2 in 1 Wonder: Fitness Tracker With Built-in Earbuds in 2022

2 in 1 Wonder: Fitness Tracker With Built-in Earbuds in 2020

Today we are discussing the best fitness tracker with built-in earbuds in 2022. So head through the whole article and decide on which one you are going to buy.

Over the past few years, fitness trackers have become real trendsetters. A lot of companies are fighting to create wearables with tons of new features for the customers. For someone who wants to adopt healthier habits, a fitness tracker is a must-have.

Let’s say, fitness tracker has become an electronic security guard for your health. From activity tracking, measuring your heartbeat, picking up smart notifications for calls, texts, and social media updates, playing your favorite songs to paying on the go, fitness tracker has got you covered. However, it is the nature of human beings to demand and expect more not from people only but from electronic gadgets as well. Our high expectations have led the companies to add new exciting features which are, hands down, the best! One of the features is the 2 in 1 built-in wireless Bluetooth earphones. Isn’t it fascinating?

Nonetheless, only a handful of companies have added this feature. Hopefully, other companies would also add this feature along with other new attractive features very soon.

Now, throw that stopwatch, notebook, and pedometer away and have a look at the list of all the 2 in 1 fitness tracker with built-in earbuds.

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Huawei Talkband B2

Price: $100-$220

Colour: Black, Silver, Gold

The new Huawei Talkband B2 is more than just your usual fitness tracker. This is a fitness band and Bluetooth headset combined into one device. This model is the second generation, smart and Huawei. The Talkband B2 measures the steps you take each day, a number of calories burned and tracks your sleep like any other fitness trackers. But, there’s a special stopwatch made to time and track your individual workouts. Also, the detachable Bluetooth headset makes the band stand out among others. The Bluetooth connect takes care of voice calls and other social media.

The headset fits comfortably in the ear, and the speech quality is quite good. Also, this model is compatible with both Android and IOS. It has a PMOLED display touchscreen and is resistant to water and dust. The Talkband B2 offers excellent battery life is 12 days as a standby time and up to 5 days as usage time.

Huawei provides 24 months warranty for its products.

Huawei Talkband B3

Price: $190-$282

Colour: Black, White, Brown, Titanium, Beige

Huawei Talkband B3 is comparatively better than Huawei Talkband B2. Along with a branded damage-resistant glass and OLED touchscreen, this model has 1.1 newer Bluetooth version. This fitness tracker also has a smarter health-tracking feature that automatically detects and adjusts to various types of physical activities. The innovative Cap-sensor keeps better track of your sleeping patterns accurately. Due to the high-grade CSR chip, optimized antenna, and noise reduction algorithm, you can hear high-quality sound from the Bluetooth headset even in the crowded environment. You can also pair Talkband B3 with your Android or IOS smartphone. You can track accurate weather information and receive smart notifications with this device that has a battery life of 3 to 4 days and 6 hours of talk time.

Huawei Talkband B3 Lite

Price: $79.99

Colour: Black, Blue, Orange, Red, Green

The Huawei Talkband B3 Lite is a similar version of Huawei Talkband B3, except for the display. This fashionable model has an OLED display but without a touchscreen. Its price is also quite cheaper than the previous models, maybe because of the lack of touchscreen. With hypoallergenic straps, the device also can be popped out and used as a headset to receive and make phone calls. The Talkband B3 has a battery life of 3 to 4 days and 6 hours of talk time.

Huawei Talkband B5

Price: $198-$225

Colour: Black, Glacier Gray, Serenity Blue, Mocha Brown, Titanium Gray

The new elegant Huawei Talkband B5 has a larger screen than its previous model. With AMOLED display touchscreen, this device can display a larger amount of information than before. The dual-mic noise canceling helps the conversation on the Bluetooth headset feel natural and clear. Huawei TruSleep can monitor different stages of sleep. Apart from the similar features like those of previous fitness trackers, this model can also track your heart rate 24/7 while running, walking, riding, and cycling. The Remote Camera Shutter is the additional feature of Talkband B5. A quick touch on the band can reduce blurriness while taking a selfie or night shot. It has a battery life of 3 and a half days and 6 hours of talk time.

Wearbuds by Airpower

Price: $179

Colour: White, Transparent, Black Coral, Mint (Limited Edition)

Wearbuds by Airpower is claimed to be the World’s First True Wireless Earbud with a Charging Fitness Band. True wireless built-in earbuds are all the rage right now, and this unique device has shaken things up by combining true wireless earbuds with a wrist-based fitness tracker. The interesting part about this device is that you can put both earbuds in the fitness tracking wristband, which can then charge the earbuds. So, you don’t have to carry the charging case anymore. The fun part is both buds can be operated independently.

With the very latest version 5.0 of the wireless technology, Wearbuds cuts out external sounds because of the premium ear-tips available in a range of sizes. Qualcomm’s advance chipset with Bluetooth Version 5.0 technology enables fast and easy hands-free calling. This device monitors your heart rate and sleep patterns, counts steps and calories burned, and also picks up smartphone notifications. Wearbuds are water-resistant, so you need not worry about the touchscreen during rain or humidity. This model has a battery life of up to 7 days.

Lemfo M1

Price: $44.99-$48.59

Colour: Black, Red

The Lemfo M1 fitness tracker with built-in earbuds has an anti-finger transflective touchscreen that allows calling, message, email, and pick up app notifications. This lightweight model has an accumulated GPS and compass function. With the MultiSports Tracking function, you can track runs, cycling, map routes, and get your body stats. This device also monitors heart rate, sleep, and calories with a battery life of 120 mAh. Lemfo M1 can be used in both IOS and Android smartphones.

Lemfo T89

Price: $62.49-$67.49

Colour: Starry Blue, Champagne Gold, Black

The Lemfo T89 is also a combination of 5.0 true wireless built-in earbuds and fitness tracker watch. Available in three different colors, you can enjoy the features like heart rate test, blood pressure test, step counting, mileage, consumption, sleep monitoring, take photos as well as pick up smart notifications. The uniquely crafted Bluetooth headset has an intelligent noise reduction feature so that you can hear the HiFi quality sound. The built-in Bluetooth 5.0 chip can easily connect to any smartphone and can achieve two times higher speed. This waterproof fitness tracker has a battery capacity of 150 mAh.

Lemfo LT04

Price: $33.99-$43.99

Colour: Black, Blue 

The slick Lemfo LT04 comes with a fantastic design and two different colors. This two-in-one Bluetooth headphone plus smart-band has health and fitness tracker features that monitor heart rate, blood oxygen, sleep, blood pressure, includes pedometer as well as receives notifications. With the latest Bluetooth Version 5.0, the battery capacity of this band is 160 mAh with 7 days of normal usage.

2 in 1 M8 Smart Bracelet Talkband Bluetooth Headset

Price: $57.95

Colour: White, Black, Brown

Crafted with high-end materials, the detail-focused 2 in 1 M8 Smart Bracelet has a pop-up Bluetooth headphone. This model can support two phones (Android and IOS) simultaneously. This device has a built-in 3D sensor that can detect and show your real-time body status. You can make or receive calls (no need to worry about missing calls), set goals, reminders, alarm, and get smart notifications. Besides, this waterproof and dustproof touchscreen smart bracelet has an integrating pedometer and data synchronization features. With the battery capacity of 7 days and 6 hours of talk time, this device can be a great companion for your daily life.

A1 Smart BT Dual Earbuds Bracelet

Price: $53

Colour: Black

If you are on a budget and looking for a good fitness tracker, then A1 Smart BT Dual Earbuds Bracelet is the one for you. This watch and earbuds combo has all the features that you are looking for in a smart band. From activity tracking, capturing photos, sleep tracking, tracking blood pressure to getting smart notifications, this model is at your service. Available in color black, A1 Smart Bracelet has a battery life of 3 to 4 days. Although it’s doesn’t have a touchscreen, this device can be connected and enjoyed on both Android and IOS.


So, ladies and gentlemen, these are the list of electronic wonders with distinctive features that are pretty much worth the hype. You can listen and groove to your favorite songs and track your health stats all in one go with these 2 in 1 device. Hey, what are you waiting for? Choose the one that suits your taste and preferences and enjoy the features of these fancy devices.

So which one you are going to buy? Let us know in the comment section down below.

Happy Surfing!

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