for accessing a clipboard on an iOS device using Swift Key.

Step 1: Open Your Apple Store

Turn on your mobile phone and search the app store from your app list.

Step 2: Download The Swift Key App

Search for the Swift Key app on the search bar.

Then tap on the app and click on the install button. It will take a few seconds to download the app on your device.

Step 3: Enable Swift Key Keyboard

Now, Open the third-party app and complete all the processes that the app demands. Then, go through the setting page of your app and turn on/ enable the keyboard for your device.

Step 4: Copy The Text From Anywhere

Afterward, head on to any social media apps and get shareable links and texts. Then, hold the text for a certain period and copy them.

Step 5: Launch A Messaging App

Now, Open and launch one of the apps which enables you to message your friends.

Step 6: Select Clipboard Icon

On an iPhone, you don’t need to enter inside any of the icons. Instead, you can get the clipboard icon on Your keyboard directly. Then, tap on it to access clipboard settings, history, editing options, etc.

You can use these easy and quick steps to access your clipboard on iPhone devices. Besides that, you can also choose other third-party apps from your app store.

Some Tips For Your Clipboard

Clipboard is just about copying, pasting, and saving all copied histories. Apart from its function, you may make some mistakes over here. So, I will explain some of the basic mistakes you can make while using a clipboard. These are some of the factors that you need to give consider while using Clipboard features.

Sensitive Information

The most sensitive information includes information about yourself. You shall never do or repeat the mistake, even if you have previously done it.

Some information includes passwords, pins, credit, bank details, etc. Do not copy any of the information to your clipboard about those things. If it goes into the wrong hands, you will risk yourself.

You may use third-party clipboards available on the play store that are risky to use.

App Permissions

You may have noticed that whenever you use a new app, it asks you to provide them with app permission. For example, it may ask you for your contacts, camera, gallery, phone, etc.

But, you must be very careful at this point. You may go and keep on accepting and granting the permission. But, it might ask you to provide access to your subject matter.

Read everything in detail before providing access to your subject matter. Revealing your matter will keep you at a loss for sure.

Can I Clear The History Of My Clipboard?

Yes, you can easily clear out the whole or partial history of your clipboard. No matter what devices you have been using, you can easily delete your clipboard history.

Most of the solutions related to the device are available on your settings. So, you have to open your settings app at the very beginning. It is available both on Android and iPhone.

You can see a list of options. First, scroll for a few seconds and select ‘General’ as an option. Secondly, get inside the option and choose the keyboard.

Lastly, confirm to clear all of the contents inside the keyboard. So, tap on ‘Clear All Contents.’

Every link, text, message, attachment, etc., which you have copied since the day you used the clipboard gets deleted. Unfortunately, you can not regain it once it has been deleted.

You can apply this method to clear your clipboard’s history within a short time.

Why Does My Phone Say Copied To Clipboard?

Whenever you copy something from somewhere on your device, it shows a notification that it is copied to your clipboard. It means that your device clipboard has recognized the link and saved it as a history.

It is ready to be pasted wherever you prefer. Apart from that, You can also copy a text from your favorite image. Copying texts or pasting anything will show a notification at the bottom of your mobile phone.

But sometimes, you may copy something unknowingly, and the surprising text gets pasted whenever you try to paste it. So to get rid of those unknown problems, you can get information regarding links copied on the clipboard.

Easily undo or disable the copied link if it is by mistake or you do not like it simultaneously. If you delay undoing the link, you may not find the easy process and must go through a lengthy process.

Will The Link Get Removed From Clipboard Once I Paste It?

No, the link you copied does not get removed from the clipboard once you have finished pasting it.

No matter if you paste the copied link hundreds and thousands of times, it will never hesitate to get passed. The link you have recently copied lasts for about a time until you copy the next one.

It is possible only to copy and paste the given link at a time. You can not copy any texts and paste them anywhere you prefer to. The link replaces from time to time with new ones when you copy different kinds of links.

So because of it, you will lose the previous link. And you do not have to worry about the disappearance of a copied link. Until you delete the history of clipboards yourself, you won’t lose any of them.

But be sure you do not copy the next one until you are done with pasting the recent one. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Now, you have reached today’s article’s question and answer section. Today, we will be discussing some of the questions about clipboards.

Mainly I am going to focus on mostly asked questions by the public. So please read with great care. Let us get started with it. They are as follows:

When I Copy Something On Clipboard, Where Does It Go?

You may copy many texts, messages, links, etc., to share with your friends and family. All the texts you copied get saved on your clipboard. You can also access the clipboard history, where all your copied links to the date are stored.

But you can only run a single text or link at a time. As it gets replaced by a recent one very easily, you may need to copy the previous text. The last thing you have copied can be pasted anywhere you like on your device.

How Do I Copy A Website Link To Clipboard In iPhone 12?

Using a safari browser, you can easily copy a website into the clipboard on iPhone 12. First, go and open the play store. Next, search for the safari browser on the search bar. Then, install it and log in to your account over there. Next, head to the website link you want to copy on your iPhone.

Use your index finger and hold on to the text for a few seconds. You can see a new pop-up menu on your screen. Confirm to copy and tap on the copy link as an option. Paste the website link to your website or any documents you want.

How Should I Paste From My Clipboard?

The process is all the same as you do while copying the texts from a website. When you think of copying something on any platform, you will either have a long press on the text or directly select the copy link as an option. In the same way, when you paste something, you will have to hold your finger. First, move to the messaging app or website where you want to paste the copied link. After that, hold your index finger on the screen. Then you can see paste as an option. Tap on it, and your text gets pasted over there.

Can I Share A Clipboard Between My Computer And Mobile Phone?

It is quite possible to share a clipboard from your computer device to your mobile phone. The only way is by using third-party apps. There are plenty of third-party apps for solving these problems, such as Clip sync, Push bullet, etc. These apps might be helpful for every user. It is available for free on the play store. But, I am not sure whether the method works or not. Some people have said it is easy to get clipboards and even failed to share their clipboards between the devices. What goes on when just giving it a try? So, try once and check if the app works in your case or not.

How To Copy Instagram Link On My Mobile Phone?

You should follow a simple process to copy a link from the Instagram platform on your mobile phone. You can get access to clipboards on devices. First, go to your Instagram app. Then, search for the text or link which you want to copy. Hold your finger over there for about a few seconds. Then you will get a pop-up menu with an option to copy. Tap on it and copy the link to your clipboard. Also, you can copy the Instagram link on a desktop or mobile.


Clipboard is the only thing on your device which enables you to know as well as get back to the copied link. It helps you to know what is the last text you have copied as well as the name of the platform. Not only this, but all of your previous texts are also available as a history.

With this, we have come to the end of today’s topic. I think you can now easily access a clipboard on iPhone and Android devices.

Thank you for being here and listening to us. Keep on reading, loving, and supporting our website. Get further help with your queries by visiting our official website online help guide.

I will be back with a newly updated topic. Until then, stay tuned.

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