How Long Does A Temporary Post Ban On TikTok Last?

As the user base of TikTok grows, the number of bad actors on such platforms also increases. This has led to several people getting banned of different nature i.e. temporary and permanent. So how long does a temporary post ban on TikTok last? And is a permanent ban irreversible? Or is there a way you can get your account back once it is banned?

The temporary post ban on TikTok lasts for about 24 hours. During those hours you cannot post anything on TikTok and cannot comment or like any videos. This is often caused due to too many comments and likes done within a short period. The reason for it is that TikTok sees it as spam on the platform.

There are many different types of bans on TikTok. This is instituted according to the violations done by users and seeing the severity of the violations. TikTok has issued a community guideline for users to help understand what type of posts are allowed on the platform and what type of posts needs to be avoided. This article explains all the bans, timeframe, and consequences of the ban.

Please read the article in detail to understand more about the TikTok ban and how it is instituted on the users in case of violations.

Why Does TikTok Ban You?

TikTok is a growing platform. With the growing number of users, the need to regulate the content posted on the platform also becomes important. The fact that there is a high number of underage TikTok users makes it more complicated.

This is why platforms such as TikTok have employed content moderators to filter out contents that violate the community guidelines of TikTok. These content moderators look at content with the help of the TikTok algorithm and determine if this content violates the platform’s community guidelines.

So if you posted any content that violates the community guidelines gets you banned on TikTok. The ban is instituted according to the severity of the violations. The content moderators determine how severe is your violations and they are solely responsible to determine the penalty for the violation.

As you may expect, this sets dangerous precedence ahead. Sometimes the things that are normal civil discourse are determined as a violation and the users get banned. This is the result of having the sole power in the hands of some moderators to determine if anything is good or bad. The community guidelines of TikTok also have several loopholes that leave enough space for the moderators to misuse their powers. And also the fact those moderators are not diverse enough and do not come from several walks of life does not help it.

This means a user should be extra careful in posting anything that is off the normal content found on the platform. And if you are sensitive to these kinds of blatant bans and censorship, you should keep away from the platform.

There are enough evidence and comments from inside the tech industry that sheds light on how blatant these bans work inside TikTok and the whole tech community.

Keeping these things aside, you can always play it safe on the platform and avoid getting banned. Just follow the Trends and the guidelines.

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How Long Does Temporary Post Ban On TikTok Last?

So you got banned on TikTok? Now how do you know what type of ban is it? Is it a temporary ban or a permanent one? And how long does a temporary ban on TikTok last?

To understand this we need to look at each of the bans and their variations.

Temporary Ban On TikTok

There are several types of temporary Post bans on TikTok. Each of them is explained below.

Shadow-Banning On TikTok

Shadowbanning is a form of ban where you will be restricted to exposure. This means that you will be shown less and less on the ForYou page and you will get fewer views and likes on the content you post.

This ban is one of the most misused bans by TikTok. In case of anything that you post goes against the narrative of the moderators or the internal team of TikTok about a subject, results in you getting shadowbanned.

This ban lasts 14 days as per TikTok and can be instituted again and again if you violate the community guidelines. To know if you are being shadowbanned, you can go to the analytics tool and check the ForYou page ratio. If the ratio is much lower than on previous days, this means you are being shadowbanned.

Live Stream Ban On TikTok

This ban particularly applies to people who watch live streams on TikTok. If you said anything bad or wrong in the comments of a Livestream, you will be subjected to this ban.

This ban often lasts from 24 hrs to 48 hrs and during this time, you won’t be able to Livestream or comment on any Livestream for this period.

Temporary Post Ban On TikTok

A temporary post ban on TikTok is mostly instituted on major violations of the TikTok community guidelines. If your content is deemed offensive or includes depiction or support for violence, sexual, offensive to certain groups, etc that is prohibited in the guidelines, you will be temporarily banned.

This ban is notified to you or you can go to your profile and see that the following, followers, likes, etc are replaced with the ‘-’ sign instead of actual counts. This ban can last from 24 hours to a month depending on the violation.

Permanent Ban On TikTok

This is the ultimate ban. If you have several temporary bans and still violate the guidelines or have a single severe violation, you will be subjected to this ban. This ban is often irreversible and the best solution is to create another account and abandon this account.

But you can still appeal for review. And if the review by TikTok determines that the permanent ban was a mistake, your account will be reinstated. But there is a slim to no chance of this happening if there is a violation.

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How To Get A Banned Account Back On TikTok?

As already mentioned in the above section of this article, there is only two way you can get any banned account back i.e. Wait for the ban to get lifted or Appeal for review.

You can wait for the said timeframe for any ban to get lifted. You first need to find what type of ban is done on your account. Again the timeframe is explained in the previous section of this article. And you can wait for that timeframe to get the ban lifted.

Or you can go to the report a problem section from the settings and privacy page and ask for a review of the ban. You can also email the TikTok support staff and ask for a manual review.

As we know, the ban is almost automated and is mostly done first by the algorithm. In some cases, the algorithm wrongly determines that there is a violation of the community guidelines. If this happens to your account, the TikTok manual review will probably reinstate your account.

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Things To Remember Not To Get Banned Again On TikTok

There are some things that you need to always remember while creating content on TikTok. These things will help you to not get banned again and again.

Do Not Post Sexually Explicit Contents On TikTok

Posting sexually explicit content is prohibited on TikTok. This is particularly a blanket term and TikTok does not specify what is sexually explicit and what is not. So this type of content should be avoided on the platform.

You need to be careful with your content when it comes to minors also. TikTok does take a lot of care when it comes to content with minors in it.

Do Not Depict Substance Abuse Or Illegal Activity On TikTok

Any content which depicts substance abuse such as drugs, smoking, and drinks is particularly sensitive on TikTok. If you upload content promoting these things, your account may get banned. So avoid such contents at any cost.

Also, illegal activity such as the destruction of public property, violation of laws, etc should be avoided on TikTok.

Do Not Post Dangerous Acts And Violent Graphics On TikTok

Any content that includes dangerous acts and violent graphics is deemed not okay on TikTok. If you show stunts that are harmful and may result in death or injury, your account may get banned.

But there is still is a fine line in determining what acts are dangerous and violent. As we can still see TikTok does allow some dangerous stunts with a notice below the video.

Do Not Bully Or Harass Others On TikTok

Bullying and harassing other users should also be avoided. Still, there is no indication of what is bullying or harassment. The moderators are solely responsible for this determination.

So you need to be extra careful when you criticize people or place an opposing view on the platform. The best is that you avoid much interaction on the platform with people.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some frequently asked questions related to the platform are taken from the internet. Please go through the questions and their answers to understand more about TikTok.

How Long Does A TikTok Appeal Take?

Once you submit an appeal to TikTok, it often takes less than 24 hours to get resolved. At maximum, 3 days is said to be the most time for any appeal to resolve.

How To Submit An Appeal On TikTok?

You can submit an appeal on TikTok in two ways. The first one is to go to the report a problem section of TikTok and write an appeal for TikTok support. The second one is to write an email directly to TikTok support and ask for the solution to your problem.

What Are TikTok Community Guidelines?

TikTok community guideline is a formal document issued by TikTok informing the users on what type of content needs to be avoided on the platform. It outlines several types of content that will violate the guidelines and that those contents need to be avoided.


Therefore, a temporary post ban on TikTok lasts for about 24 hours. But there is still a chance that the ban will not be lifted for up to a month in some cases of violation. Most minor violations are lifted within 24 hrs and if there is a significantly severe violation, it will also result in a permanent ban.

There is a document issued by TikTok on how long a ban lasts. All the information on this topic comes from the experience of users.