POF Dating Advice for Men

POF dating advice for men

Plenty of Fish is one of the most popular dating websites. On average, there are about 4 million users worldwide using this dating site every day[1]. Among them, most of the users are men. Women users of the POF site especially get a lot of messages from men daily. Most of the messages go unnoticed, left on unread, and also left on seen. So, to stand out from the hundreds of mail they get, you need to have high profile quality and appealing interactions with the women. Here, I will give you guys some POF dating advice to impress women fast.

POF dating site is an excellent way to get yourself a date and even land a life-long relationship. But the journey can be frustrating too. So, avoid doing things in the wrong way. In that way, you will waste your and her time only.  So, to help you out, I have listed out some of the POF dating advice DO’S and DON’TS to get dates!

POF Dating Advice DO’s 

First Impression is the Last Impression

This proverb fits in the dating world quite perfectly.  No one would like to talk to someone whose dating profile is not attractive enough. When your profile shows up in the suggestions, profile photos, and headlines matter. These things should be attractive enough for women so that she would click the profile to read about you more. This is the first POF dating advice to any men.

Fake it till you make it

Are you an introvert? Are you bad at starting a conversation?

Well, don’t be. You need to start to up your game. It might be quite awkward at first, but as you begin to gain confidence, you will love it. Make the POF description of your profile interesting.

The more, the merrier

This online dating I tell you is a numbers game. Girls get hundreds of messages daily, many of which might not get noticed. So, message multiple people at a time. It’s not selfish; it called being smart! You cannot simply rely on a single person to build a connection with you. Crafting a clever message is not enough, but you also need to focus on messaging for multiple people. This will increase your reply rate.

Be an optimist

This is one of the most important DO’s to level up your dating life. You need to be positive. You cannot give up because it didn’t work out with one or a few of them.  Try to be positive as much as you can.

Set a date

Once you start talking to someone through the dating app, try to fix a date with them. This will help you know each other a little better and know where it is heading to. You will also be able to meet the person face to face, which will reflect their true nature in front of you.

Be safe

“We men don’t need to be safe.” Such a sexist comment there! Ha-ha. But on a serious note, you men also need to stay on the safe side. There are scam account, prostitutes, and fake profiles all over the site.  So don’t fall for anything you see. And think before sharing any personal or just any kind of information.  Try to be on the safe side always.

POF Dating Advice Don’ts

Lower your self-esteem

Never lower your self-esteem. You must be confident in inner so that you look confidence on outer. Don’t show your low self-esteem to the other women.

Show attitude

Another important DON’TS is never to show attitude to the women you are trying to date. You need to give her some attention to get from hers. It is not cool to bring your ego in between the conversations. That is not going to take you anywhere. You are the one who wants to grab a date, not HER!

Freak her out

Don’t ever freak out, woman. Trust me; she will never come back. She will also talk about you to her friends, and they will also run away. Imagine losing all that dating chances.  So, try not to be desperate. Don’t be too cheesy. Don’t be too rude. But also, don’t be too slow. Know when you need to take another step. Give her attention. Show some care.  Also, don’t show the emotional side of you already. Don’t be a mess in front of the date.

Sound desperate

Don’t look or sound desperate.  Try to play it cool even if she’s taking a bit of time. Don’t force her to take things fast if she doesn’t want to.

P.S. I support the LGBT community. So, in case you are trying to impress a man, these tips will help too, don’t worry! It’s not about gender, but the date right!

These are the POF dating advice you must not do.


Hence, in this way, you can get your A-game on the dating field. The result will n0t be shown overnight. It will take time. But, trust me, it’s worth the time!


[1] https://www.datingsitesreviews.com/staticpages/index.php?page=Plenty-of-Fish-Statistics-Facts-History#ref-ODS-PlentyOfFish-2017-3

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