Huawei Honor Band 5 vs Honor Band 5i : What’s The Difference [Updated 2022]

Huawei Honor Band 5 vs Honor Band 5i

The Huawei Honor Band 5 was unveiled back in July of 2019 and now the company is back with its new Honor Band 5 series called Huawei Honor Band 5i which was released on 22nd October 2019. The honor band 5 was a great budget smart band, which has got even better on the Band 5i with the price and the comfort in terms of charging the device. Let’s learn about the differences and similarities between Huawei Honor Band 5 and 5i.

The Huawei Honor band 5 and 5i don’t have a vast difference. The only difference in terms of features is the support of NFC which you will get on Honor B and 5. Other than that, you will get to see a different charging process, battery, screen resolution, and the Sports mode on the Band 5i. Talking about the charging interface and price, the band 5i is much better with it in build USB plug and lower cost.

So, in today’s article, we will be discussing in-depth differences and similarities between Huawei Honor Band 5 and the 5i which will help you to choose one that suits you.

If you want to know more about the Huawei Honor Band 5 vs 5i, keep reading the article.

Differences Between Huawei Honor Band 5 and 5i

There aren’t a ton of differences between both versions of the Huawei Band, they both look and feel like a premium band in their price range. Both the device is great in terms of their own features. So, let’s get into today’s topic “differences between Huawei Honor Band 5 and 5i.”

NFC Support

NFC stands for Near Field Communication. A feature that allows devices with NFC to communicate/connect wirelessly with a tap. You will have to be very close to another device to transfer data and works only in a radius of 4 centimeters.

With the Honor Band 5, you get the NFC that supports features such as the NFC bus access card, on the other hand, you don’t get the NFC features on the Honor band 5i.


There is a significant difference between the Huawei Honor Band 5 and Honor Band 5i in terms of appearance. The main difference is the screen and the wrist band type. The screen of the Honor band 5 has a bit smaller bezel as compared to 5i however the screen size is the same. Also, the band 5i has a bit oval-designed screen. Talking about the band, both have rubber bands made up of TPU material, with a different texture.


In terms of battery capacity and battery life, the Honor Band 5 wins here. With the much bigger battery on the Honor Band 5, you get extra six days of battery life compared to Honor Band 5i.

On the Honor Band 5, you have a 100Mah battery whereas with band 5i you get a 91Mah battery which will give you 15 days of battery life on the band 5 and 9 days of battery life on the band 5i which is almost half the time. However, honor band 5i has an improved charging method which we will be discussing on the next topic.

Charging Interface

The Huawei Honor Band 5 has a traditional method of charging the device where you will have to carry its charger where ever you go. However, on the Huawei Honor Band 5i, you will have a more convenient way of charging your device as the device has an in-built USB plug hidden inside the wrist band you don’t need to use the charging cable. This is also the largest upgrade point for the Huawei Honor Band 5i over the Band 5.

Screen Resolution

Although both the device has a 0.95-inch screen their resolution and display technology are different. On the Huawei Honor Band 5, you have a 0.95-inch screen with 240 by 120 pixels resolution with 282 PPI Pixel Density Sharpness. Where, on the Honor Band 5i you have, 160 by 160 pixels Screen resolution with 236 PPI Pixel Density Sharpness on the same sized screen. Likewise, Honor Band 5 uses AMOLED display technology whereas the 5i use TFT LCD color display.

Sports Mode

The Huawei Honor Band 5 supports 10 Sports modes while Huawei Honor Band 5i supports 9 Sports modes.

Sports Modes in Honor band 5: Outdoor Running, Indoor Running, Outdoor Walking, Outdoor Cycling, Indoor Cycling, Swimming, Free Training, Indoor Walking, Rowing Machine, and Elliptical Trainer.

Sports Modes in Honor band 5i: Outdoor Running, Indoor Running, Outdoor Walking, Indoor Walking, Outdoor Cycling, Indoor Cycling, Rowing Machine, Elliptical Trainer, and Free Training.


In terms of sensors, the Honor Band 5 has a 6-axis accelerometer, infrared, gyroscope, and optical sensor for heart rate. While, the Honor Band 5i has a 3-axis inertial sensor, optical heart rate sensor, and infrared light wearing detection sensors.


In terms of the price, The Huawei Honor Band 5i is cheaper as compared to the Honor Band 5. The price of Honor Band 5i in China is 159 RMB that is USD 22.92 which is cost-effective. And the cost of Honor Band 5 is 219 RMB that is USD 31.57.

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Similarities Between Huawei Honor Band 5 and 5i

Talking about the similarities between the devices, they have a lot in common. Let’s get into the details.

Tracking Features and Functions

Both the Honor band 5 and 5i have similar health features. They are equipped with the practical SpO2 blood oxygen detection function and TrueSeen 3.5 technology. The device also supports round-the-clock heart rate detection. In addition to that, Honor Band 5i’s sleep monitoring uses the latest IR infrared technology. Most of the HR sensors use green lights to record the heart rate.  Infrared lights are invisible to our naked eyes, thus using this light avoids the awkward situation when monitoring sleep when the bracelet luminescence affects sleep.

Both the device uses Bluetooth version v4.2.

Both the device has functions like displaying tine, music control, remote control photography, Alipay offline payment, and message notification.

Display Size and Design Material

The display size of both the device is the same, you get a 0.95-inch touch screen display on both the devices. And uses TPU material for their wrist band which is both durable and light; comfortable to wear.


Both the Huawei Honor Band 5 and 5i come with waterproof 5ATM. 5ATM is a water-resistant rating up to 50 meters, which is suitable for splashes, rain & snow, swimming, diving into the water, and snorkeling whereas it is not suitable for scuba diving and high-speed watersports.

Charging Time

In terms of charging, the only difference is that the Honor Band 5 uses a USB cable to charge the device while the Band 5i has a USP plug in the device itself. The charging time on both the device is very quick; takes about 90 minutes to fully charge.


So, we have come to an end with our article. There is no excuse to admit that both the version is still one of the most attractive basic wearables in 2021. To sum up, there aren’t a lot of differences between the Huawei Honor Band 5 vs 5i. The only difference lies in the looks and some features.

In terms of price, the Honor band 5i is a cheaper model that has a new feature of charging. You get a charging plug right in the device itself. SO, if you are looking for detailed health metrics and more advanced health monitoring functions, then Honor Band 5i is the perfect choice for you.

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