Samsung Galaxy S11: Rumors, Leaks, Price, Release Date, and Spec

Samsung Galaxy S11

Samsung got quite a success from its flagship Galaxy S10 model which was launched in the market on March 8, 2019. Now, Samsung is launching its new premium flagship model the Samsung Galaxy S11. Let’s hear it, what the Rumors and leaks have to say.

The Current flagship Galaxy S10 model catches the eye of numerous people with its attractive body along with its features but some people might not be impressed by the device. After a couple of months of use, people are complaining regarding battery issues (overheating when the battery percentage reaches up to 50). Nobody likes to see a low battery percentage, especially when you wake up in the morning.

Then, there is a rumor about the new flagship Samsung Galaxy S11 which is expecting to be launched next year.

If the rumors are true, then Samsung will hit its new flagship Samsung Galaxy S11 February next year. 

For people who are waiting for the Galaxy S11, here are some leaks you might want to know about the new flagship Samsung Galaxy S11.

Release Date

If all goes as plan, then Samsung might reveal its new flagship Samsung Galaxy S11 on 18 February 2020 according to the SamMobile and likely to be hitting the market from March. Samsung might launch its flagship smartphones within the same two months period of February- March, the S11, and S11+.

Although, we are not confirmed about the source but Samsung always unpack the phones in February and sells it during March in the same year.

How Much Will it Cost?

Samsung comes up with two variants of the “S” series, normal variant and the plus (+) which is slightly expensive than the normal variant, just like the previous model.

Right now, Samsung Galaxy S10 starts at $799 and the Plus at $899, which is cheaper than the S9. So we would expect that the price might increase in a small amount of Samsung Galaxy S11.

In case you are interested in buying the new Samsung Galaxy S11 and don’t want to spend much of your money, then there is always an option for the normal variant.

Still, this is all rumor about the phone so, we don’t know the exact price of the Samsung Galaxy S11 until the Samsung itself reveals the actual price.

Design and Display

Samsung Galaxy S11 - Onlinehelpguide

Samsung keeps on improving its screen with every new device launch. You might see new technology used in the display of newer Samsung S models with the smaller hole-punch front-facing camera without the notch.

We still don’t know about the design of the new flagship Samsung Galaxy S11, but according to rumors, the phone might have a two-screen, with one screen on its back.

Besides that, if it’s true then along with the 20.9 aspects ratio large display, we might be able to see the Galaxy S pen just like in the Galaxy note, but it might be strange for some people.

What kind of camera will it have?

In the recent news, Samsung teamed up with Xiamoi to create a stunning high- spec camera technology with 64 megapixel rear cameras, along with 108-megapixel sensors which will be introduced first time on Samsung flagship smartphone. 

Talking about the other leaks, the South Korean company called ‘ MecaTech’ is testing a camera for the Samsung Galaxy S11, which will be better than the previous camera of Samsung models.

Other leaks state that the rear camera will not be the same as the previous galaxy models. 

The tweet from the Ice universe said that the camera will have a 10x optical zoom instead of 5x. Whether this is true or not, we will find out when the device is out.

Power of New Samsung Galaxy S11

The Galaxy Note 10 debuted the new 7nm Exynos 9825 chip tends to be slightly faster than the S10. Therefore, we expect to see greater than that on the upcoming Galaxy S11.

Samsung features the latest Snapdragon processor on the Galaxy S series. That’s likely to be the best performer on the Samsung phones as well as other smartphones available in the market.

There are no specific details about the processor which will be in the Galaxy S11. But Qualcomm will announce the details regarding the new processor in December, so stay tuned with us until then.

Besides that, Tech Samsung has announced that a company has created the 12GB Mobile DRAM. The upgraded DRAM lets the phone reads memory even faster and quicker and will enhance the performance of the phone even better than before.

Rumors about the Samsung Galaxy S11

Recently @evleaks tweeted about Samsung combining the S series and the Note series together instead of the Samsung Galaxy S11 to build the finest handset, which will be a combination of two perfect pairs.

The end product might be called ‘Galaxy One’ where Blass is referring to the idea of Samsung that could boost the sale in the market and could be better than other smartphones with the performance.

But the information above is all about rumors.

There is still time for some people who wants to buy a Flagship Samsung Galaxy S11. So stick with Onlinehelpguide for the new leaks of the Samsung Galaxy S11.

If you are looking for another flagship smartphone. Then there is a rumor about OnePlus 8 which might be suitable for you.

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