Windows 11 Release Date, New Features, News [Updated]

Windows 11 Release Date and New Features

Everybody is talking about the new Windows 11 which is a totally new UI compare to the previous version of Windows 10. Microsoft has leaked its new Windows 11 design online on June 15 and people are going crazy about it.

Previously Microsoft state about 6 years ago from now that they have the most latest genuine version of Windows 10 they have ever created (which is called Sun Valley). But now, we think that they want to provide their users a new experience or feel of the next version Windows.

We find that Windows 11 has a completely new user interface, Taskbar or Start menu, new Tablet mode, new File explorer, new Snap control, new search bar, new startup sound, rounded corners, new animations, new wallpaper, new Xbox control, and apps and more. You will get hands-on different new killing designs and lots of dramatic changes features in Windows 11. 

So, today in this article, we will talk about the upcoming version of Microsoft Windows 11 in detail. You will see how does a new Windows 11 looks like in a live video, what are the changes they have made from Windows 10, and its release date, and is Windows 11 will be free to use or you have to pay for it.

Stick with us and know everything about the new Windows 11.

Overview of New Windows 11

The name “Windows 11” is confirmed after the leak of the new version of Windows over the internet.

Even after that, the CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella also talked about the upcoming version of Windows OS in the market soon. She spoke that “I’ve been self-hosting it over the past several months and I’m incredibly excited about the next generation of Windows.”

The current version of Window 10 is in the ending process which is mostly like in 2025. That’s because Microsoft rolls out a new version of the Windows OS every three years. So, it’s been already 6 years since we finally hear about the new Windows OS.

The Windows 11 will come with a slick UI/UX design and with other new exciting features. You will find total changes in the outlay of the Windows OS. We will also see some of the new visual context menus, features, or apps that you can’t find in the current Windows 10 version.

We are about to see some of the incredible changes with the new icons in the taskbar. There is also a rumor that Windows is bringing back the Widgets in their upcoming Windows 11.

Based on Tom Warren from Twitter, he has shown the visual new design of the new Windows 11 on his Twitter page. He also states that there is an updated version of Cortana in Window 11 which is even more accurate, powerful, and understands the user’s command. More, you will not also see the Skype app attached to the Windows OS anymore (which you can find in Windows 10).

Here’s how Tom Warren shows the overall UI of the new version of Windows 11.

Windows 11 Release Date

One of the most waiting moments for the Widows users is to know the release date of the new Windows 11 after hearing about its leak. Microsoft already confirms that we will be going to see a new version of Windows 11 during the opening of Keynote to build 2021.

So, when will be the official release date of Windows 11?

Well, till now Microsoft hasn’t stated the confirmed release date for their new Windows 11. However, Microsoft is going to launch an event on June 24 where they will announce or talk about their “next generation of Windows” at 11 am (Eastern Time) in detail.

As far we know the new version of Windows 11 will be named “21996.” It is the name of the version of Windows OS like the latest version of Windows 10 is “1809.”

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Windows 11 New Features and Changes

The new features of Windows 11 make the OS even more clear, interesting, and eye-catching. There is still a rumor of adding new features to the current version of Windows 10 but now it seems like we will see those features in the new Windows 11.

We find that there are various new apps icons or tools are included or changes from Windows 10. It means a completely whole new redesign and looks for the Windows 11 OS.

So, what are the new features we will get to see in the upcoming next generation of Windows 11? Or what are the new changes that Microsoft has brought for its users in the new Windows 11?

New Taskbar

The most significant change in the leaked Windows 11 is the Windows taskbar. In the current or previous version of Windows 10, we can find all the apps and icons on the bottom left side of the taskbar.

But now in Windows 11, you can see the, in the bottom middle section on the taskbar. The entire app icons are centered and cleaned the tray area and also added the new design of some of the apps icons.

We can also find the Widget section in the Taskbar just like in Windows 10 that allows us to quickly access to the latest news articles, updated weather condition, and other contents. It seems like the Widget will be the same just like the previous one.

Apart from this, you can find as usual quick control from the bottom right side on the taskbar.

New Start Menu

There is a whole new change in the look of the Windows Start menu on the taskbar. Previously, you can find the live tiles start menu option on the left side but now it was replaced with the “Windows logo.” Plus, the start menu is also placed in the center of the taskbar.

There is a controversy on the live tiles start menu of Windows 10. Most of the users don’t like that so much. So, if you are also one of them then now you can start with a fresh new start menu in the upcoming Windows 11.

In the new Windows 11 start menu, you can find all your pinned apps and files. You can also see your recently opened files from the start menu along with your user profile.

Other than this, there is a regular shutdown, sleep and restart button.

Fast Shutdown, Sleep and Restart

In the new Windows 11, we might see an improvement in the shutdown, restart and wake or sleep feature. Previously, we find these features are slow and take time to complete.

New Tablet Mode

Microsoft has introduced the tablet mode since Windows 8. Most of the users don’t like that feature that much because of the bad UI (User Interface).

However, there is a rumor that Microsoft has improved their Tablet mode with a new layer of gesture. It will place the tablet mode above the user interface and the user can actually gesture or functions the features using their track-pad.

There is also a refinement in the voice feature as well as the pen control so that it will be easier to command your Windows. It is most likely to be rumored so we can’t completely say that Microsoft will bring changes on Tablet mode in the new Windows 11.

New File Explorer

Another change in the Windows 11 is the file explorer. It hasn’t been gone through the vast changes but you can find whole new icons for Desktop, Downloads, Documents, Pictures, Music, Video as well as the local disk.

Other than this, there is not much difference between the Successor Windows 10 and Windows 11.

New Snap Control

Snap control is another new change or feature in the upcoming Windows 11. Rumor said that you can maximize and minimize your entire apps or folder or file explore in different shapes and locations.

The snap control on Windows OS is like a cascade function where you can quickly arrange your windows in any part or side of your laptop screen.

New Xbox Tool and Apps

There will a new design or improvement on the Xbox feature on Windows 11. We heard that Windows 11 is directly integrated with Xbox app allows you to play games, control over Xbox apps, and network more easier and quicker.

However, you will find the exact same Xbox game bar as well as Windows game mode similar to Windows 10.

Here is a video on YouTube from TechTalkTv, where he has shown his experience, and how does a new Windows 11 actually looks like.

Windows 11 Price

It will not cost you anything to use Windows 11 on your desktop or laptop if you are already using Windows 7, 8, or 10. Simply, upgrade from your current Windows to Windows 11 for free.

However, if you own a new laptop and you want to use the Windows operating system (OS) then you have to purchase the Windows at certain price of around $100. It is because you need a Windows activation key to use the fully activated or genuine version of Windows.

You can also purchase the ISO file of activated Windows from the Windows distribution websites by paying less amount than the actual cost.

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How to Download Windows 11 on Your PC?

Microsoft hasn’t yet released the official version of Windows 11. There is only a leak that Windows 11 will soon hit the market. They will announce the official release date of the next generation of Windows 11 build 21966 on June 24 Livestream.

However, you can still get or download the new leaked Windows 11 on your computer. But remember, it’s not an official or genuine version of Windows 11 so it will be better if you install it on your different separate PC or laptop which you don’t care or use normally.

There are still lots of bugs and errors in the leaked version of Windows 11 because it’s only a beta version. So, it can malfunction or affect your current version of Windows and also may crash the whole computer if you don’t install it properly.

So, it is better to use a secondary computer to download and install the leaked ISO file of Windows 11.


Overall the Microsoft is bringing all new changes, designs, and features in the new Windows 11. You will see another new look of the upcoming Windows version on your PC. Some of the features or things will remain the same just like on Windows 10 but there will be lots of new things which we will see. So, this is the Windows 11 Release Date, New Features and News.

And still, the leaked Windows 11 is not a full version. We still don’t know many more updates, features, and improvements that Microsoft will bring on a new Windows 11. So, wait until they will fully launch or announce Windows 11 on June 24 at its glory.

If you have any queries then ask them in the comment section.

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