How to Unsubscribe Newsletter in Gmail – Three Different Ways


Your Email address has become the primary tool when you sign up for new services, go shopping online, apply for the job, or create an account on any of other online services. All of these service providers send you an email to promote their products, which can sometimes be chaotic and annoying when you get … Read more

Windows 11: Concept and Features That Might Comes True


So you have heard about the new Windows 11 and get curious about how the new Windows 11 does look like? Is this true that we can get hands-on Windows 11? If yes, then when will be the release date, and How about its features? Well, Microsoft hasn’t confirmed about releasing the new Windows 11, … Read more

What Is Offline Speech Recognition Data?

What Is Offline Speech Recognition Data

If you’re using an Android smartphone, you’ve probably noticed certain files and data getting downloaded or updated by itself. In most cases, the process is stuck and it halts you from smoothly using your phone apps. Also, they pop up in your notifications so many times that’s enough to make you feel annoyed. Well, these … Read more

Enable Email Schedule Feature in Gmail

Enable Email Schedule Feature in Gmail

Most of the time, do you forget to wish your partner about their birthday? Or do you forget to wish your anniversary? Worry not, Gmail has your back now. On the 15th birthday of Gmail, Gmail announced that they would include a feature to their webmail where one can schedule their email. And they did … Read more

How to Use the AOL Calendar Like a Pro – Learn its all Features

Use the AOL Calendar

Life without the calendar could be helpless because we are so attached to it for organizing our day to day schedule. The calendar helps us in different ways, whether we are keeping track of our events or we need to remember our important dates. Although people still use the wall calendar to manage their schedule, … Read more

What Cables Supports 144hz Display | Best Cables For 144Hz Monitor

What Cables Supports 144hz Display

144hz monitors are growing in number these days, especially for gamers. Having a 144hz monitor isn’t enough to display your content at 1080p or 1440p at its full potential. The cable used for displaying plays a major role in delivering the monitor’s full potential. 144hz monitors have few inputs to choose from like DisplayPort, HDMI, … Read more