Best 25 Xbox One Games for Female Gamers [List of 2022]

Best 20 Xbox One Games for Female Gamers

Xbox One Games have been the choices for many people for long. You can just take the 7 years of its undoubtedly high services for an instant. Xbox One has the best games mounted on its shoulders for billions of customers worldwide.

This article will take you to the 25 best ones for female. If you want to study some good Xbox One game for Kids as well, please feel free to check out our blog on it too.

Why Xbox One for Female Gamers?

The Gamer’s World is gradually expanding in size and taking in people from various demographics.

Though there was a concept that video games are meant for the male children in the past few decades, the growing population of female gamers and their exceptional skills have made the developers think otherwise.

Moreover, the new female gamers are now ready to challenge anyone equally competently. It is undeniable that both genders still have different preferability regarding some of the topics.

This is why you need to choose Xbox One games. It provides you the best version of a quieter and cooler version of the Xbox.

Simply put, Xbox One has splendid controller design, definitive multimedia features, and refined voice navigation tools that make it more appealing to many gamers. It is even special that you are thought of when applying some names of the games.

What To Look For in Xbox One Female Games?

Surely, games are meant for recreation and fun. However, there are some things you must consider before spending a couple of bucks to acquire one of the Xbox One games whether you are gifting it to your sisters, friends, girlfriend, or even pampering yourself. What are these things then? Let’s point them out:

The plot

Every gaming console has its own plot. Besides this plot is important because you might not like some main themes that video games present to you during the play.

Moreover, it is always better to be safe than sorry. If you are thinking of giving an Xbox One game to somebody, try to go through the main plot once. This should not be hard since it is given in the box as well as on websites.

Your likings

You might not enjoy the game if you choose the wrong one to start with. It often happens so that we buy something because it is attractive from the outside but we do not actually use it.

So the themes that you want to play must be defined. You may like war games or you may like cooking games.

It is not that you will not enjoy the games that you do not have an interest in since Xbox games are pretty exciting. Though, you might like the ones with the themes that you prefer more.

Learning points

Furthermore, you will always find Xbox One games that will change your way of thinking than any lessons given in classes. Without you knowing, you will master teamwork, friendships, creativity, planning, and skills that are much needed in daily life.

This is exactly why you need to consider the learning points from a game before you buy one.

Abstract thinking

To put it differently, more than children need these qualities in a game, female gamers must seek for abstract thinking. This is because women have always wanted more and thought a little differently than the world.

In order to expand the horizon of your knowledge, you will find games that require creativity and push you towards thinking out how problems are solved a lot more interesting.

25 Xbox One Games for Female Gamers

After having said what to look for in Xbox One games for female gamers, you must be able to apply these points in buying the games in the real world. So, we have listed down 25 Xbox One games for females for you to choose from.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Digital Standard Edition

Developers: Primary- Infinity Ward (2003–present)

Publishers: Activision

Price: $59.99+

Genre: First-person shooter

Activision is the best at the games that involve activity. The girls who love some war games to definite performance enhancements are welcome to this game.

Moreover, it adds up to its awesome gameplay, marvelous graphics, wonderful story, and a teamplay through multiplayer capacities.

It has special ops, multiplayer warzone, and various campaigns that build up your interest almost daily. No one will ever get tired by playing such an interesting game no matter how much time they spend on it.

Lastly, COD is a fun play games even for xbox one female gamers.


Developers: Epic Games

Publishers: Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment

Price: Free

Genre: Survival, battle royale, sandbox

A free game hits you differently unlike any other games. This is a game you can enjoy playing online with your friends and in your circle. A survival and battle royale game with three different and distinct game modes await you to take over.

This game not only provides you with the satisfaction of saving the world but it also lets you be creatively unique. The game modes are Battle Royale, Creative, and Save the World. Choose to play them one at a time. You will definitely feel yourself attached to it!

Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Developers: Moon Studios

Publishers: Xbox Game Studios

Price: $29.99

Genre: Platform-adventure, Metroidvania

This game is the sequel of Ori and the Blind Forest. As popular as the former game was, this was the most anticipated sequel in the gaming world. It unfolds the most intricate puzzles as you progress in the game.

In this sequel, you can unfold various inaccessible areas of the map which was previously sought. The spirit trial modes challenge you to obtain the goals in the least time possible!

Forza Horizon 4

Developers: Playground Games

Publishers: Microsoft Studios

Price: $59.99

Genre: Racing

Forza Horizon 4 is for the lovers of a great car game and racing schemes. For instance, you will be dealing with the two downloadable contents. One of which is named Fortune Island. It is all about treasure hunting campaigns and finding the hidden treasure chests.

The other one is Lego Speed Champions in which you get lego versions of the cars and can start your own campaigns to do racing challenges.

Along with these, you get to do stunts, race, and create your own cars while exploring the historic and splendid Great Britain.

Hitman 2

Developers: IO Interactive

Publishers: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Price: $59.99

Genre: Stealth

This game is for the mature women out there who want to deal with dark worlds. You travel through the dark rainforests which are dangerous even for the most creative assassins.

Hitman 2 gives you a better way of dealing with co-op mode where you can include the brand new Sniper Assassin Mode.

If you are a lover of spy and thriller stories, this the perfect game for you. Explore your target and build up the storyline to have the utmost feeling of almost being in a movie!

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Developers: Eidos Montréal

Publishers: Square Enix

Price: $59.99

Genre: Action Adventure

Some of the amazing game sets that make women the main character is the Shadow of the Tomb Raider. In this game, you are characterized by a woman named Lara Croft.

You are then destined to be the savior of the world from a dark Maya Apocalypse. Besides, you will need to master the jungle and survive through deep tunnels and crevasses.

You might encounter the biggest Tomb Raider hub ever as well as an undiscovered city in your journey as the Tomb Raider!

Tomb Rider character is basically a female so it will be fun games for xbpx one female gamers out there.

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Ori and the Blind Forest: Definite Edition

Developer: Moon Studios

Publisher: Microsoft Studios

Price: $19.99

Genre: Platform-adventure, Metroidvania

As a woman, you might have noticed that you feel people more deeply and can make empathetic decisions. If you have not explored them yet, this game will surely make you realize it as you move forward.

Provided that this game deeply explores the emotional story about love and sacrifice, it will connect with you more when you start exploring the levels.

One of the major attractions of this game is the handwork kept on the level’s drawings. It seems like someone painted your own story with hard work. The plot moves forward intending to give you a lesson that there is always hope that things will get better.

Just Dance 2020

Developer: Ubisoft

Publisher: Ubisoft

Price: $39.99+

Genre: Music

This game is made for everyone. Women especially have the knack for celebration and dancing. You can now dance on 500 plus songs that you get in Just Dance 2020 with a month free trial.

What’s more? You can dance on the songs like “God Is a Woman” Ariana Grande. Isn’t it pretty awesome? Besides you might have always been thinking about your night outs having fun with your girlfriends together. This is exactly what you need to convert several weeks of boring days into something awesome!

Rocket League

Developer: Psyonix

Publisher: Psyonix

Price: $23.99

Genre: Sports

As a female gamer, you might have felt underestimated a ton of times. Also, people think you do not like soccer at all apart from not being able to play it!

Guess what? This is your chance to prove them wrong terribly. Different from the regular perspective form groups, play with split screens, and then use your awesome tricks.

You can even have downloadable content to play it offline.

Together with such advantages, Rocket league is home to 100 billion possible combinations of customizable cars, unlockable items, and much more.

Battle on the grounds of 400 million players in the game that won several industrial awards!

Life is Strange: Before the Storm

Developers: Deck Nine

Publishers: Square Enix, Feral Interactive

Price: $16.99+

Genre: Graphic Adventure

This is the season coming far from the Life is Strange series. It is a great teenage series where roleplay and stories uncover as you play forward.

Moreover, the game teaches you about friendship and hope. You end up making an unusual friendship with a girl who seems to have family issues and together you fight your demons to grow closer to success in the path that follows you.

What’s more? It has a special back talk feature with consequently better narrative features.

Far Cry 4

Developers: Ubisoft Montreal

Publishers: Ubisoft

Price: $19.99+

Genre: First-person Shooter

Far Cry 4 is home to seven billion people who appreciate its open-world design. You will gain great visuals, awesome soundtracks, engaging characters, and new gameplay additions.

You will be amazed by how wealthy the content of the game is!

In addition to this, you can further travel to a world in the Himalayas as Ajay Ghale to fulfill your mother’s dying wish to overthrow the dictator Paga Min. Unravel the world of danger and unpredictability where your decision is important!

lastly, far cry 4 is one of the best games of all time, so any female gamers enjoy it on xbox one.


Developer: Microsoft

Publishers: Mojang Studios, Microsoft Studios, Sony Interactive Entertainment

Price: $25

Genre: Sandbox, Survival

A craft game awaits you so that you can explore the maps of the world from mighty mountains, and dashing hills to gorgeous oceans.

This experience is coupled with a world of creativity and long-sought imaginations. As a matter of fact, you will feel your knowledge broaden as you do extend your explorations.

At the same time, you will explore the options of collaborations which turns you into a team player. You will definitely love the exciting gameplay and you must try it once.

Grand Theft Auto V

Developers: Rockstar North

Publishers: Rockstar Games

Price: $29.99+

Genre: Action Adventure

This is another game that makes you feel like a star in a movie. Moreover, this game has the plot of street hustlers and retired bank robbers who find themselves at a terrible place in the U.S. government and entertainment industry’s eye.

You can now explore the streets of Los Santos and Blaine Country with New weapons, vehicles, and activities. There is additional wildlife, a brand new foliage system, more advanced weather effects, and much more.

Set up on dangerous heists and try to survive in the city where no one can be trusted!

Female gamers also can try other xbox one games of GTA such as sanandreas and GTA 4 if interested.

Kingdom Hearts III

Developer: Square Enix Business Division 3

Publisher: Square Enix

Price: $20

Genre: Action Role Playing

We cannot deny the fact that we love Disney and its tales. It is the best part of our childhood!

Kingdom Hearts III is a fantasy world of its own where you can take up challenges with the Donald Duck and Goofy.

Sora, the main character makes you feel that you have the level of creativity to bring down those traditional villains of Disney’s biggest franchises and Final Fantasy features.

Consequently, you will meet up with new villains as you explore the area.

Stardew Valley: Collector’s Edition

Developer: ConcernedApe

Publishers: ConcernedApe Chucklefish

Price: $14.99

Genre: Simulation, Role Playing

A fun game for almost everyone which also gives life lessons is the Stardew Valley. To begin with, you inherit your grandfather’s farm and try to convert it into a good place you can call home.

Moreover, you can farm, fish, grow animals, and earn money. As a result, you will learn how to live in a society. It also makes you aware of other parts of the society where you help to renovate valleys.

Similarly, you can donate to the museum. Basically, it shows you how to live life as a citizen and convert nothing into something wonderful!

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Developers: Ubisoft Quebec

Publishers: Ubisoft

Price: $29.99

Genre: Action Role Playing

If you are looking for a great action role-playing game, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is your perfect stop. In this game, you will experience a world shaped by your decisions.

The living world fantasy in virtual life as you go through treasure chest hunt, unravel various locations, and be involved in ever-interesting naval battles with your fleets.

You can explore the mythological villains of Greece, famed statues as well as customize your own characters to something magical.

Female gamers also can try other xbox one games of Assassian creed.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (Game of the Year Edition)

Developers: CD Projekt Red

Publishers: CD Projekt

Price: $27.59+

Genre: Action Role Playing

Have you ever watched The Witcher on Netflix? If you love the series, you will definitely adore this game.

Witchers are mutated people with superhuman skills who are socially ostracized. As a witcher, you work as monster hunters and charge money for it to earn their living.

Moreover, you can use upgraded weapons, combat magic, and interesting mutating potions to hunt down the monsters.

This games can be played by any xbox female gamers out there.

So, are you ready to ‘Toss a coin to the Witcher’, winner of over 250 Game of the Year awards?

Apex Legends

Developers: Respawn Entertainment

Publishers: Electronic Arts

Price: Free

Genre: Battle Royale, First-person Shooter

Likewise, Apex Legends is another battleground game that focuses on the science fiction universe. You are up for the battle among twenty teams each having three players each.

Similarly, you collect the weapons and supplies lying around in the place where you and your teammates land to defeat other teams in battle. The one remaining till the last wins the game.

What is more amazing? This game is free!

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Overwatch: Origins Edition

Developers: Blizzard Entertainment

Publishers: Blizzard Entertainment

Price: $59.99

Genre: First-person shooter

Overwatch took in more than 10 million players from all around the globe.

Consequently, you will find it really interesting that universal players praised it for appreciable visuals/ arts, diversified approach to its heroes, good accessibility, and fantastic gameplay.

Awarded with the Best Ongoing Game award, it proves its customers happy through the battlefields of tomorrow!

So Overwatch is the pretty good xbox one games which is for female gamers.

Life is Strange 2

Developers: Dontnod Entertainment Feral Interactive

Publishers: Square Enix Feral Interactive

Price: $39.99

Genre: Graphic Adventure

Life is Strange 2 assists you in exploring how small decisions you make shape your future.

You are portrayed as Sean, a sixteen-year-old who becomes responsible for his brother Daniel as you teach him right versus wrong. You seem to find yourselves in situations that decide whether your brotherhood stays intact or is torn apart.

Besides, this story takes you to a different road and helps you to understand and empathize with people.

So basically this is also the best xbox one games for female gamers.

Halo 5: The Guardians

Developers: 343 Industries

Publishers: Microsoft Studios

Price: $19.99+

Genre: First-person Shooter

Halo 5: The Guardians hold the best selling records after Halo 4 since it provides you amazing visuals, outstanding gameplay, and marvelous level design. This is one of the fabulous Xbox One Games to start with.

Since it gives access to multiplayer modes, you can play with your teammates using robust axes. You can attack, defend, and evade according to the context of the game.

More often than not, people find their ambition-filled gameplay and Halo 5: Guardian series.

The Sims 4

Developers: Maxis

Publishers: Electronic Arts

Price: $39.99+

Genre: Simulation

Unlike other games in this list, The Sims 4 is quite a unique one where you create some characters as Sims. Then, you explore their personalities as the game progresses.

As a result, you can create an entire world of your own by building houses, designing them, and dressing up as well as looking/ acting like the Sims.

What’s more? You can explore the neighborhood while pursuing your career, developing loving relationships, and fulfilling your ever running aspirations through this game.

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics

Developers: Sierra Online

Publishers: Sierra Venture

Price: $19.99

Genre: Fantasy Adventures

Besides the war games, women also have a soft corner for themselves. This is why this Xbox One game is perfect for you. It not only allows you to make strategic and tactical battle plans but also gives you a chance to explore a rather unusual fairy tale.

You will catch yourself saving a beautiful land of Thra by collecting all the innocent Geflings to start a rebellion of their own against the iniquitous Skeksis.

Moreover, there are wonderful visuals throughout this game with luscious forests to plain deserts where you encounter the battlefields requiring you to form your own strategies.

Rayman Legends

Developer: Ubisoft Montpellier

Publisher: Ubisoft

Price: $17.89

Genre: Platform

If you expect great level design and control, superb soundtracks, and overall gameplay with an exceptional amount of content, you have the right choice as Rayman Legends. For instance, to start with, it has also won many awards for its stupendous visuals.

Not only this, but it also takes off the ground from your feet as you level up those challenging and interesting chapters of the game. Additionally, you can also compete for the leaderboards.

In fact, this Xbox One game is meant for everyone to give a try. The best part is it can be played offline as well with multiplayer mode or single-player mode as well. Takedown the sea monsters and dragons to gain a sense of accomplishment!

Overcooked! 2

Developer: Team 17 and Ghost Town Games

Publishers: Team 17

Price: $24.99

Genre: Simulation

People say that women have the ability to nurture others and also develop a liking for cooking from a very young age. Overcooked! 2 is the game you are looking for if you love cooking as well as want to make fun out of it.

Furthermore, you can create your own teams, decorate your kitchen into a marvelous interior designed room, grab all the wonderful utensils, and feed them to the monster in the game. Not only can you feed someone but you can also save the world in the process of it.

Last Words on Xbox One Games for Female

Women have always been neglected in the gaming world. Gradually with the concept of equality among all, games have also been designed for recreation of both genders.

This is why we have listed the 25 best Xbox One games for you. For instance, the ones that love kitchens can play Overlooked! 2. Moreover, lovers of dance can choose Just Dance 2020.

Besides the ones who are inclined towards a war game can pick Call of Duty and Fortnite for Xbox One.

In conclusion, we hope that our blog was considerate of what you were looking for! We leave it to your conclusive choice since we believe every woman is unique and intuitive.

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