How To Find Trending Twitter Hashtags?

How To Find Trending Twitter Hashtags?

Trending hashtags are one of those funny social media features that can be difficult to understand and use. But, once you understand it, the results come pouring in. By effectively grouping conversations or content related to a specific topic, hashtags make it simple for users to identify stuff that interests them. So, how to find trending Twitter hashtags? Don’t worry; we have all the answers to your questions.

To find trending Twitter hashtags, there are four ways available, and they are;
1. Using Twitter
2. Using Hashtagify
3. Using Trendsmap
4. Using RiteTag

The below article includes how to find trending Twitter hashtags. This way, you can find more trending Twitter hashtags and popular items on Twitter. Read the below full article to find trending Twitter hashtags.

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What Are Twitter Hashtags?

Hashtags are short phrases or words that begin with the # sign and contain no spaces or punctuation. For example, the hashtag #socialmediamarketing is created by adding the # symbol before the word “social media marketing.” A Twitter hashtag is a tool for assembling tweets and conversations around a subject. For example, use the hashtag #socialmediamarketing for individuals interested in social media marketing to see your post.

Anyone who searches for “social media marketing” will find all tweets mentioning this hashtag. Additionally, it would enable you to view all other Twitter users discussing social media marketing. Additionally, you can follow particular events with hashtags, such as the Super Bowl or the Academy Awards.

Tweets that are pertinent to a given issue include hashtags from Twitter. You can include a hashtag to your tweet, such as “#scifi,” to make sure that it is visible to all users interested in science fiction and tracking and following that hashtag stream. It’s a fantastic method to increase your exposure, grow your fan base, and form connections.

What Is A Trending Twitter Hashtag?

You can find folks searching for your posts using the trending hashtags on Twitter. In addition, many individuals may follow your brand if they use these hashtags to find new products. The “what’s occurring” section of the Twitter home page is where who may generally find subjects with trending hashtags. On Twitter, conversations and engagement continue by these themes.

The holiday hashtags are one of the most used trending hashtags and appear first when they do. In addition, several other posts receive regular engagement, such as news, memes, and events. Use only hashtags that are appropriate for your brand voice. Before tweeting, be certain. Therefore, hashtags consistent with a brand’s language and identity might have an immediate, unexpected effect.

How To Find Trending Twitter Hashtags?

It is useless to use a hashtag if nobody is looking for it. So instead, find popular hashtags using these tools for your tweets to receive the most engagement. Here are the ways to find trending Twitter hashtags,

  • Using Twitter
  • Using Hashtagify
  • Using Trendsmap
  • Using RiteTag

Find Trending Twitter Hashtags Using Twitter

The first place to check for popular hashtags is Twitter. Your own Top 5 Trends are under your profile on the left-hand side. Tap “Show more” to see the top 20 trending hashtags if you want to see more. Follow the below steps to find trending Twitter hashtags,

Step 1: Launch Twitter App

The first step is to launch the Twitter app on your devices and log in to your account.

Step 2: Tap On Explore

The second step is to tap on the Explore tab at the bottom of the screen.

Step 3: Scroll Down To Trending Section

Now, scroll down to the trending section and take a look at the topics that are currently trending.

Step 4: Tap To View

The final step is if you see a topic that interests you, tap on it to view tweets about that topic.

All there is to it is that! You can quickly and easily find out what’s trending on Twitter, so you can join in the conversation by following these steps.

Find Trending Twitter Hashtags Using Hashtagify

Hashtagify not only helps you locate trending hashtags but also popular hashtags. As a result, you may find the most effective hashtags on social media, get personalized recommendations, and find out who your rivals and influencers are.

You can observe which nations and languages utilize the hashtag to target your communications better. On the Tweets Wall, you can also view the most recent Tweets that contain the hashtag.

Find Trending Twitter Hashtags Using Trendsmap

Trendsmap lets you view the most recent Twitter trends from any global location. If you click on a word or a hashtag on the map, results for that specific location will appear.

Find Trending Twitter Hashtags Using RiteTag

RiteTag is a fantastic resource for looking up trending and well-liked hashtags. For instance, when you type a term, RiteTag provides two lists.

RiteTag aids with your keyword research. Instead of using frequency to gauge hashtag popularity, it uses engagement. In other words, it doesn’t just suggest hashtags that are often used but also ones that get tweets liked, clicked on, and retweeted.

Similar to SEO keyword research tools, it also considers if it is overused, underused, or has the correct volume and competition ratio. You may also download the Chrome extension to tweet from various well-known apps. It will scan your hashtag usage as you type and provide analysis.

Can You See WorldWide Trends On Twitter?

Yes, you can see worldwide trends on Twitter. Global trends include subjects or topics that are widely discussed around the world. You might submit changes in the trends. Modify your Twitter account’s settings to view global trends that strike your eye.

How To See Locations Specific Trending Twitter Hashtags?

Twitter allows users to personalize their location so they can view local trending topics. Users can use this tool to look for local trends as well as trends from around the world. Who can use a web browser on a PC, Android, or iOS device to modify your Twitter app?

Step 1: Launch Twitter App

The first step is to launch the Twitter app on your devices and log in to your account.

Step 2: Select Settings And Privacy

Now go to your profile and select “Settings And Privacy.”

Step 3: Tap On Privacy And Safety

Then the next step you need to carry out is to tap on the Privacy and Safety content you see.

Step 4: Go To Explore Settings

Now the next step is to go to the Explore Settings.

Step 5: Untick Show Content In This Location

Then in the explore settings, you need to untick the “show content in this location” and tap on Explore Location.

Step 6: Select A Location

And the last step is to scroll or search and select a location.

By doing so, you can observe what topics are popular locally on Twitter.

How To Follow A Trending Twitter Hashtag?

As was previously said in this post, Twitter compiles news that is trending as it is shared on its site. Twitter hashtags, which are frequently used in messages about particular topics, greatly simplify the sharing and collating process.

Here are the steps for you to follow a trending Twitter hashtag,

Step 1: Launch Twitter

The first step is to launch Twitter on your device and log in to your account if you have not already logged in.

Step 2: Scroll Through Your Feed

The second step is to scroll through simply your Twitter feed and see what the people you follow are tweeting about and the hashtags they are using.

Step 3: Click On Hashtags

Now you can click on each hashtag to see what others not in your feed are saying.

Step 4: Type In Twitter Search Box

If you already have a hashtag in mind, type it into the aTwitter search box at the top of the page. You will then be able to filter your search by top tweets, latest tweets, people (Twitter users) with hashtags in the name or bio, photos that use the hashtag, and videos that use the hashtag. You can also use the Twitter advanced command search.

Step 5: Click On Explore Menu

For current trending topics, you can click on the Explore menu option on the left-hand side menu. It will show you what hashtags ( and non-hashtagged topics are currently trending).

A hashtag is frequently used after news items. The media outlet that first reports the information adds a hashtag to promote it. The more noteworthy the news is, the higher it will trend. Then, someone picks it up and retweets it, initiating the chain. Of course, this isn’t only happening with news organizations. Many corporations are now taking steps to capitalize on the hashtag’s ability to drive website traffic.

Why Are Trending Twitter Hashtags Important?

Utilizing Twitter hashtags can help your Tweets receive the most visibility possible and promote engagement, which is one of their main advantages. Ensure the hashtags you select are pertinent to your brand or the message you want to convey.

The trend is because all public posts and profiles that use a certain hashtag are available when that hashtag is a keyword in the Twitter search field. For instance, if you type in the hashtag #workfromhome, you’ll find many postings featuring workspace inspiration, examples of home offices, and other similar combinations of functional and aesthetically pleasing elements.

Twitter hashtags provide a very effective and straightforward way to classify and organize tweets. In addition, it’s a great way to keep folks interested. Trending Hashtags is so that people may search for topics that interest them by looking for hashtags in your tweets.

Who can also use Twitter hashtags to exclude tweets from a user’s feed that they aren’t interested in? Additionally, users can easily and rapidly access pertinent information using hashtags on Twitter.

As a result, Twitter users benefit from significant time savings. They don’t need to go through the full feed to find tweets on pertinent subjects. It is beneficial for businesses looking to increase engagement on Twitter. More clicks, retweets, replies, favorites, and likes occur when hashtags are in tweets. In addition, the advantages it offers help boost a brand’s exposure.

How To Use Trending Twitter Hashtags For Your Brand Or Page?

The secret to using Twitter hashtags effectively is to do so rather than just using them carelessly and hoping for the best. Trends are especially true for people in charge of brand social media accounts because successful hashtag marketing calls for a measured strategy. Check out when you should use trending Twitter hashtags for your brand or page,

Tweet About Events And Conferences

Use Twitter hashtags to your advantage to participate in conversations around well-known events (#Oscars) and professional conferences (#SocialMediaWeek). Better, you may use these hashtags to announce your participation in an event if your business will be present or make a significant contribution.

For example, check out the following Tweet from Billboard to see how it uses the #Grammys hashtag to generate debate about the event.

Celebrate Holidays And Notable Days

Use Twitter hashtags to commemorate a national (#Thanksgiving) or international holiday (#EarthDay) with your community. You can participate in the fun with less well-known holidays like National Pancake Day or National Emoji Day in addition to the highly significant and vital event. Make the most of holidays that are particularly pertinent to your product.

Promote Brand Campaigns

The optimum time to promote your brand and its items on Twitter is during that period. What may accomplish this by using a hashtag for a specific marketing initiative or even a hashtag for the product itself? You could also start a hashtag campaign to gather user-generated material and increase your company’s visibility.

Connect With Pop Culture Trends

Twitter is a hotbed for discourse, particularly around pop culture. Therefore, a pertinent hashtag will help your Tweet gain prominence if you participate in those discussions. Remember that your brand doesn’t have to participate in every aspect of popular culture.

Even when you believe your Tweet is relevant to the issue, social media crises can occur. So before you post, be certain you are familiar with the subject.

Join A Weekly Trend Or Challenge

Weekly challenges and trends are frequently referenced in the most popular Twitter hashtags, like #ThrowbackThursday and #MondayMotivation. So be sure to use the appropriate hashtags if you decide to participate in these challenges.

Support A Cause

It has become essential for brands to advocate for a cause when consumers are more socially conscious. The #BrandsGetReal poll by Sprout Social found that 70% of consumers believe that brands should take a position on social problems.

Additionally, use Twitter hashtags to increase the visibility of your support for a cause. In this regard, Ben &amp Jerry’s has excelled, as was discussed in our most recent Social Spotlight. Check out the Tweet that uses the hashtag #StopHateforProfit as an example.

Discuss On Relevant Topics

Even when you publish about topics of general interest (such as #nature or #marketing), using a pertinent hashtag will increase your visibility to a targeted audience. See, for example, how the UK business Pretty Polly uses the hashtags #ethicalfashion and #sustainablefashion.

As a result, they have widened their audience beyond the confines of their local market by utilizing those themes of general interest.

Why Can’t I See Trends On Twitter?

There are several various causes for why you might not be able to view trends on Twitter. Here are a few of the most typical explanations why can’t you see trends on Twitter,

  • You aren’t currently signed into your account: You need to have your Twitter account logged in to observe trends. Log in and try again if you aren’t already.
  • You don’t have any followers: Who you follow on Twitter is one aspect that affects the patterns you see. You’re unlikely to notice any trends if you’re not following anyone. On Twitter, you can even follow and unfollow topics.
  • You don’t have a location set: Your location is another aspect that affects the trends you notice. If you haven’t already, try setting your location, and then see if you can see any trends.
  • You’re in a different nation: Each country has its own Twitter trends. You most likely won’t be able to observe someone else’s trends if you’re not in their home nation.
  • Twitter is down: You might not be able to observe trends if Twitter is down or having technical issues.
  • The suspension of your account: Trends won’t be visible if your Twitter account has been suspended.
  • The app you are using is outdated: Trends might not be visible if you use an earlier version of the Twitter client. So first, verify that the app is running on the most recent version.

If you still have trouble seeing trends, try troubleshooting the issue by following the steps above.

What Is The Importance Of Hashtags?

Without a comma, hashtags are used in front of keywords and phrases. For example, if I put a # before social media, it becomes #socialmedia. Any keyword or phrase that includes a hashtag is included in the conversation of tweets and posts when you add a hashtag.

Therefore, when people search for it, it is quickly located. For instance, if I search for #makeup, I will see all the entries about makeup. Therefore, I can have a lot of possibilities to follow and learn from this method.

Because of this, when you add hashtags to a tweet, it will show up when other people search for related hashtags or subjects. More people will interact with it when you utilize hashtags more frequently. In other words, hashtags help people find your tweets more easily.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions.

Why Are Twitter Trends Different In Every Country?

Twitter determines trends based on some factors, one of which is location. Since what’s trending in one country might not be trending in another, Twitter displays different trends for different countries.

When To Avoid Hashtags On Twitter?

Don’t include hashtags in your adverts. Twitter reported that ads without a hashtag or @mentio advise against using hashtags or @mentions while composing your post content. Instead, they advise using the best copywriting techniques.

Can You Search Your Twitter History?

Yes, you can search your Twitter history. Searching your Twitter on Twitter is easy but can sometimes get tricky. To know more, read the full article on how to search your Twitter history.

How To Unmentioned/Untag Yourself In Twitter Conversations?

As more and more Twitter users complained about being mentioned and tagged in unwanted conversations, Twitter has now introduced a new function that lets you unmentioned/untag yourself in Twitter conversations. Untagging yourself has a much-needed ability for users to leave any conversations they do not want to be a part of. For more information, read the full article on how to unmention/untag yourself in a Twitter conversation.

Can You Search Someone’s Tweet On Twitter?

Yes, you can search for someone’s Tweet on Twitter. To search for someone or a specific person’s tweet on Twitter, open the profile of the person you want to find the Tweet. To know more, read the full article on how to search someone’s Tweet on Twitter.


If you want to learn more about various topics, Twitter is undoubtedly a very useful resource. People can traverse the trends more quickly if they know how to filter trending information and find the trending page. We discussed several methods for finding out what’s popular in your Twitter area.

So did you find this article helpful? Do comment below to share your experience and if you have any input on the topic!

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