TikTok Coin Generator [Is It Worth It?]

Tiktok coin generator

TikTok has been a successful social media company because of its short-form video content and the ecosystem of TikTok coins. Users can use TikTok coins to buy gifts for their favorite creators and the creators can cash out the gifts to their PayPal accounts. There are also several TikTok coin generator apps that say they … Read more

TikTok VS Youtube Shorts : Which Is The Better Choice? 2022

Tiktok VS. Youtube Shorts

There is a new entrant on the Short-form video content platform. And it is the inevitable company that already has the largest platform for video content, i.e. Youtube. It was speculated that sooner or later, Youtube has to enter the newly discovered short-form video content market. It’s now TikTok VS Youtube Shorts. The key difference … Read more

How Long Does A Temporary Post Ban On TikTok Last?

How long does a temporary post ban on Tiktok last

As the user base of TikTok grows, the number of bad actors on such platforms also increases. This has led to several people getting banned of different nature i.e. temporary and permanent. So how long does a temporary post ban on TikTok last? And is a permanent ban irreversible? Or is there a way you … Read more

How To Use The Whole Sound On TikTok? [Step-By-Step Guide]

How to use the whole sound on Tiktok

Do you constantly upload videos to TikTok? If yes then you may have encountered a problem. You create a video and add sound to it but the video is always shorter than you recorded and you cannot use the whole sound on TikTok. Why is that and how to use the whole sound on TikTok? … Read more

How Much Space Does TikTok Take Up?

How much space does Tiktok take up

TikTok, being a video platform has to process a lot of videos. If you have the TikTok app installed on your device, you may have noticed that it will take up a lot of space in your RAM and Storage. If your phone is a bit old, the app may end up slowing down your … Read more