Samsung Galaxy Watch VS Samsung Galaxy Watch 2

Samsung Galaxy Watch VS Samsung Galaxy Watch 2

The Samsung Galaxy Watches are one of the most popular watches in the world. As a year passed the Smartwatch market is getting competitive. To maintain the competition in the market Samsung is going to launch the new smartwatch called Samsung Galaxy Watch 2. It is the updated version of the Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Samsung Galaxy Watch was released on 9th August 2018. At first, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 was supposed to be released in March of 2020. But, due to the delay in the automation industry of Samsung Electronics caused by the global pandemic known as the Corona Virus (COVID19). The launched date of Galaxy Watch 2 has been pushed back to August or September. But, it can be further postponed. There is a possibility Samsung Company can launch Galaxy Watch 2 without any press release.

This article is all about Samsung Galaxy Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch 2. In this article, we are going to compare them and in the end, we decide whether the Galaxy Watch 2 is worth it or not. However, many of the facts are going to be based on current rumors.

Comparison between Samsung Galaxy Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch 2

As an updated version of the Samsung Galaxy Watch. We can expect some cool new feature which was not present in the Galaxy Watch. We can easily be able to differentiate between them by comparing their following features. However, Most of the facts will be based on rumors which might not be true.


The Galaxy Watch was released on two different sizes a 46mm one and a 42mm one in the market. According to the latest rumor, like the Galaxy Watch, the Galaxy Watch 2 might be released in two different types of sizes, the 40mm one and 44mm one. If these rumors are true the Galaxy Watch 2 might be lighter. Moreover, it makes you comfortable while wearing Galaxy Watch 2 than Galaxy Watch.

The size of the smartwatch also determines the length of the display screen. If the size of the smartwatch is bigger than the display screen of the smartwatch also be bigger. In addition, a bigger display screen allows you to read a text, or watch videos and pictures clearly. However, it also depends on Screen Resolution and Pixel Density Sharpness (PDI) of the smartwatch.

Model Built-in

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is made up of aluminum and stainless steel. According to latest the rumor, the Samsung Galaxy Watch is going to be made up of titanium and stainless steel. Titanium is considered to be one of the lightest elements and considered to be more durable against scratches. This element is lighter than stainless steel.

With this element built-in Galaxy Watch, 2 might be a lighter wearable smartwatch that provides you more comfort than Galaxy Watch. However, the titanium model might be expensive and only available in the premium version of this smartwatch.


The  Galaxy Watch is available in two different types of prices. The price of a 42mm smartwatch is $329.99 and the price of a 46mm smartwatch is $349.99. However, you can get the  Galaxy Watch 2 in two different types of prices. Because of the rumor, the Galaxy Watch 2 might be available in two different sizes. Likewise, the price of the Samsung Smartphone raises every year, the price of the Galaxy Watch 2 can also be rise by $50-$100. Due to the addition of new features or upgrade the Galaxy Watch 2 can be expensive than Galaxy Watch.

Battery Life

The battery life of  Galaxy Watch for 42mm one is 270mAh and for 46mm one is 472mAh. According to the latest rumor, we will likely see an increase in the battery life of  Galaxy Watch 2. The battery life of the Galaxy Watch could improve from 270mAh to 330mAh.

However, the battery life of your smartwatch decreases with lots of activities like by listening to your favorite song, using the smartwatch sensors like GPS, accelerometer, barometer, etc, and other features can drain your battery life.


The storage of Galaxy Watch is 4GB of space. According to the source, we might get the upgrade on storage in the Galaxy Watch 2. The storage of  Galaxy Watch 2 might come with 8GB of space which is double the storage of Galaxy Watch.

Therefore, we might get more space in Galaxy Watch 2 in comparison to Galaxy Watch. It means you can store more apps and your favorite music.

New Sensors

The sensor in your smartwatches detects the change that is happening inside your body. The new sensors that can be introduced in  Galaxy Watch 2 are as follows

Body Fat Percentage

According to the official statement of the US patent and trademark office, Samsung Electronics may develop a smartwatch with Body Fat Percentage in  Galaxy Watch 2. This feature might use Bioelectrical Impedance Principle (BIP) and electrodes were built-in to your smartwatch to measure your body fat percentage.

Finger Print Sensor

A Finger Print Sensor can be used as a password to get access. However, in  Galaxy Watch 2 it might be used to gain access to your account when payment is being made through NFC.

Similarities between Samsung Galaxy Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch 2

Although the Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 is an upgraded version of the Samsung Galaxy Watch they might be similar in many ways. Based on rumors and leaks let’s see how are they similar to each other.

Rotating Bezel

Rotating Bezel is one of the unique features that differentiate Galaxy Watch with other smartwatches. According to rumor, the Galaxy Watch 2 might be having rotating bezel which makes smooth and easy to swipe and scroll between different apps and screen.

What new upgrade we want to see in Samsung Galaxy Watch 2

This article is based on rumors and leaks. So, we don’t know what types of upgrades or changes are going see in the  Galaxy Watch 2. It depends on the Galaxy Watch 2 developers. But, we know what type of upgrades and changes we want to see in the Galaxy Watch 2.

Improvement in Operating System (OS)

The operating system of the Galaxy Watch is Tizen OS. There is no doubt Tizen OS is one of the popular operating systems. However, the Tizen OS lacks more number of applications. So, we want to see the updated version of Tizen OS that contains more number of apps. If possible Samsung Electronics can replace Tizen OS with Google Wear O/S like other smartwatches. Google Wear O/S consists of more number of varieties of apps.

Therefore, we wanted to see more number of apps in the Galaxy Watch 2. It is one of the features that need to be improved.

Improvement in Stress Tracking

The Samsung Galaxy Watch consists of some good sensory tracking features like heart rate tracker, accelerometer, etc. However, it lacks in stress tracking feature. The Galaxy Watch measures stress mostly based on your heart rate. This makes stress tracking feature inaccurate. Therefore, we really like to see this feature getting an upgrade.

Group Challenges

Competitions and challenges with friends or rivals have always been a source of motivation for lots of people. Motivations have always been one of the important factors that lead you towards your goal. However, you can challenge your friend in workout sessions individually through your Gear Watch or Samsung Health App. If somehow, makers of Galaxy Watch add Group Challenges features in upcoming Galaxy Watch 2. It can be a big motivation for lots of people to become healthy and fit.

Compatible charger

Chargers play an important role in making a purchasing decision. Although, the Galaxy Watch charges wirelessly its proprietary makes it inconvenient. So, we need a standard charger even if we forget our charger in our home we can easily borrow someone charger and charge it. Therefore, in Galaxy Watch 2 we need portable and everyday use of the wireless charger.

Improvement in Bixby

Bixby is a virtual assistant for Samsung Electronics and has great potential to be one of the important features. But, it struggles to understand. In terms of a virtual assistant, Bixby is nowhere good in comparison to Google Assistant. Bixby can be one of the major features of Galaxy Watch 2. However, it still needs a lot of improvement.


An Electrocardiogram (ECG) can be used to check your heart’s rhythm. The makers of Samsung Electronics have bought the feature to  Galaxy Watch  2. It’s a major upgrade and we would like to see in  Galaxy Watch 2.

Wider LTE Availability

LTE smartwatches are costly in comparison to normal smartwatches. There are many versions of LTE smartwatches available in Samsung Electronics. It works only on select networks. So, we want to see  Galaxy Watch 2 working more or fewer networks. In this way, we will get more options.

Which Galaxy Watch is better and why?

As you can see, there’s a lot of rumor but relatively fewer leaks related to the  Galaxy Watch 2. We just don’t know all of the solid facts about Galaxy Watch 2. As time get’s closer, you’ll start to see a rumor, which you can take much of information as a fact.

Currently, with all the leaks and rumors we can assume that Galaxy Watch 2 is going to be lighter and better than Galaxy Watch. It’s a new unique feature like Body Fat Percentage, Fingerprint sensor, more storage, and the larger battery can make the Galaxy Watch 2 better than Galaxy Watch.


The Corona Virus has affected all the tech industries. However, it’s almost business as usual for Samsung Company. Samsung has just received certification from Chinese regulators a pair of new smartwatches. This is usually one of the final steps that products have to go through before a launch.

Despite, rumors about these watches. We have little facts and information about these watches. But, it doesn’t change a fact as a new smartwatch Galaxy Watch 2 will have more features in the future than the Galaxy Watch.


Now you can decide whether you want to wait or buy Galaxy Watch 2 or buy Galaxy Watch right now. There is no doubt to say both versions are the most attractive smart-watches in 2020. So, it’s up to you which version you want to buy.

We have to come to the end of this article. I hope I have covered all the related information about the topic. If you have any confusion or question regarding Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 VS Samsung Galaxy Watch then you are free to ask in the comment section below. If you have got any news about Samsung Galaxy Watch 2 you can write in the comment section below.

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