Best Hybrid Smartwatch 2022: List of 15 Best Hybrid Smartwatch

Best Hybrid Smartwatch 2020

Watch has been a symbol of status and class ever since its invention.  With time, the desire for the watches has changed from analog to digital to smartwatch and hybrid smartwatch. However,  it is not easy to select the best hybrid smartwatch as they are quite a few in the market.

What Is Hybrid Smartwatch?

As much as we like the specifications and functionality of a smartwatch, there is no denying that traditional, non-smart watches look way more classy and better than a smartwatch. 

Well, thanks to the inventors of hybrid smartwatches because of which its possible to get something that looks like a regular watch but offers the best feature of the smartwatch.

It is the blend of both traditional watches and modern smartwatch. This means it consists of the classic analog design with smart technology which makes it more classy.

Hybrid Smartwatch vs Smartwatch 


A hybrid smartwatch is a fusion between the regular traditional watch and a modern smartwatch i.e. it combines some connected features with traditional watch mechanisms

While smartwatch only has smart features with a touchscreen. It lacks a traditional blend.

Despite this, they share many features along with basic features such as notifying calls, texts, emails, health and fitness tools, etc.


This is the major difference between a smartwatch and a hybrid smartwatch. Since a hybrid smartwatch consists of a classic traditional design but smartwatch keeps your fashion reputation intact with trending style.

Battery Life

Usually, the hybrid smartwatch has an extended battery life ranging from 6 months to 2 years while a smartwatch can last all day depending upon its usages.


Generally, the hybrid smartwatch is comparatively less expensive than its smart counterparts. But in some models, the hybrid smartwatch is a bit more expensive.

What Can a Hybrid Smartwatch Do?

Most of the hybrid smartwatch share the same functionality among them. Since its a mixture of traditional designs with modern technology, they have basic features along with a variety of additional features as well.

A hybrid smartwatch connects with your smartphones and runs its operation through its apps. Functions like tracking activity, step count, heart rate, etc. along with alerting the phone calls, texts, and other notification through vibrations are a few additional functions that it carries out.

Some hybrid smartwatch is screen touch and even allows you to control music and click photos as well as save 10-12 contact information.

With extended battery life, they are capable to run for a longer duration ranging from 6 months to 2 years.

List Of 15 Best Hybrid Smartwatch

Withings Steel HR 

Withings Steel HR 

Amazon Buy Link: Withings Steel HR 

Price: $164.24

Manufacturer: Nokia

If you are fitness enthusiasts, you will want this hybrid smartwatch. It has featured such as heart rate monitoring, connected GPS with a classy design that you would love.

A discrete OLED display is on the top that provides you detail such as steps count, distance, calories, heart rate, alarm times, along with incoming calls, messages, and events.

Furthermore, it’s waterproof so that you can use it even in the shower without getting ruined, and sometimes it is also known as Nokia Steel HR.

Misfit Phase

Misfit Phase

Price: $130.00

Manufacturer: Misfit

Misfit Phase is the perfect combination of classic design with a modern smartwatch. It offers a sleek and stylish design with some genuinely useful functionality.

Also, this hybrid smartwatch has an impressive battery life of six months. On top of that, it is one of the cheapest hybrid smartwatches with excellent quality.

However, if you are looking for a hybrid smartwatch with an extensive fitness tracking function, we will recommend not buying this model. As it lacks this feature. But it has classic looks and makes you appear elegant when worn on your hand.

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Withings Move ECG

Withings Move ECG

Price: $167.49

Manufacturer: Withings

If you have thought that electrocardiogram (ECG) was limited only to expensive smartwatches from Apple and Samsung then be prepared to think again. Withings have brought this feature(ECG) in Hybrid Smartwatch.

For the same, you will have a metal bezel that you need to press for 30 seconds to measure the electrical activity of your heart. 

The health fitness and ECG feature Hybrid Smartwatch is equally the best in its classic white and black design. furthermore, it also tracks your running, swimming, and sleep.

Despite its, ECG function, and being part of the health tech ecosystem, it is quite an expensive Hybrid Smartwatch.

Garmin Vivomove HR 

Garmin Vivomove HR 

Amazon Buy Link: Garmin Vivomove HR 


Manufacturer: Garmin

If you are looking to get serious about the wellbeing of your health and fitness, then this hybrid smartwatch is the best option. Apart from activating tracking and heart rate monitoring, this watch also has the feature of a wellness monitoring tool

If you are a gym person, then we recommend you to use this hybrid smartwatch. Likewise, it has a decent battery life as well as a stress monitoring feature.

You will have a touchscreen display with a traditional design in this watch. And this makes it stand out in the crowd

So, this watch might be your first option if you are concerned with your health and fitness.

Fossil Q Men’s Grant Stainless Steel and Leather Hybrid

Fossil Q Men's Grant Stainless Steel and Leather Hybrid

Amazon Buy Link: Fossil Q Men’s Grant Stainless Steel

Price: $175

Manufacturer: Fossil

It is no doubt that Fossils’ watch is highly popular with great designs. Similarly, this hybrid smartwatch is another masterpiece of Fossils’. It does everything you need it to do with a hint of fashion.

Likewise, with good battery life and leather band, it is perfect for both formal and casual dress code. You will find customizable buttons as well and your smartphone notification is announced with a gentle buzz on the wrist.

Similarly, it looks more attractive with the presence of roman numbers.

Skagen Holst

Skagen Holst

Amazon Buy Link: Skagen Holst

Price: $175

Manufacturer: Skagen

The beauty of this smartwatch is how it hides its technology with a beautiful classic design. Similar to another hybrid smartwatch, it has fitness tools such as tracking exercise and sleep, Bluetooth connection, notification of text and calls, etc. 

It has an excellent battery life of six months. Similarly, you will like its design that makes your appearance gentle. However, it lacks GPS features. 

Frederique Constant Classic Hybrid

Hybrid Smartwatch

Amazon Buy Link: Frederique Constant Classic Hybrid

Price: $2125.92

Manufacturer: Frederique Constant 

One of the best Swiss watch that has a traditional Swiss touch with modern technology in it. If you like a beautiful classic design watch, this Swiss rand might be best for you.

Though it lacks a heart rate monitoring tool and GPS feature, its design is so cool that it grabs your attention easily.

On the other hand, this watch runs even after its battery runs out due to its automatic movement with a seven-day power reserve.

Skagen Signatur Connected Hybrid

Skagen Signatur Connected Hybrid

Price: $129.00

Manufacturer: Skagen

Like other Skagen hybrid smartwatch, it also has a range of features such as phone connectivity, activity tracking, music control, and so on.

A beautiful display with a blend of modern design makes this watch a high-end product. You will love its inner display consisting of numbers written in small size.

Moreover, the presence of this watch makes your appearance elegant in both casual as well as formal attire.

Misfit Command

Misfit Command


Manufacturer: Misfit

A classic model with modern technology inside, this watch has a superb battery life of one year. Along with it, it has basic fitness tracking technology as well.

Likewise, another great feature of this hybrid smartwatch is that you can create a contact in the app and number them between 1 – 12. Hence, whenever you get a call from those numbers, your watch will point to that corresponding number.

Despite those features, this hybrid smartwatch lacks GPS connectivity and heart rate monitoring tech.

Misfit Path

Misfit Path

Amazon Buy Link: Misfit Path

Price: $89.99

Manufacturer: Misfit

This is another popular Hybrid Smartwatch that has functions such as activity tracker, music control, customizable smart buttons, metal design, etc. likewise, its also able to track fitness stats.

You will experience a great battery life that lasts for around six months long. Moreover,  its design is simple and makes you look more elegant.

However, you must a bit careful as its glass is easy to smudge and this watch is unusable in the dark

Fossil Q Commuter

Fossil Q Commuter

Amazon Buy Link: Fossil Q Commuter

Price: $119

Manufacturer: Fossil

When you are constantly in the search of the reliable hybrid smartwatch, you can count on Fossil Q Commuter. With its stylishly simple design, you will love to spend a lofty sum in it.

The major attraction is its three-button for controlling your phone function. Likewise, you will have a good battery life of one year. 

Apart from this, you will also be able to track your daily step, get a range of notifications, control music, take pictures, and track other activity.

However, you will be missing heart-rate monitors and GPS with this watch.

Breitling Exospace B55 Connected 

Breitling Exospace B55

Amazon Buy Link: Breitling Exospace B55

Price: $4875

Manufacturer: Breitling SA

It is the most expensive watch on this list. Generally, the hybrid smartwatch as comparatively cheaper than their smarter counterparts. But, this particular Hybrid watch is a bit different.

Made up of titanium and carbon, this watch has an electronic tachymeter for recording flight and other functions. 

If you are a Pilot or anyone you know are in that field, this watch will be a good option to gift them. Because of its heavy technology, a normal person will not prefer this watch.

However, you will have a feature like notifications alert, phone calls, etc.

Garmin Vivimove 3S

Garmin Vivimove 3S

Amazon Buy Link: Garmin Vivimove 3S

Price: $196.16

Manufacturer: Garmin

Another great Hybrid smartwatch by Garmin having a screen touch feature. You will feel stylish and comfortable wearing this watch. 

Apart from this, you will love to have a watch connected to GPS for tracking steps and other activities. Similarly, it delivers notification when you receive the call as well as texts.

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Kronaby Sekel

Kronaby Sekel

Amazon Buy Link: Kronaby Sekel

Price: $350.00

Manufacturer: Kronaby

When you compare other Hybrid Smartwatch with Knronaby Sakel, you will find the way is has hidden its technology under its traditional face. Along with its traditional design, it has a powerful battery that lasts up to 2 years.

You will have the privilege to control your phone’s camera through a button. In addition to this, it is a waterproof Hybrid Smartwatch and you can control your smart home appliances through your watch within a certain circumference.

Though its price is quite a heavy one, the functionality of this watch is admirable.

Fossil Hybrid HR Collider

Fossil Hybrid HR Collider

Amazon Buy Link: Fossil Hybrid HR Collider

Price: $195

Manufacturer: Fossil

Fossils brand is the first choice for many people. This model of hybrid smartwatch lacks touchscreen features, but you will enjoy the basic activity such as activity tracking, phone notification, customized display, etc.

Not only you will have a great design, but also you will have in many variations, including black-brown with a leather band, smoke with a stainless steel band, and silver with a black silicone band.

However, you will lack GPS connectivity in this hybrid smartwatch.

What To Look For While Purchasing a Hybrid Smartwatch?

The choice of the hybrid smartwatch is greater than that of a full touch screen smartwatch. Unlike smartwatch, hybrid smartwatch choice depends on its design, battery life, the modern feature of smartwatch it possesses.

It is its design that most people seek for while purchasing this kind of watch. Unlike smartwatches, that put their technology ahead of aesthetics, the hybrid smartwatch looks more like a regular traditional watch.

Some hybrid smartwatch has heart rate monitoring tools but some don’t. Thus, if you want your watch to guide you in your health and fitness then you will need to focus this feature in mind.

Which One To Choose?

Generally, all hybrid smartwatch has a similar function. However, its the design that you should look for while purchasing a hybrid smartwatch.

Withings Steel HR, Withings Move ECG, and Misfit Command are the best three that I would personally consider looking for.

Withings Steel HR and MIsfit Command have the traditional design blended in smart features at affordable prices. While Withings Move ECG has the most unique feature if you are health and fitness concerned. 

Last Word

Finally, hybrid smartwatch, as the name suggests, these watches are the amalgamation of traditional classic watches with the smartwatch. They have limited functionality compared with the smartwatch.

It usually offers a classy looking face with a dial or two displaying information like the heart rate, battery life, notifications, and many more. 

However, if you are more concerned about your fitness, then this kind of watch might not be the best option for you.

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