15 Best Hackintosh Laptops for 2022 [Complete Review]

Best Hackintosh Laptops

Hackintosh is the ongoing trend resembling ‘best of both worlds’ as it is a modified version of Apple’s Mac OS that can run on non-Apple devices. One thing to keep in mind while thinking of installing macOS into a windows laptop is the hardware. Not any device can run macOS, you need a device that has hardware that is compatible with the macOS. Before we … Read more

Product Review Unboxing March 2 201...
Product Review Unboxing March 2 2015 - ExperimentalHomesteader.com Sheri Ann Richerson

10 Best Budget Fitness Tracker Under $50 [Updated 2022]

fitness tracker under 50

What if I told you, you can get an amazing fitness tracker with most of the important tracking features, right now for less than $50? Isn’t that amazing? Thanks to technology, fitness trackers today are getting cheaper, and cheaper fitness trackers are getting better. Among that cheap and bad-ass fitness tracker, I have come up with 10 Budget Fitness Tracker under $50. What would you … Read more

Are Teespring Shirts Good Quality [Teespring Product Review 2022]

Are Teespring Shirts Good Quality

Are you thinking about selling your product or buying a product in Teespring? Whichever you are, it is important to know what quality of product Teespring offers. This will help us to determine whether it’s a good idea to purchase certain merchandise from Teespring or not. Teespring is a huge e-commerce company but are Teespring products good quality? In short, yes, Teespring products such as … Read more

Is Teespring a Scam or Legit Site [Complete Review 2022]

Is Teespring a Scam or legit site

Nowadays you can find lots of websites that provide services to design and sell our custom products. All you have to do is choose a creative design, make your merchandise and sell it to a large audience over the internet. You might have already guessed about that site, right? Yes, I’m talking about the Teespring. Teespring is a free online merchandize site that layout an … Read more

Top 15 Affordable Smartwatch That You Can Buy in 2022

Top 15 affordable smartwatch that you can buy for 2020

With the advancement of technology and nanotechnology, the size of any technology (especially mobile devices) is diminishing. Despite the size, the devices do include powerful processors and many important features that make them smart in nature. Therefore, nowadays devices are not only portable but wearable as well. Yes, I am talking about the smartwatch. From the walls of houses and offices to our wrist, the … Read more

List of All Huawei Smart Bands 2022 [Updated]

List of All Huawei Smart Bands

It has been a long time since Huawei has entered into fitness trackers. Not only have the company been providing a decent smart band with tons of features, but they are also providing budget-friendly fitness bands anyone can afford. So, today I have come up with an article giving you a short description of the list of Huawei smart bands that are on the market … Read more

Wearable by Garmin: Fitness Trackers in 2021

Wearables by garmin: fitness tracker in 2020

An average person staying at home and telling you that staying fit is important. What greater sadness could there be when all your gym equipment is at the gym, and you’re going to be locked down in your house. Well, there’s nothing that can stop our will to stay fit especially in this moment of the health crisis of 2020. What if we can keep … Read more

Avast Antivirus Review 2022 [Updated]

Avast Antivirus Review 2020

Avast is one of the most popular Antiviruses out there. It claimed to have the largest cloud network. Avast does have a ton of users and a fairly decent UI. The company offers a complete internet security package with an easy-to-use interface. It has few notable security features like safe browsing with VPN function, windshield. Besides, Avast Antivirus also includes protection against phishing sites, identity function with various account security features, … Read more

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 and Band 3 [Updated 2022]

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 and Band 3

To date, Xiaomi Inc has launched its 4 fitness trackers in the budget segments since the launch of Mi Band 1s in the year. And the latest version of the Xiaomi Mi band is the Mi Band 4. Today in this article, I will be comparing the Mi band 4 with its previous version Mi band 3. Which will let you know the differences and … Read more

Best 6 Free Online Virus Scanners 2022 [Updated]

Best 6 Free Online Virus Scanners

Security for our computer system is our priority because we don’t want to lose our precious data. Though we have installed a good antivirus and anti-malware software to protect our computer system from potential threats but sometimes it does not scan or detect all viruses and Maus, adware from our computer. We have to frequently update the latest antivirus program in order to protect our … Read more