Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot A Story 

Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot A Story

Instagram is a photo and video sharing application that was launched back in 2010. By 2021, it is one of the most famous social media applications used. To make their features more user friendly, Instagram has features such as stories, reels, IGTV and many more catered to the public. Among these, users may sometimes take screenshots for their requirements and be wary of whether the other person can know of the screenshots. So, does Instagram notify when you screenshot a story? Read more to find out.

Overall, the screenshot notifications on Instagram are of two specific types. First, Instagram sends users a notification on their notification bar and also a small icon indicating the screenshot takes place. However, there is no definite indication of an Instagram story screenshot. There are other features on Instagram where users will get a screenshot notification.

What Does Screenshot Mean

Before we look into the screenshot notifications on Instagram, you need to understand what a screenshot means and how it works. Whenever you want to capture the content of your screen, you can take a screenshot. The screenshot feature is available in iOS devices, Android devices and even your PC.

When you take a screenshot, the content on the screen saves as a picture on your gallery of the device. So, if you have no other way to save the content on the screen then taking a screenshot is handy.

Instagram Notifications For Screenshots

Instagram has the notification feature for screenshots in their specific features. Usually, the notification is sent as a notification to the other user on their notification bar. There is also a small starburst circle icon next to the item that you screenshot.

Does Instagram Notify Story Screenshots

The answer to this query is simple. Instagram does not notify a user if you screenshot their story. This includes notifications for both photos and videos shared on the Instagram story. You can also first see how to post a story on Instagram.

You might choose to screenshot an Instagram story as it is available on the application only for 24 hours. Unless the user keeps the story as a highlight, it will disappear from Instagram.

Also, keep in mind that Instagram rolled out the feature to notify users when they take screenshots of stories back in 2018. Though, this feature was taken down months after it’s release. The feature may be activated, as it is not impossible, so be wary of an update for the screenshot notifications for Instagram story content.

Instagram Notification For Feed Posts

Similar to an Instagram story content, Instagram does not send screenshot notifications for feed posts. If you take a screenshot of a user’s profile, specific post or IGTV and reel videos, the user does not get a notification.

Also, if you screen record the video posts on the Instagram user’s profile, that will also not be notified.

Does Instagram Notify Direct Messages Screenshots

On the other hand, Instagram does send notifications of screenshots taken in direct messages. However, unlike Snapchat, if you take a screenshot of the entire direct message conversation thread then Instagram does not send a notification.

The only time a screenshot notification is sent for an Instagram direct message is if you screenshot a disappearing message. The user will get a notification in their notification bar, and there will be the screenshot icon right next to the disappearing message.

Instagram Notifications For User Profiles

Similar to an Instagram story and feed post, the screenshots for profiles are not notified. When you want to take a screenshot of a profile of another user, you do not have to worry about the user finding out. Instagram will not send a notification in this case.

How To Save Video/Photo Posts Without Screenshots

If you are looking into taking screenshots to save the content on a user’s Instagram, then you might be interested to know you can save Instagram content. There is a bookmark feature on Instagram that lets you save posts for future reference. The steps to bookmark a post are below, and the steps are the same for both iOS devices and Android devices.

Step 1: Launch Instagram On Your Device

First, launch Instagram on your device by tapping on it. On the login landing page, log in with your username and password. Instagram will then open to your home page.

Step 2: Open Post You Want To Bookmark

On the home page, tap on the post you want to save for later by bookmarking it.

Step 3: Tap On The Bookmark Icon

On the bottom right corner of the post, you will see a bookmark icon. Tap on it, it will turn to white. You will get the option to add the bookmarked content to an album. Then, either create a new one or add it to an existing album. You can also save only the post alone.

Step 4: Go To Saved Content To Check Bookmarks

To see the bookmarked posts ; go to your profile. Tap on the circular profile icon on the bottom right corner of the screen. There, tap on the three lined hamburger icon on the top right corner of the screen. There, choose the ‘Saved’ option. Your bookmarks will then open after you tap on it.

How To Avoid Screenshot Notifications On Instagram

Now that we know the features where Instagram sends a screenshot notification, how can you avoid these notifications if you do not want the other user to find out? Here are different steps you can follow to avoid the screenshot notification when you capture a disappearing message on Instagram.

Keep Your Device On Airplane Mode

Keeping your phone on airplane mode when you take a screenshot is a foolproof way of making sure the screenshot notification is not sent. First, put your phone on airplane mode and open the disappearing message then take a screenshot. Since your wifi or mobile data does not work in airplane mode, the photo might not load. In this case, open the disappearing message first, tap on it to keep it open and quickly turn the airplane mode on. Then, take a quick screenshot of the photo/video.

Take A Screenshot From PC

Another method you can use to avoid screenshot notifications is to use your web browser to take a screenshot. You can open the direct messages on your PC and open the disappearing message from there. Then, take a screenshot without a notification.

Take A Picture From Another Device

Something else you can do is to take a picture of the message from the camera from another device. Though this will not give the same results as a screenshot, it is a safe method.

Reminder : Even though you can avoid the screenshot notification with these methods, keep in mind that you should be respectful of someone’s image, sensitive content. Keep in mind that consent is required to share the personal information of someone else.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions on Instagram notify when you screenshot a story are below.

Can I See Who Screenshots My Stories On Instagram

Just as how others will not get a notification when you screenshot their story, you won’t get a notification either. So, there is no way in which you can tell if someone screenshots your Instagram stories. Unless Instagram adds this feature to the application, you cannot find this out.

Can You Screenshot An Instagram Story

Yes, you can screenshot an Instagram story. The screenshot feature is available on all devices and you can apply this to take screenshots on Instagram. The various notifications and how to avoid them when taking screenshots are in the above article.

Does Instagram Send Screenshot Notifications For Close Friends Stories

Similar to the Instagram stories, your close friend’s story is not an exception. So, even if you take a screenshot of a story from your close friend’s list, it will not be notified to the user.


In conclusion, the answer to does Instagram notify when you screenshot a story is a simple no. However, this is not true for all the available features on Instagram. Hence, you need to be mindful of the features such as the disappearing messages in your direct messages where a screenshot notification is sent. Overall, the only time this feature was rolled out by Instagram was in 2018 and it was again taken down. So, unless Instagram brings the feature back again, you cannot get a notification when someone screenshots an Instagram story.

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