Why Are My YouTube Comments Disappearing? 

Why Are My YouTube Comments Disappearing

Why are your YouTube comments disappearing? Engaging with others on the platform can be frustrating, only to see your comments vanish. In this article, we will surf the reasons behind the mysterious disappearance of YouTube comments and provide insights into what might be causing this issue.

To fix YouTube comments disappearing, follow these steps: review community guidelines, avoid spam, engage respectfully, verify account status, contact the video creator, report technical issues, avoid restricted terms, increase engagements, clear browser cache, and cookies, and seek help from YouTube support.

Whether you’re a content creator or an avid viewer, understanding why your YouTube comments go missing is essential for maintaining a vibrant and interactive community. So join us as we dive into the world of disappearing YouTube comments and uncover possible solutions to this perplexing problem.

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What Will Happen If YouTube Comments Disappear

If YouTube comments were to disappear, it would significantly impact the overall user experience and engagement on the platform. Here are a few consequences that could arise:

1. Communication Breakdown

Comments serve as a vital means of communication between creators and viewers and among the viewers themselves. Disappearing comments would hinder the ability to engage in discussions, share opinions, ask questions, or provide feedback, limiting the interactive nature of YouTube.

2. Reduced Community Interaction

YouTube’s comment section fosters a sense of community by allowing viewers to connect and the creators. If comments were to vanish, the community aspect would suffer, making YouTube feel more like a passive viewing experience rather than an interactive platform.

3. Impacted Content Quality

Comments often contribute valuable insights, additional information, or corrections related to the video content. Losing these comments would deprive creators and viewers of the opportunity to enhance their understanding or address any inaccuracies within the video.

4. Feedback And Engagement Loss

Comments play a crucial role in providing feedback to creators, helping them gauge audience reactions, preferences, and interests. Disappearing comments would make it challenging for creators to assess their content’s impact and adapt accordingly, potentially hindering their growth and improvement.

5. Negative User Experience

Users rely on comments for recommendations, suggestions, and discussions. Removing comments would diminish user experience, as viewers would miss out on valuable insights, alternative perspectives, or additional resources shared by fellow users.

Overall, the disappearance of YouTube comments would significantly diminish interactivity, community engagement, content quality, and the overall user experience on the platform.

Why Are My YouTube Comments Disappearing?

There can be several reasons why your YouTube comments are disappearing. Here are a few possible explanations:

1. YouTube’s Spam Filters

YouTube employs automated spam filters to protect the platform from unwanted and inappropriate content. These filters use algorithms to identify and remove comments that appear spammy, contain excessive links, or are repetitive.

2. Violation Of Community Guidelines

YouTube has strict community guidelines prohibiting content that violates its policies, such as hate speech, harassment, or explicit material. If users or the automated systems flag your comment as violating these guidelines, it may be removed.

3. Creator’s Comment Moderation

Video creators can moderate comments on their videos. They can review and approve comments before appearing publicly or disabling them altogether. If a creator decides to moderate comments and your comment doesn’t meet their criteria, it may not be visible to others.

4. Restricted Words Or Phrases

YouTube filters certain words or phrases commonly associated with spam, offensive language, or inappropriate content. If your comment includes these restricted terms, it may be automatically filtered or removed.

5. Negative Voting Or Reporting

Suppose your comment receives significant downvotes or is repeatedly reported by other users. In that case, it may trigger YouTube’s algorithms to consider it low-quality or potentially violate community guidelines, leading to its removal.

6. Account Restrictions Or Deletion

If your YouTube account has been restricted, suspended, or deleted due to violations of YouTube’s policies, any comments associated with that account may be hidden or removed as well.

7. Shadowbanning Or Limited Visibility

YouTube may employ shadowbanning techniques, where certain users or accounts hide their comments from public view without their knowledge. It can occur if YouTube suspects spamming or other policy violations.

8. Technical Glitches

Occasionally, technical issues or glitches within YouTube’s system can cause comments to disappear temporarily. These issues might be related to server errors, data synchronization problems, or other technical hiccups.

9. Comment Removal By Others

Users can delete or hide comments on their videos. If someone flags or removes your comment, it will no longer be visible to others.

10. Age Restriction Or Content Filters

YouTube implements age restrictions and content filters to protect viewers from inappropriate or sensitive material. It may be removed or hidden if your comment is deemed unsuitable for certain audiences or violates the content filters.

Remember that YouTube’s algorithms and moderation systems continuously evolve, and the reasons behind disappearing comments may vary. Therefore, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with YouTube’s community guidelines, engage in respectful and relevant discussions, and avoid spammy or offensive behavior to minimize the chances of your comments being removed.

How To Fix YouTube Comments Disappearing?

If you’re experiencing issues with your YouTube comments disappearing, here are some potential fixes you can try:

1. Check Community Guidelines

Ensure that your comments adhere to YouTube’s community guidelines. For example, avoid using offensive language, hate speech, or harassment. Following the guidelines can reduce the likelihood of flagging or removing your comments.

2. Avoid Spammy Behavior

Please refrain from posting repetitive or excessive comments, which can trigger YouTube’s spam filters. Additionally, avoid including too many links in your comments, as it may be seen as spam. Instead, maintain a natural and meaningful conversation to improve the visibility of your comments.

3. Engage Respectfully

Be respectful and constructive in your comments. Avoid engaging in personal attacks or spreading negativity. Constructive criticism and meaningful contributions are more likely to be valued and remain visible.

4. Verify Account Status

Ensure your YouTube account is in good standing and hasn’t been restricted or suspended. Restricted accounts may have their comments hidden or removed. If you suspect or face an issue with your account, contact YouTube’s support for assistance.

5. Contact The Video Creator

Contact the creator directly if your comments consistently disappear on a particular video. Politely inquire if there are any specific reasons your comments are being removed. They may provide insights or resolve any misunderstandings.

6. Report Technical Issues

If you suspect technical glitches are causing your comments to vanish, report the issue to YouTube’s support. Provide details about the problem, including the videos where the comments disappear.

7. Avoid Restricted Terms

Avoid using restricted words or phrases that could trigger YouTube’s filters. These terms may be associated with spam or offensive content. Using alternative wording or rephrasing your comments can help prevent them from being automatically removed.

8. Increase Engagement

Engage with the YouTube community by liking, subscribing, and leaving meaningful comments on other videos. Building a positive presence can help establish credibility and improve the visibility of your comments.

9. Clear Browser Cache And Cookies

Clearing your browser cache and cookies can resolve potential caching issues affecting comments’ visibility. Log out of your YouTube account, clear your cache and cookies, then log back in to see if the problem persists.

10. Seek Help From YouTube Support

If none of the above steps resolve the issue, contact YouTube’s support directly. Please provide them with details about the disappearing comments and any relevant information. Then, they can investigate and provide specific guidance or assistance.

Remember that some factors affecting comment visibility are beyond your control, such as individual video creator settings or YouTube’s algorithms. However, by following these fixes and guidelines, you can improve the chances of your comments remaining visible on the platform.

Why Does YouTube Keep Deleting My Comments?

One of the platform’s most significant features is YouTube’s comment section, which enables direct communication between a video creator and other audience members.

However, sometimes, your comments need to be included in the pipeline. You typed and sent them but can’t locate them in the comment section for unknown reasons. There could be several explanations for this:

1. Your Comments Is Flagged As Spam

Leaving the same comment on multiple videos can result in being flagged as spam. Likewise, it can occur if multiple users also flag your comments as spam.

You will lose certain privileges, such as commenting on videos if this occurs. In addition, YouTube’s algorithm will also treat any future comments as spam and remove them.

2. Your Comments Linked To An External Site

Leaving a link in a comment on a video likely results in its deletion. YouTube’s algorithm disapproves of comments containing external links as they divert viewers from the creator’s page and are often associated with spam.

This response results from the increasing presence of YouTube spambots, which commonly flood comment sections with external links leading to potentially harmful or deceptive websites.

Typically, YouTube will inform the content creator, who can either approve or delete the comment.

3. Your Comment Contains Explicit Language

As a family-friendly platform, YouTube follows a guideline prohibiting using vulgar or explicit language. Consequently, the platform may remove comments containing explicit words, regardless of their context.

4. Your Comment Is Classified As Hate Speech

YouTube has intensified its measures to address hate speech on the platform. Consequently, YouTube will eliminate displaying racial prejudice or promoting Nazi ideology.

Moreover, YouTube has broadened the definition of hate speech to encompass discrimination based on age, gender identity, caste, sexual orientation, religion, and other factors. Consequently, YouTube will remove it if your comment violates anti-hate speech guidelines.

5. Your Comment Is Offensive

Determining what is offensive can vary subjectively, as what one person may find objectionable, another may deem acceptable.

However, there are specific instances where YouTube will take action and remove comments. For instance, comments that glorify self-harm or promote suicide will be flagged as inappropriate and automatically deleted. Additionally, YouTube removes pornographic or sexually explicit comments.

Furthermore, if YouTube deems your comments emotionally harmful to other users, the app may also remove them.

6. Your Comments Are Pending Review

YouTube may not have deleted your comments at the moment. Certain channels utilize temporary holds on comments for review by the creator. This comment moderation practice can involve holding all comments, specifically those containing certain words.

If your comments do not appear, it could be due to either deletion or being placed on a review hold. On the other hand, if your comment receives approval, it will eventually be visible in the comments section. Unfortunately, there is no definitive way to determine your comments’ status.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Some of the most frequently asked questions about YouTube comments disappearing and other issues regarding YouTube are as follows:

Can YouTube’s Spam Filters Mistakenly Remove My Comments?

Yes, YouTube’s spam filters can sometimes mistakenly flag and remove comments that are not spam. These automated filters analyze factors such as repetitive content, excessive links, or suspicious activity. As a result, your comment may only be made public view if it is correctly identified as spam.

Are There Specific Words Or Phrases That Can Trigger YouTube’s Comment Filters?

Yes, specific words, phrases, or even emojis may trigger YouTube’s comment filters. These filters are designed to catch inappropriate or spammy content. If your comment includes restricted terms or violates community guidelines, it may be automatically hidden or removed.

Why Do Comments Sometimes Disappear Even When They Don’t Violate Any Guidelines?

There are various reasons why comments may disappear, even if they do not violate community guidelines. For example, it could be due to technical glitches, temporary server issues, or data synchronization problems within YouTube’s system. In such cases, the comments may reappear once the issue is resolved.

Can Comment Visibility Be Affected By Downvotes Or Reports From Other Users?

Indeed, comments that receive a substantial number of downvotes or are consistently reported by other users may be flagged for review by YouTube’s algorithms. Consequently, depending on the outcome of the review, the comments might be hidden or removed in order to uphold a favorable user experience.

How Can I Prevent My YouTube Comments From Disappearing?

To prevent your comments from disappearing, it is crucial to adhere to YouTube’s community guidelines and avoid spammy behavior. Moreover, you should engage in respectful and constructive discussions. Additionally, make sure to refrain from using restricted words or phrases. Lastly, ensure that your account is in good standing.


In conclusion, understanding why your YouTube comments are disappearing is crucial for maintaining an engaging and interactive presence on the platform. The mysterious vanishing of YouTube comments can be attributed to various factors. These factors include YouTube’s spam filters, community guidelines, creator moderation, technical glitches, and account restrictions.

By adhering to YouTube’s guidelines, avoiding spammy behavior, engaging respectfully, and monitoring your comments, you can increase the chances of your comments remaining visible. Additionally, fostering a vibrant YouTube community relies on active participation and meaningful conversations. Therefore, it is important to stay informed about the factors contributing to disappearing comments and take the necessary steps to ensure your voice is heard on YouTube.

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