9 Tips to Get Better Quickly in Escape from Tarkov

9 Tips to Get Better Quickly in Escape from Tarkov

Are you tired of constantly dying in Escape from Tarkov? Don’t worry. Our Tips to Get Better in Escape from Tarkov are here to help!

If you’re looking for an intense, challenging game, Escape from Tarkov is your ultimate option. Unlike other FPS games, it has the most brutal and grueling mechanics.

Thus, mastering and conquering Escape from Tarkov is more complex than imagined.

Whether you choose a player vs. player combat or player vs. environment matches, the only way to win is by surviving and extracting successfully.

This piece has some tips to quicken your improvement in Escape from Tarkov.

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Meanwhile, keep reading for some tips to get better quickly in EFT!

9 Tips to Get Better Quickly in Escape from Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov game is known for its difficulty and steep learning curve, making it challenging for new players to get a foothold.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, these tips are sure to help you improve your gameplay and have a better chance of survival in the intense and unforgiving world of Escape from Tarkov.

Here are nine tips that can make you better in Escape from Tarkov:

1. The Offline Mode Rocks

Escape from Tarkov is cold and daunting. You must have a basic knowledge of its environment, mechanics, weapons, and enemies to survive.

Playing offline is the best way to learn the ropes and quickly improve in Escape from Tarkov.

It allows you to practice tackling enemies and helps you understand the maps better.

Also, the offline mode lets you discover the key locations and extraction points applicable when you enter the main game.

However, there won’t be any loot or XP rewards since it’s a training mode.

2. Fight Tarkov Gear Fear with money.

Tarkov Gear Fear – the fear of losing your gear and weapons in EFT can affect the performance of fresh and existing players.

Don’t worry about this because you can retrieve your equipment in no time; make money.

Focus on getting cash to insure your gear, purchase top-tier weapons, or trade.

With these strategies, you will eliminate Tarkov gear fear and play confidently to improve faster.

3. Team up with some good players

Apart from companionship and fun, teaming up with some excellent and communicative players can be beneficial in the game.

You can assist one another, pointing out danger zones and helping them find items related to their quest.

Tarkov’s official server has a large community of players from which you can build your team.

You can also find professional players to learn from.

On the other hand, you can get your friends to play with you as well.  

4. Make Scav run a habit.

Playing as a Scavenger allows you to find some ideal loot while exploring Customs and Interchange maps.

Moreover, it’s your best bet to make money with nothing to risk. 

Playing Escape from Tarkov, you can flip between PMC (Private Military Contractors) and Scavenger as much as possible.

However, be careful not to shoot another Scav, or you’ll get into trouble. Improvement in EFT is faster when you play more scav runs.

5. Use the right weapons. 

Escaping from Tarkov requires tactics, logic, and ideal weapons.

For instance, if you’re in Factory and Lab, you’ll encounter close-quarter combats. Grenades, SMGs, and shotguns are the best here.

On Shoreline or Woods, you’ll encounter long-distance and open-field combats.

An assault rifle and a sniper rifle are perfect here. These can help you live longer and improve with time in EFT.

6. Ensure your gear and weapons.

EFT features a die-and-lose-it-all mechanic. Ensure your weapons and gear before entering a raid to counter this feature.

If you die, you can retrieve them at the insurance window.

You can retrieve your most potent weapon to keep up with your performance in the game.

There are two insurers in the game – Prapor and Therapist.

Insuring with Prapor is cheaper than with Therapist, but Therapist returns items faster than Prapor. 

7. Communication is key

Keeping in touch with your team can permanently save you in many ways.

You can share your location in danger, and your team will rescue you. 

Also, you can share the location and number of enemies in sight with your team.

Sharing this information will help them plan ahead of the enemies.

8. Grab some supplies

Improving in EFT means you must stay alive.

You must carry food, water, and medical supplies to soothe heavy or light bleeding.

In the game, you can find supplies from first aid boxes, shelves, and other places.

They always come in handy when fixing fractures and healing your in-game character.

9. Level up with Quests

Completing quests leaves you with valuable rewards and boosts your level in the game.

It unlocks better weapons and gear to access the Flea Market.

If you have money, you can visit the marketplace and upgrade to improved weapons.


Without a doubt, Escape from Tarkov is thrilling and challenging, even with the best-aiming skills and tactics.

If you’re looking for ways to level up your gameplay, our Tips to Get Better in Escape from Tarkov are exactly what you need.

These expert strategies and tricks are designed to help you master the game and increase your chances of survival. Follow our guide and improve your EFT skills in no time.

Start with the offline mode, eliminate gear fear, get a team, and always play more of Scav runs.

Select the right weapon, insure your gear, grab some supplies, complete quests, and always communicate with your team. These tips are your best bet. 

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