Everything About OnePlus 8: Rumors, Leaks, Features, and Specifications

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OnePlus announced its new flagship OnePlus 7T Series in late September and early October this year. However, these models are still not available in the market, but we’re already hearing the rumor about the upcoming flagship killer OnePlus 8.

OnePlus always debuted their smartphone with the flagship pricing into the market that attracts most of the consumers.

OnePlus launches two models per year according to its schedule, where OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro have been available in the market since May and OnePlus 7T series in few weeks. So, for the next year, we hear a rumor about OnePlus 8.

OnePlus 7T will be hitting in the market from October 18 with its new and exciting features. Still, with the rumor of OnePlus 8, it can distract the people whether to wait until next year or to buy the current flagship.

We are only talking about the rumor of the OnePlus 8 and already know it’s coming. However, the company hasn’t confirmed the OnePlus 8 but still hearing the news with the important upgrades that could be excellent with the OnePlus flagship pricing.

So. let’s get into the rumors of the OnePlus 8.

Better Screen Than Before?

Recent leaks of OnePlus 8 from @OnLeaks have appeared on Twitter with the phone’s design, which looks spectacular.

Currently, we don’t know whether the Oneplus will make changes regarding the screen or not. However, we will be posting the features as it gets leaked.

All the previous OnePlus phones have a flat-screen. Still, talking about the rumors, OnePlus 8 will have a curved OLED screen (Waterfall Screen) similar to the Samsung Galaxy phone, which does look more into the premium segment flagship phones. On the other hand, some people will not be happy with the curved screen.

Previously, OnePlus update the Screen Refresh rate with 90Hz on OnePlus 7T but this time it might go up to 120Hz on OnePlus 8.

We think that OnePlus wants people to feel different from its new screen, which we will be discovering it out until the next rumor comes in.

Cost of OnePlus 8

Currently there are no leaks or any rumors about the price range of the upcoming models of OnePlus, however, we can expect a similar range to the OnePlus 7 models.

If the OnePlus 8 comes with the two versions just like the OnePlus 7 and 7Pro, we expect it might cost around $500 for the Medium-end and around $800 for the High-end models the Pro version.

Hole Punch Camera

We think that the OnePlus is trying to adapt its product on the market with the changing environment.

So, you might be able to see a Hole punch camera on the upcoming OnePlus smartphones. You have seen a hole-punch camera on LCD and IPS screen but not on the OLED screen display. Previous OnePlus phones do not have a hole-punch camera installed in their flagship. However, if the rumor is correct, we will see this camera on OnePlus 8. So let’s see whether it’s true or not.

This time in OnePlus 8, there might be a ‘Super Stable mode’ for more stable video footage.

Besides that, according to the rumor, the camera system on the back might be aligned vertically just like a OnePlus 7 and 7Pro, which is also a little bit strange whereas, OnePlus 7T just came out with the Circular camera. This whole camera system thing might hit people with confusion.

Wireless Charging

Whether it is true or not, but the upcoming OnePlus series might have wireless charging, just like the other smartphones available in the market nowadays. If it’s true, then it could be the best smartphone the OnePlus ever made with that flagship pricing.

OnePlus always had an iconic design, something not everyone likes but visually recognizable as OnePlus.

This OnePlus 8 looks so much just like Samsung Galaxy S10 from the outside. And there is nothing wrong with that. Maybe the company is trying to create a phone in the premium segment, but its all about the leaks.


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