How To Know Someone’s Instagram Password [4 Methods]

how to know someones instagram password

Instagram password is a code that gives an app or device permission to access your account. So, it is a confidential matter, and you cannot share your account password with anyone. You would like to know someone’s Instagram password only if you are a hacker.

Hackers steal your login details for account takeover, also known as password attacks. They use stolen login credentials to break into accounts with payment details leading to identity theft. And if the hacker changes your password, you will lose access to your account. So, below are the reasons and ways to know someone’s Instagram password.

Reasons To Know Someone’s Instagram Password

There are billions of personal records stolen every year in data breaches. And you might wonder what do they do with your data. So, here are a few things you should know about what hackers do with your data.

Hackers Sell Your Data To Other Criminals

Hackers earn a lot of profit by selling your data to other criminals on the dark web. As a result, there is an extensive collection of stolen data. And the buyers can use these data for illegal purposes.

Your Data Can Be Used For Identity Theft

Identity theft is a crime conducted by using your personal information to benefit. For example, when you buy products online, you have to use your full name, address, and credit card number. So, they steal your data from online accounts and use your credit card to take loans in your name.

Login Details Used For Account Take Over

Your stolen login credentials are used by criminals to break into accounts with payment details. It is known as account takeover and sometimes leads to identity theft also. If the hacker changes your password, you can also lose your account. So, it will cost you a lot if your hacked account contains payment details.

Stolen Data Can Be Used To Harm Companies

In addition to personal accounts, stolen data can harm companies too. Criminals can target companies to get sensitive information or payments with stolen data. These kinds of attacks are called spear phishing. They can gain access to company networks to spy on them or infect them with malware.

Target Phishing Attacks And Extortion

Similarly, criminals can target phishing attacks and extortion through their stolen data. They scam the victims for their personal information like credit card details. And if they get the sensitive information, they can extort it too.

How To Hack Instagram Account?

There are hundreds of methods to hack Instagram account. And one of the popular methods is password attack. It is one of the prevalent data breaches for individuals and corporates. It is simply stealing passwords that are due to compromised credentials.

As passwords are only numbers and letters, it is becoming less safe. Hackers can quickly know Instagram passwords that are poorly designed. So, below are the types of password attacks and how you can protect them.


When a hacker sends you a fraud email posing as a responsible party hoping to receive your personal information voluntarily, then it is called phishing. Sometimes, they may send you a fake ‘reset email password’ or the links that install malicious code on your device when you click it. Below are some examples of phishing.

Regular Phishing

When you receive an email to reset your password, and you do it, the hackers will steal your login credentials. It is known as regular phishing.

Spear Phishing

When a hacker pretends to be your friend, colleague, or known person and sends you an email,  it includes some malicious attachment they want you to click it. This kind of phishing is known as spear phishing.

Smishing And Vishing

When you receive a text message or phone call from a hacker informing you that your account has been frozen and the fraud has been detected so you may enter your account information. Then the hacker steals your account information which is smishing and vishing.


When you or your organization receive a fake email pretending to be your senior in a company, you don’t doubt it. So, you tend to send sensitive information to a hacker. It is called whaling.

Techniques To Avoid Phishing Attacks

There are a few techniques to avoid these kinds of phishing attacks. So, here we have listed a few things to avoid phishing attacks.

Check Who Has Sent The Email

You must check the sender of every email that you receive in your mailbox before opening it.

Double Check The Source

If you are in doubt, contact the email sender whether they have sent it or not.

Check With Your IT Team

You can consult with your company’s IT team that the email you received is legitimate because they better understand it.

Man-In-The-Middle Attack

Man-in-the-middle (MitM) attacks are where a hacker sits between two uncompromised people or systems. And they pass on information like passwords to each other. So, it is called man-in-the-middle. You can help prevent this attack by using the following.

Enable Encryption On Router

If anyone can access your router, they might see your information passed through your router. So, enabling encryption on the router might help to prevent the attacks.

Use Two-Factor Authentication

When hackers get access to your router administration, they might redirect all your traffic to their hacked server. So, strong credentials or two-factor authentication is required.


VPN(Virtual Private Network) can prevent man-in-the-middle attacks by ensuring that all the data sent to the servers are trusted.

Brute Force Attack

Like key is used to open a door, a hacker can try 2.18 trillion password or username combinations in just 22 seconds. So, if your password is very easy, your account could be hacked in a second. It is called a brute force attack. And below are the prevention you can take to stop brute force attacks.

Use A Complex Password

Your password should be a combination of lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, special characters, etc. As your password’s complexity increases, the possibility of brute force attack decreases.

Enable And Configure Remote Access

Ensure that your IT department uses remote access management. This management tool can mitigate the risk of brute force attacks.

Require Multi-Factor Authentication

When you enable multi-factor authentication on your account, a hacker can only send you a request to access your account. They cannot directly access your device or thumbprint, so that they will be locked out of your account.

Dictionary Attack

A dictionary attack is also a kind of brute force attack that depends on the habit of picking up essential words for your password like your birthplace, pet name, favorite thing, etc. But you can prevent the dictionary attack by following the below tips.

Don’t Use Dictionary Word As Your Password.

Do not use the word as your password that you have read somewhere.

Lock Accounts After Too Many Passwords Failure

It can be frustrating when your account locks after you briefly forget a password. But your account might be insecure if you do not use the feature.

Use A Password Manager

Password Manager tools automatically generate the complex password for your account. So, this can help prevent dictionary attacks.

Credential Stuffing

If your account has been hacked before, your old password is likely leaked somewhere. Credential stuffing is the way of hacking accounts that never changed their passwords. Hackers try different combinations of former usernames and passwords because they never change them. So, you can prevent credential stuffing with the following measures.

Monitor Your Accounts

You can use paid services to monitor your online identities or even free services to check if your account is connected to any leaks.

Regularly Change Your Password

If your password remains unchanged for a more extended period, there is a high chance that a hacker will find a way to crack it.

Use A Password Manager

You can have a solid and secure password with the help of a password manager.


Keylogger is a type of malicious software designed to track and report every keystroke to a hacker. A user will unknowingly download software and install it on their device, believing it to be legitimate. So, here are the ways to protect yourself from keyloggers.

Check Your Physical Hardware

If someone has accessed your device, they might install a hardware keylogger to collect the information. So, scrutinize your hardware when someone uses your device.

Run A Virus Scan

You can use antivirus software to scan your device regularly. In addition, reputed antivirus companies keep records of most standard malware keyloggers and flag them as dangerous.

Social Engineering

It is a process of tricking users into believing that hackers are legitimate agents. Then, they call the user technical support and ask for their network access passwords to assist.

How To Prevent Password Attacks?

If you work in a company, you can ask IT professionals, to invest in a standard security policy that includes the following measures to prevent password attacks.

Multi-Factor Authentication

You can use your mobile device as a gateway to authenticate users. Like this, you can ensure that passwords are not the sole gate to access.

Remote Access

You can use remote access platforms like OneLogin. It ensures that the user’s identity is confirmed before logging in.


It isn’t easy to replicate your fingerprint or facial shape. So, enabling biometric authentication replaces your password with a fingerprint or face, which a hacker cannot steal.

How To Figure Out Someone’s Instagram Password?

To figure out someone’s Instagram, you need to have a vital tool. Though it is not legal to hack someone’s Instagram password, some third-party applications can help you know someone’s Instagram password.

KidsGuard Pro

KidsGuard Pro is a tool to find out the Instagram password of kids through a keylogger. It can also monitor kids by tracking all the keystrokes, call monitoring, real-time location tracking, online dashboard, and all the activities. So, you can install the KidsGuard Pro application on someone’s device to know their Instagram password.


It is another helpful tool that lets you monitor Android, iOS, Windows, and other devices. Once installed on any device, it runs in the background, monitoring messages, calls history, browsing history, accessing images and videos, etc. It also has a keylogger feature.


It is a professional tool for Android users to watch the kids from online predators, pornography, cyberbullying, and other threats. It also monitors messages, call logs, social activities, contacts, Instagram data, and more.


If you do not want to install any tool on the device, there is an online tool Instaleak to figure out someone’s Instagram password online. But the reliability may be less in comparison to other software.

Frequently Asked Questions

If there are any queries regarding how to know someone’s Instagram password, then here is a brief explanation about it.

Can You Find Instagram Account By Phone Number?

Yes, Instagram allows you to search your friends through the phone number. So, in case you don’t know their username, you can find them via their phone number.

Can You Find Someone’s Instagram With Their Email?

Many people think it is impossible to find someone’s Instagram with their email. But even if you can’t find them directly, you can use various third-party tools to discover their IG account.


Thus, you can know someone’s Instagram password through different tools. But it would help if you were a hacker because it is a very risky task, and usually, people don’t try it.

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