How to Download PUBG Mobile in PC/Mac for free 2022 [ Step by Step]

Everybody has heard about PUBG. In this trending world, there’s no escaping PUBG Craze. People from different corners of the world and different age groups are addicted to this game. The game comes in several versions like PUBG Mobile and PUBG PC. PUBG PC is the game where you need to pay to play the game, whereas PUBG Mobile is free to use. You can get the mobile version in the Play Store. But you have to go through some steps to Download PUBG Mobile in PC.

Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds(PUBG) is one of the most popular or the most popular game today. The game is so popular among people of different age groups. If you want to get the official version of PUBG for PC, you will have to pay $29.99. However, the mobile PUBG version is free to install, but you need an emulator to run the application.

Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds(PUBG) is an online multiplayer battle game. The game was developed and published by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary company of South Korean gaming company “Bluehole.” The game is about the battle of 100 players on a forbidden island. In the game, you, along with other 99 players, jump into an island. You have to land on the island, search for loots, weapons, ammunition and kill the enemies around. Want to experience this amazing adventure on a bigger screen? Then, Download PUBG in PC today.

Basic Information

PUBG game is all about jumping, looting, killing, and surviving in the game. First, you jump at your desired place. After you land, you need to search for weapons and other game equipment’s. There is a wide range of weapons in the game.

The guns consist of pistols, rifles, shotguns, ArmaLite Rifles (AR), Designed Marksman Rifle (DMR) and Snipers. The shotguns are most effective for short range target, AR’s and DMR’s are suitable for medium range target while the snipers are used for long range target shooting.

Meanwhile, other than the guns, the game also consists of Armors, Helmet, Healing equipment, Energy boosters, Vehicles, Bullets, and Ammos. Moreover, there are also bags for keeping these items. The armors, helmet, and bags are leveled from 1 to 3 according to their capacity. The healing material has health kits, med kits, adrenaline syringe, bandages, and energy boosters. SO, download PUBG Mobile for PC today for all this amazing adventure.


The game is entertaining and addictive. PUBG comes up with stunning graphics. Moreover, you can choose your graphics as per your device compatibility. Similarly, control is sound and smooth. The in-game music is a treat to your ears. You can customize your game settings as per your comfortability. PUBG PC is considered to be a little bit easy to control than PUBG Mobile.

The game comes in different modes. You can play PUBG solo mode, duo mode or squad mode according to your interest. If you wish to play the solo game, you need to act as a one-man army. Two people team up to play a duo game while four people form a squad to play the squad mode.

The main objective of the player in the game is to be the last man standing. You jump, loot, kill, heal, travel, and survive till the end to win the game.

Where to Play?

As we all know, PUBG Craze is out of control. Gamers play PUBG day and night. You can play PUBG in mobiles, laptops, and computer. PUBG Mobile is compatible with your smartphone, whereas PUBG PC is for laptops and Pc. It is very easy to download PUBG mobile but downloading PUBG in Pc is quite tricky. But you don’t have to worry now; we provide you step by step process on how to Download PUBG in PC without cost.

First, let’s know about the requirements for downloading the game.

Minimum System Requirements

Operating System WINDOWS 7,8,10, 64 Bit
CPU Core i3 2.4GHz
GPU DirectX11 Intel HD Graphics 4000


Suggested System Requirements

Operating System WINDOWS 7,8,10, 64 Bit
CPU Core i5 2.8GHz
GPU DirectX11 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7870


Steps to Download PUBG Mobile in PC: BlueStacks

Step 1: Go to Bluestacks Official Website

First, you need to download BlueStacks from their Official Website.  Go to BlueStacks[1] site and click on download.

Download Bluestacks| Download PUBG in PC

Step 2: Set up Bluestacks in your PC

Now, set up the BlueStacks into your computer. It is a one-time setup process.

Setup Bluestacks| Download PUBG in PCStep 3: Open Bluestacks & Search PUBG Mobile

Open the BlueStacks application on your computer. After opening the Bluestacks, you will see several games available for download. All you need to do is go to the search button and type “PUBG MOBILE.” The BlueStacks will search the game for you. Click on the PUBG Mobile and start installing the file.

Step 4: Install PUBG

Once you complete the PUBG installation, you have to go to the MyApps tab. After you go to the MyApps tab, you have to click the PUBG Mobile icon to launch the game.

downloading-PUBG| Download PUBG in PC

Step 5: Enjoy your Favorite Game

Now you’re all done! Open the game and have fun!


Download PUBG Mobile in PC: Tencent’s Gaming Buddy

Step 1: Go to Tencent Gaming Buddy Official Website

Go to Tencent Gaming Buddy[2] Official website. Or you can click Tencent Gaming Buddy . Download the file for free for your windows. Or you can directly click Download PUBG Mobile for PC.

Tencent-Gaming-Buddy| Download PUBG in PC

Step 2: Download Tencent Gaming in your PC

Click on the download button to start downloading the emulator installation file. Wait until the download is completed. The file size is large, so it might take long to download the file. The speed of your download depends on your internet speed. If you have a stable internet speed, the file will download quickly; otherwise, it takes quite a time.

Step 3: Install the file

After the Tencent Gaming Buddy application is completely downloaded, press on the install button. Run the installation file and install the game in your pc. During the installation process, the system asks specific permissions. Let the authorization and complete the installation process.

Download-PUBG| Download PUBG in PC

Step 4: Click on start button

After you complete the installation of the game, click on the start button.

download-PUBG| Download PUBG in PC

Step 5: Download PUBG

Now, all you have to do is wait and watch. The “Tencent Gaming Buddy” will automatically download the game for you.

downloading-PUBG| Download PUBG in PC

Step 6: Launch the game

After some time, the game will download. Now, click on the play button to launch the game.

While you open the game, the game will ask you if you want to connect the game with Twitter, Facebook, or Gmail. Connect to any site you wish to and enjoy the game. In case you do not want to connect the game with Twitter, Facebook, or Gmail, you can play the game as a guest.

We’ve provided you two different ways to Download PUBG Mobile in PC. Hope the given information helps you, and you will be able to download your favorite game in your Computer and Laptop.

What for Mac Users?

If you are a Mac user, it’s a bit complicated to download any apps as Apple has strict Operating System. But your PUBG craze won’t let you stop. You must be searching for ways to download PUBG for your Mac machine. But you have to worry no more. You’re at the right place!  Here, I provide you step by step information on how to Download PUBG in Mac.

  1. First, you need to go to the official website of Bluestacks[3].
  2. Then, Click on the download icon.
  3. After that, click on the install to initiate the installation process option.
  4. Wait for a while, after its done click continues to proceed to the next screen.
  5. After you press continue, it asks about the Machine’s Security Preferences.
  6. Allow the installation to download BlueStacks.
  7. After the installation of BlueStacks open the application and search for PUBG Mobile.
  8. When you find the PUBG Mobile, you need to click the Install button.
  9. After that, click on the option which says Open to launch PUBG Mobile on Mac.
  1. Now, extract pleasure from the PUBG Mobile video game on Mac OS.

Like this, you can Download PUBG in Mac. Enjoy the game!

Let’s PUBG!